Saturday, January 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner...and Things Going On

    I pulled an interesting name for my Giveaway winner this time. I'll tell you why in a minute....But first, let me say that it never ceases to amaze me how a day can go from up to down, and do all kinds of twists and turns, in a flash....that keep you tossing and turning all night...Yep! Another sleepless night! But with reason this time...
    I had a conversation with my dad on the phone last night. He had his doctor's appointment recently where he had an MRI done {a kind of imaging X-ray} of his lower back. Well, he went back in yesterday to talk to the doctor about the results...and the news unfortunately is not good. :-(
     The doctors may have to do surgery...if he lets them! Which is not at all a certain thing right now! He's going to talk to a specialist soon to get the particulars. Then he'll decide...I could hear in his voice though, how much stress this has put him under. He REALLY doesn't want to do the 'surgery thing' again. He's "Been there/Done that" and is not in any hurry to do it again! 
    I had to hide my sadness when he was talking about being afraid of having to be in a wheelchair when this was all over. If you knew my dad you'd know how devastating the idea of it is for him. :-( So, I was a little bit 'Tossy-Turny" last night, thinking about the decision he has to make. NOT easy!...I'll let you know what he decides, when and IF he decides! :-/ No matter what though, I'm going to try my best to be a good and supportive he has been supportive as a father, to one said daughter! (ME!) :-]
    The other thing that was on my mind last night was the bush fires and floods in Australia and the surrounding area. Until some very aware bloggers brought it to my attention, I was completely unaware of  the situation! I was just excited that the Australia Tennis Open was coming at the end of the month, not even knowing about the rain, floods, mud, bush fires,...and the missing and dead! :-( I wrote a poem about it (Below).
    To give you a little reprieve from all the bad news though, let me show you my latest project! I did this one yesterday.
     And, of course, I made a flower for it! :-)
    The flower is not sewn on yet. It's just sitting up here right now. I'm not done with the slipper yet. I'll show them to you when they're completely done...But I'm kinda liking this one!!...{I'm going to be re-doing the other pattern from yesterday's slipper too. In a large size for a man! I'm excited to see what it looks like in the end! :-)}
    I also wasted a little time just making this little purple flower.
     Okay, back to the Giveaway...After shaking it up...and shaking it up some more...In went hubby's hand.
       And the winner is...And you're not going to believe this!
      It's CinLynnBoutique!!....The same winner as last time!!...As I said, whatever name pops up, that's who will win!...So, Cindy, if you want the's yours!! :-) Congratulations!! {If Cindy doesn't want it, I have a 2nd name person all prepared to give it to.}
    I haven't decided yet, what the next Giveaway item will be. Maybe a pair of slippers...Hmmmm?! ^_^ I know it will be on February 1, 2011. So, comment away!!! I'll put your names in the box...I'll give you more details soon.
    Okay, all that's left for today is the poem. I added a couple of pictures with it. If you haven't seen them, you'll be I was. :-(

Muddy Thoughts

This poem is for those struggling,
evacuated, battling mud.
For those in South Australia,
where they had the recent flood.

My heart goes out to those
in Queensland, and Victoria too.
Tasmania, Western Australia,
and New South Wales, we think of you.

I've seen the waters flowing,
and watched your stuff float by.
I've felt the grief and longing.
And all that I can do is cry.

Hard times are still ahead.
Uneasiness will be your friend.
Good thoughts and lots of love
is what we send, to start your mend.

That "Hang On", tenacious spirit,
through the bush fires and heartache,
is something raging fires,
and flooding waters, couldn't take.

So, while there's organizing,
things and people yet to find;
Know that many of us

have you in our hearts and minds.    


  1. I just love your blogs. Your poems are the greatest. Hope all is well with you. Sorry to hear about your Dad. It is just awful what is going on in Australia!! Cindy will be just thrilled. Peg

  2. Yes! We have been watching the news about the floods and feel for the poor souls .Can not imagine what their homes will look like when they return.
    All the best for your Dad.
    Very moving poem Linda
    Jeanie x

  3. Peg, Thank you so much!!...Yep! There's enough stress around for everybody, isn't there?!...At least Cindy will be happy...I hope! :-)

  4. mythreebeez, I know, about the homes. :-( My family was burned out when I was a kid. The memories we lost hurt more than the loss of our house and stuff. They'll be new beginnings everywhere for them too. New beginnings in places to live, and in the thoughts of what's "Comfortable". Comfortable is never going to be the same again!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. :-]

  5. O my goodness your poem is lovely it so heart breaking to see those picures.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad, deciding to have an operation is very hard especialy if you have had it before and know the pain etc that is involved, i have been there twice before myself having to major hip operations and being in a wheelchair each time for 6 months. I to suffer with back pain and know that in time i may end up in a wheel chair so my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And i just adore those slippers i can't believe you have made them, they have to be the cutest thing i have seen for a long time. love the flower it just finishs them off so nicely. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dee x

  6. Lucky she's lucky!

    Sorry to hear about your dad! I hope everything turns out ok.

  7. delia, Thanks! That's the same way I felt when I saw the pictures too. :-( ...And WOW! You know exactly what my dad is feeling!! He had to spend 2 months in the hospital too, with the last surgery!! So tough! I'm glad he has to decide and not me! I'm trying to keep my opinion to myself and let him do what he feels is right for him...As to the slippers, thanks again!! I finished them today, with flowers attached, and buttons!! Hopefully I'll be able to show them on the blog tomorrow...if I can get them photographed...It's snowing again!! UGH!...I'll work it out somehow! ^_^

  8. Thea, :-)) She doesn't even know yet either! I think she'll be surprised!....And thanks for the kind words about my dad too. :-)

  9. So sorry that your dad is having to face some rather major, scary issues.:( That must put you under a lot of stress as well.

    Australia - a land of extreme weather and other stuff. I have no idea how they do it, but the aussie spirit is alive with so many that have nothing left helping their neighbours. It is truly amazing!

  10. The poem is really good and I'm so sad for everyone affected and prayers for them for sure! The slippers are great...I have a pair my Grandma made for me many years ago (without flower!) that I still have and cherish. I will keep your Dad in my prayers's hard to watch our parents age and have problems that can be so overwhelming. Congrats to the a former winner I know she's a lucky gal!

  11. Poetess, what a beautifully moving poem. You captured the spirit just right. Would you believe I had very teary eyes as I read it?

    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It would be a very tough decision for him to have surgery or not. You are such a brave daughter to talk with him without showing how worried or scared you may be. Definitely not an easy thing to do. xoxo

    And those black slippers. They look very pretty with the flower on the top :)

  12. Michele, You're right. It is stressful for me too. Especially because it's like the lame helping the lame! :-] At least it seems that my chats with him cheer him up a bit. So we're working our way through it...And boy are you right too about the resilience and the helpful spirit of people!!! Thank you for your nice comment. :-)

  13. yaya, Thank you for your kind words about my dad, the poem and the slippers. It means a lot...I would love to see those slippers your grandma gave you!! I love to see well loved crocheted items. I hate it when people take something I've made them, and want to put it away because it's too pretty too use! Makes me crazy!!...And by the way, you're been a good "Crochet "baby" Mama"! ^_^ And Cindy has too!

  14. Jo-anne, Awwwww! I didn't mean to cause tears, just fellow-feeling. Looks like it worked! I'm so glad you appreciated it. Every word is true...And the slippers are all done...and have flowers AND buttons now too. I'll show you tomorrow! :-)

  15. Thank you for this thoughtful blog....the pictures coming from Australia are beyond belief.
    Hoping your dad is well on his way to recovery and some of the stress is falling away.
    Your slippers are adorable....the flowers put them over the top :)Pam

  16. Thankyou for the support, and thankyou to everyone who commented on here. We appreciate your good thoughts. Queensland is slowly cleaning up, mending our homes and our hearts. There is nothing that can stop the hurt from losing loved ones, but we will come through this with stronger spirits. Us Aussies are built tough!
    The pictures you have used are as follows;

    *Toowoomba, the inland Tsunami that devastated everything in its path, that continued down the valley and where most of the people died and are still missing.
    *Pretty sure the second one is in Brisbane city itself.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he will be OK.

  17. SOiNTiT, Thank YOU for your kind comment. :-) Unfortunately we live in a stressful world right now, and I'm just one person dealing with it. I think all of us are doing the best we can until things get better. I'm thankful for the Bible hope I have that SOON that will happen!!...And thanks for the nice words about my slippers too!! :-) I finished them!!

  18. Alittlesprite, Thank you so much for your comment and giving the particulars of where the pictures are. And also you understood the spirit with which I shared the post. My heart, indeed, goes out to everyone in these areas that are suffering. :-(

  19. First off, I want to say I'm so sorry about your dad! That IS a hard one. You are a great daughter to feel his pain like that.
    Second....I cannot believe I won again!! Woo hoo! But I would like you to give it to the second chosen one since I won the last time! Thanks so much Wug!! You're great!

  20. CinLynn, Thanks for the sentiments my friend...And how sweet of you to pass on the gift to someone else. Now, let's hope she wants this afghan!!! ^_^

  21. Sad to hear about your dad! I hope everything works out in the end.

  22. Mariann, Thanks. I hope so too. :-{

  23. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :-) Your blog is beautiful! What a wonderful poem too – the situation is heartbreaking but it is amazing how people are gathering together to help, donate and assist. I wish the best for your dad and his situation.

  24. jhoanna, Thank you for the nice words about my blog, and my dad. Nice to have you visit. :-)...Yes, it really is a heart-breaking situation. I'm afraid the memories of it all will last much longer than the cleanup will show.


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