Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pay It Forward Award...and New Giveaway!

      My bloggie Pal, Blossy, over at Blooming Lovely, was kind and generous enough to name me as worthy of a 'Good Bloggers Pay It Forward'  award!! WOW! I am so flattered!...Now, I know....some people 'poo poo' (speak of as nonsense) any kind of blogger award, and say things like "I don't believe in all that kind of folderol!"...But I don't feel that way at all!!
        I figure that if someone goes to the trouble of saying nice things about me, doing all of the blog 'linking up', and then further....goes to all of the trouble to tell other people  about it, the least I can do is say a proper thank you, and let them know that their nice words were not unappreciated!  So, Blossy, THANK YOU!! Your words were very appreciated...sincerely. :-)
                 Now to the rules for accepting this award:
1. Mention the blogger who gave you the award.....DONE!!
2. Link to the blog......DONE!
3. Pay it forward to 5 bloggers.....Gotta do! ^_^ Actually....Wanna do!
      These are 5 bloggers that I think are really good bloggers!! They're funny sometimes, share all kinds of things, and are supportive of others. That's my own definition of a 'good blogger'. They may have their own definition! :-)) But here goes.....

1.) Elisa Writes
2.) evenandy
3.) Hither and Thither
4.) Holyoke Home
5.) in morse code
       I think that any one of these bloggers is worthy of you following them. Check these good bloggers out for yourself! :-)
       In other news, I spent yesterday in kind of a sad mood. :-( For two reasons. One of them had to do with my dad. He's having a bad time with pain. So much so that he now is having problems even standing up to walk. Once again he's going to have to go back to the doctor to have a consultation about what can be done.
      The pain medication he's on is very strong, and my dad is starting to worry about what it's side affects will do to his liver or his kidneys...It's not as though he can just NOT take it at this point. The pain is too intense. He's had 3 minor surgeries in the past, on his kidney area. He says the doctors were looking for cancer, which they never found...I don't know if that's 'completely' true, but just having my dad admit that much to me means that WHATEVER it's pretty serious...*sigh*
     And as if that was not bad enough, one of my oldest and dearest friends, {my old Pioneer Partner, for those who know anything about Jehovah's Witnesses} who I hadn't spoken to since February (she lives 'out of state'), called yesterday just to say hi. Or at least that's what she said initially. As the conversation went on I became more and more concerned that this conversation was not heading in a good direction....and I was right!
     When I last had talked to her, she was trying to sell her home and was looking for a new home in Florida, near her daughter. In fact, she was on her way down to Florida to spend a month with her daughter! 
      Her house sold while she was out of town. So, when she got back to her home state she had only about a month to move! Since she hadn't found anything that suited her in Florida yet, she ended up having to move into a rental. Then, a short time after she was all moved into her new rental, she woke up and could hardly see!
     She had surgery on her eyes a while back. Her 'good' eye was not good enough for her to see well enough to drive at night anymore. Now, after 3 surgeries, one eye and then the other, she was not able to drive anymore at all!....AND now the last cornea transplant is apparently starting to reject! :-( Her doctors are consulting on what to do, because every surgery has left her worse off than before. It's a degenerative situation.
      If she has surgery again she could end up blind! :-( She already has to take someone's hand to go anywhere now. She can't read or see things clearly...even when they're!...It is so hard to hear that 'My Running Buddy' is having such a rough time. And me, with my limited mobility, can't even go and help her through it. :-( Neither one of us can drive right now.  
      Just like we always do though, we laughed about how she can't see to get here, and I can't walk to get there! LOL And how getting old is really not for 'sissies'!! It's just a good thing we both still have our minds!....We can't remember what to do with them! But we're thankful we still have them!! ^_^ UGH!
     Okay, I have to talk about something positive!! The Giveaway! I've been racking my brain about what to Giveaway next. I'm not sure whether anybody is as 'loving' on my crochet jewelry as I am, and I've got to photograph the blankets yet, so what's left...and is already 'kinda' the other hat I crocheted, the red one. 
       I said 'kinda' photographed because this, above, red one is actually the larger sized one I made that went to a customer in Australia. The actual hat is the same size as the last one I gave away. The one Cindy won, below. But it's just red!
       And it'll come with a crocheted flower also...So, that's what it will be!! :-) You can follow the link HERE for the details.
      So, a lot of happy, and a little sad in today's post. Like my life most of the time these days. This getting 'OLD' thing is nothing to 'shake a stick at', as my grandmother would probably have said. LOL Thankfully I'm not the only thing getting older around here! :-)
       I hope your day is more happy than sad, and that getting another day older will be kind to you today! It's sticking it's tongue out at me!! LOL

Everything Is Getting Older

Everything is getting older,
past it's time, and rusting fast!
No matter how many times you oil it,
Somehow, still, it doesn't last.

Everything is getting older.
Even veggies just  from the store,
have now browned and withered up.
They're not all shiny like before.

Everything is getting older.
Old dogs included, people too.
Even babies, from the womb,
start getting older, just past brand new!

Everything is getting older,
like real good books, with tales all told.
But, Wait a minute! Some books are good!
That's why "To read" will not get old.

Everything that's getting older
doesn't harm us and displease.
Just think of wisdom in the aging-
that's with people and with cheese!

All the things, those getting older,
showing marks and scars of time,
just need a tad bit more attention,
or just a small aged glass of wine!


  1. Wow! What a sad post today. Congrats on the award, but I'm so sorry to hear about your dad being in so much pain. It HAS to be so hard for you! :( I'm sorry about your dear friend as well Wug. It must be just awful for her! The beauty is, if we can keep reminding ourselves, that VERY soon it'll be reversed! This is temporary! They, and you, will definitely be in my prayers!
    I love the red hat too! I'd like to say "ENTER ME" but would that be fair?
    I hope your day gets better my friend. At least we have the meeting tonight to build us up!

    Your poem says it all....again!

  2. Hope her op and your dad will be ok I just emailed you am sure it will make you smile xx

  3. CinLynn, Sorry it was such a sad post, but you know me...however it's going, my mouth...or fingers...will be going too! :-) Thanks for the reminders too. They are the things that are keeping all of us going...including my friend. When all else fails we always have hope of better times coming soon in our heads. :-] And thanks for the nice words about the poem too! Enjoy your meeting tonight too!

  4. Nelly, Thank you so much! I just saw your email too, and you were made me smile. It's a small world, isn't it?!! :-)

  5. Thanks so very much for including me in your list of good bloggers! I am very flattered!
    I am sorry to hear about your Dad and his pain (especially with Father's Day so close). I pray that if your Dad and your friend have to get surgery, that it is 100% successful.
    It is ironic that you talked about old on your blog today because I did too (but in a different way).
    I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday and thanks so very much again!

  6. I hate getting old! your poor dad, give him a hug from me next time you see him! love your hats, they are so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Debbie,

    I know, somedays are better than others....

    Thank you for another beautiful hat giveaway, so enter me!! Love love this red hat.

  8. Thanks for thinking of us! you're so sweet. And I hope your Dad feels better (and you too!)

  9. Shelley, I call 'em like I see 'em!! :-) You are a good blogger!...Thank you for the encouraging words about my dad and friend. I'm hoping for successful outcomes for both of them too...Have a good rest of the day!

  10. Bee Happy, I know, huh! This 'Old' thing...NO FUN WHASTSOEVER!!...Well, I take that back. It has it moments! LOL Thanks for the nice words about my hats too! Have a good rest of the day!

  11. Priscila, You got that right! {about some days being better than others} Yesterday was not one of my bests, but there's always tomorrow! :-] And I'm glad you like the new giveaway...the hat. You're the very first one entered this time! :-)

  12. in morse code, As I just said to someone else...I call 'em how I see 'em!! :-)) And thank you for the nice words for me and my dad. I appreciate it.

  13. Enter me! (Oh, I keep forgetting you have word verification! My original comment went bye-bye.) Congrats on your award. I hope everything works out for you dad and friend. I'm off to check out the other blogs you mentioned.

  14. Darlene, You're entered!...And about the word verification thing, maybe I should put a big "WAIT FOR THE WORD" sign over the comment section....Hmmmm! :-]...Thanks for the encouragement for my dad and friend too! Have a good day! :-)

  15. I come over to read your post and i am so sorry to hear that your dad is feeling worse. Old age is really no fun i think we should have our lives the other way around. And so sad also to hear of your dear friends eyes, I hope they are able to do something to help her. Keep your hats, take lots of care, dee x

  16. delia, Thanks so much for the kind words. Yep! Old age....YUCK sometimes!! I'm sure things will work out though. They always do somehow. And if not, we'll have to handle that too, won't we?!...Thanks for the complement about my hats too! :-) Have a good rest of the day!

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and friend. Umm...and that red hat? It's mine! I just adore those flowers!

    Enter me! :)

  18. So Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope the doctors can do something for him. Also about your friend, the poor thing, I kind of know how she feels, but she has it way worse than me.

    Thank you so much for your support on my last post.

    Really love the red hat.

  19. You deserve every award you receive because you are such a wonderful person!
    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and your friend. Its good to see that you & your friend haven't lost your sense of humour :)
    I do hope that the doctors are able to help your Dad. I'm sending good thoughts & prayers your way.

  20. Shannon, Thank you for the encouraging words. I really appreciate it...And I'm so happy that you like my hat! Maybe it 'will' be yours! ^_^ Your name is entered...NOW!

  21. Alittlesprite, When I read your post I was thinking how much you could understand exactly what my friend is going through! Eyes are something I think we all take for granted until something unexpected happens to them...And my dad's situation is a whole other story!! *sigh*...Anyway, they're both amazingly in positive spirits, and I'm trying to be...And you're now entered for the red hat. I know how much you like red. (Yoyo bag!) Maybe you'll be the owner of it soon! ^_^

  22. Jo-anne, Awwwww! That's so sweet!! Thank you! And the feeling is mutual. :-] Thank you for the words of encouragement too. I guess I better find something new to get to crocheting on, huh?! I'm gonna need to focus on something in the upcoming days...especially now that my shawl is all done...Did you finish your baby sweater?!

  23. First of all I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your Dad ~ prayers of healing going out to him :) I can relate to what you're feeling with your lady friend because I've watched my mother go through many eye surgeries and her brother (My Uncle Frank) has an advanced stage of macular degeneration.

    There is no hope for him at this time and he couldn't pass his last test for driving which is a very sad thing especially when he's in his 60's which is still quite young by today's standards :)

    On a more positive note, your hats are looking lovely AND congratulations on your latest site award!! I am in agreement with you on the topic! Many years ago when I maintained my poetry website, I was awarded many of these and I always *beamed* with the presentation of each one ~ they were truly an honor to receive! I had a separate page (gallery) to display each one. The topic brought back some nice memories for me :)

    Hoping that this finds you feeling more uplifted and able to enjoy a new day :) Loved reading your poem, as always!

    Extra Hugs Coming Your Way,
    Fiona :)

  24. ~Lady*♥*Fiona~, What a nice comment to wake up to this morning! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel sad for your mom and your uncle too. :-( This world can surely be a trial-some place at times! But I look forward to the times when things will be different. "No one will say: "I am sick!" the Bible says. I know everyone doesn't believe it, but I count on it!! :-)...Also, thank you so much for such nice words said about my hats...and my poems!! Coming from a fellow Poet it means a lot! And I'm glad that I'm not the only one that understands the whole 'Happy for my Awards' thing too! :-) I'm a Southern Girl 'to my heart'! We're kinda big on the 'thankful, hospitable' thing too! LOL I needed that extra hug today...Thank you. :-] Have a good day, 'Fie'.

  25. I'm so sorry about the pain your Dad is experiencing, I hope the doctors can figure out what's going on. I admire your positive attitude, despite everything. reading your poem, I like the part about people and cheese. and this verse is also very true...."All the things, those getting older,
    showing marks and scars of time,
    just need a tad bit more attention,
    or just a small aged glass of wine!"

    hang in there my friend.

  26. Elisa, Thanks for the encouraging words...and for the smile you gave me by quoting 'ME'!! :-) Seems strange...and yet quite flattering!...Have a good weekend!


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