Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Sure Needed Some "Cheery" Today!!

      This is what I woke up to this morning....Isn't it pretty?!! It's a Treasury entitled brigth ligth sunshine. It was curated by the owner of the Etsy shop linusmanus, an artist and designer from Norway.
    She very nicely included my Peach, Yellow and Blue Wuglyee Button Flower Necklace from my Wuglyees shop on Etsy.
      THANK YOU!!! I very much appreciate the attention to my little shop. :-)
     I was thankful to have something so bright and cheery to look at this morning because, frankly, I'm not feeling all that cheery...For one thing, I haven't seen my hummingbird in a couple of days now. :-( I don't think he was that crazy about my feeder!
     So, time for a new feeder!!
      It's not a great shot of it, but actually it was still dark when I took it! I had to lighten it in Picassa. :-] Hopefully you'll see better shots of it...including photos of the next few days. We'll see!
     The ant problem has been taken care of too! A little ant repellent around the base of the tree, and off they go to the ant hill to re-configure another location to dive-bomb! LOL...Hubby has mixed up a new nectar red (just in case!)
     In other news, the Yoyo bag is really coming along now!! :-) I finished connecting them together...
      Now it looks like a colorful hollow tube of goodness! LOL
        I thought that it was going to be REALLY big because of my not knowing exactly what size the Yoyo circles were suppose to be when I got started, but it looks like it's gonna be the perfect size for the beach or something like that. Somewhere nice and big to put all your goodies! :-)
      And after I got that part all done, I started on the bottom of it...
        I'm actually a little farther than this now, but it was too dark to take a proper picture for you. No worries though, I'm gonna keep you up to date! :-]
    The other reason I'm not feeling all that cheery today is because of my dad. I talked to him yesterday. Two days in a row now...He's been in a LOT of pain. :-( He fell in the yard the other day. It left him kinda beat up and in more pain!  And then, night before last,  he fell out of bed!! :-(
     He's trying to talk all encouraging because he doesn't want us to worry, but this pain has gotten to be too much for him. He has another appointment with the doctor today, and he says he's going back into the hospital on Friday. :-( ...*sigh* More surgery to try to fix this nerve.
    I hope it 'takes' this time, and he's able to get some relief! Pain can 'cramp your style'. Especially someone like my dad who has SO MUCH STYLE!!  '-' This whole situation is trying him, but he's being so humble and wonderful about it...My sisters had to go into his bedroom to pick him up off of the floor the other night, because the pain was so bad that he couldn't get up!
     His only remark was about how wonderful it was of them to come and help him! ;'_'; For a man who has always been the one to run to everybody else's help, he's taking this change in his life and situation with such grace and fortitude. It's a lesson to all of us about how to handle change.
     He was still cracking jokes, and asking about individuals and their situations, and about how THEY were doing!! :-) ...That's my dad!! And that's why he's so easy to love...I'm sure all daughters probably feel that way about their fathers, but I still needed to say so OUT LOUD.
     Before I'm off to look for hummingbirds and to work on my Yoyo bag, I want to leave you a poem. This is one I wrote a while ago, about 4 years ago now,  about my dad. I hope you like it...And, just for me,  call your folks today and check on 'em, huh?! :-]

Dad Is Getting Older

I'm  48 years old,
and my dad is 71;
And reality just hit me:
"Growing old is not much fun!"

Dad is dependable and kind,
a step above most other men;
But I feel the tide is turning.
Things are not as they have been.

His health is slowly fading.
(Not to mention-so has mine!)
When we talk, he's  still himself,
but now his 'Sharp' has lost some shine.

More frequent Doctor's  visits,
high blood pressure, hemorrhoids too;
needs more fiber in his diet,
and less noise to shuffle through.

He used to take long trips,
driving hours, all alone.
Now he watches television-
All his hours, spent at home.

With a witty sense of humor,
and a colorful point of view,
he's  still as proud as he can be-
But like a peacock-in the zoo!

He enjoys all our attention,
and the grand-kids love his jokes;
All the neighbors love his gossip.
He's  a 'Special' kind of folks.

If things continue going
as they have the last few years,
dad's  non-stop aging process
will evoke a lot of tears.

Next year I will be older.
Until then what will I do?
Keep spending time with dad
who will, by then, be72.


  1. Good morning,

    I always get the same advice from the elderly folks I know: Don't get old, they say.
    I really like your poem.
    Have a nice day working on your Yoyo.

  2. Priscila, Yeah...Unfortunately we don't have a choice about whether we're going to get old right now. The best we can do is fortify ourselves mentally and spiritually, so that our age and body functions are not our foremost focus!...Thanks for the nice words about my poem too. And have a good rest of the day!

  3. It's been said that "getting old is NOT for sissys!" I'm feeling that myself, but your Dad is feeling it much more. I'm so sorry for the pain he's feeling. It's so hard as a daughter to sit and watch that in your parent. I would love nothing more than to call my parents today and tell them I love them. But unfortunately, they are both gone. I'll have to wait for the new world to do that.
    I love the poem. I remember feeling the same way about my Dad.
    Take care, my friend! You'll be in my prayers today!

  4. CinLynn, I don't know who said that, about getting old not being for sissies, but boy were they right!!! The good thing about getting older has to do with the lessons you've learned and how you now know how to implement them; And the things you let go of and never look back at because you know the value of "now"!! Oh! The things I wish I knew when I was young!!! LOL...Thank you for the encouragement my friend. And for the prayers. I sure need them today. Good thing I have poetry, crochet, and a meeting tonight! :-) Have a good day, Bead!

  5. Hurray for being featured in a treasury. How do you manage to get the treasury to come out the right size on your blog? For some reason it always changes format on my PC... That necklace is cute!

    Really sorry to hear about your dad - but it sounds like he is being an absolute inspiration to you and your family.

    And I LOVE your yo-yo bag!! Can't wait to see what it's going to turn out like :-)

  6. Creating Trouble, First, let me say thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I know what you mean about the sizing of things. Two things: One, I use Picassa. I set the size in the box before I upload them to a folder to use; And 2ndly, when you upload the treasury to the blog, click on it. The words small, medium, or large will come up along the bottom of your photo. Click one or the other and then preview it to see if it's correct. If not, click on the photo and try the next size up or down. That's what I do. I hope that helps!...And thanks for the nice words about my necklace and yoyo bag, and for the encouragement about my dad. He is indeed setting a good example for us. :-)

  7. Congrats on the treasury Deb! It is always fun and a nice surprise to be included in one!

    Love the poem! I can feel the emotion with each line. . .

  8. Cathy, Thank you! :-) And I agree!...And thank you for the nice complement about the poem too. Have a good weekend!


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