Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What You Don't Know "CAN TOO" Hurt You!!

      For people who really know me, this post will seem to be an unnecessary use of words. I'm very happy to say that, after my 50 something years on this earth, I've developed the kind of personality that you don't have to wonder how I feel about anything, and you don't have to worry that I'm going to be insensitively unkind!
    That doesn't mean that I think I'm perfect! Nor does it mean that I'm not aware that I can...and do...make mistakes all the time! But what it does mean is that 'when' I make mistakes...in judgement, word, or deed...it's never intended to hurt anyone or dismiss someone's feelings.
     While I explain what I mean, I'll share the photos of the next Giveaway item... :-)
       If you've been watching news stories and football games lately, and then saw me making comments and posting my blog, you might have wondered if I was trying to make some kind of statement about things going on in the world!
       The answer is "Yes!' I 'was' trying to make a statement....but not the one it 'looked' like I was trying to make!! O_0
     Case in point, hubby and I have a 'Date Night' every Friday. Because of my health we haven't been able to travel anywhere for quite a while. To get around this little problem, we take 'virtual' trips! :-)
      We go online and learn all about a state or country, listening to the music, and ordering or making some kind of food inspired by that area!...Last weekend it was India.
     We thoroughly enjoyed our trip!...But then I found out that apparently there had been some sort of T.V. special about India and it's mistreatment of women and girls! O_0 
      Number one, I didn't see the news about it!...Number two, I 'do not' believe that women and girls should be mistreated. I know my God, Jehovah, doesn't either!!...So, I felt kinda bad that people reading my blog might have thought I was being insensitive to the plight of people.
     Truth is, I 'was' being insensitive...but not on purpose! So, I'm here to say to anyone who thought badly of my post,...I'm sorry...Please know that my intention was just to enjoy India! It's a beautiful country and has beautiful people in it, as do all countries of the world...which we hope to visit at some point on our 'Date Night' travels. :-)
      If you're here long enough, I'll probably miss something else too! So, just 'Holla' at me to get my attention....{like someone did about this subject, on Facebook. Thank you for giving me a heads up! :-)}
     My hubby and I are neutral as to political issues...But I usually, at least, know what people are talking about! And I can tell you that if we had known there was some kind of controversy, we would've probably at least postponed our destination trip to another time! But we hadn't seen the news.
         We're just trying to live our lives the best we can, and keep our God happy with how we're doing that!...But neither are we trying to ignore people's feelings, nor take it upon ourselves to tell other people how to live!...Now, if you want to know what our God says about it, we'll be 'glad' to share that with you! :-) {He has the credentials to make a statement about it! :-)}
      So, as you can see, the Giveaway is another one of my afghans (lap blanket). It's an oatmeal beige color, with a chocolate brown edging. I'll put all of the details on the sidebar Giveaway link a little later today...with a bunch of pictures of it too.
       While I tell you the second thing that happened, I'll show you my colorful circle scarf that hubby photographed for me! :-)
    Okay, so I turned on the football game....Dallas Cowboys, Woohoo!!!...{No, I don't live in Dallas Texas, but that's another story for another day! ^_^}...and I didn't hear my song playing. The song that always says: "NOW the game has started!!!" You may know the one..."...♫ Are you ready for some football???? ♫..." 
      And being the silly girl that I am, I put those exact words up on Facebook!....Last night I was watching the news and.....apparently the singer of that song was kicked off of ESPN (the sports news channel) for saying something offensive about the president!...*Shaking my head*...WOW!
      The moral of this story, for me, is.....PAY MORE ATTENTION!!! LOL...And also maybe, watch the news more!...not just the weather channel!! ^_^
      I'm telling you right now, I'm probably gonna have to apologize for something else at some point in the future,... ^_^ ...but hopefully by then you will have gotten to know me well enough to know that my lack of knowing what's going on is either hormones, obliviousness, or some other equally important reason! :-]
     It's never gonna be because I just don't care at all about other people!...Unless I've totally lost my mind! LOL Hopefully if that happens you'll all give me a heads up before it's too late to hold a semblance of a poetic reputation!....Consider yourselves put on notice! ^_^ You are now responsible for 'watching my back'!
      I'll try to do better at watching my 'front'!! :-)) Have a good day everybody!! {By the way, this circle scarf will be in my Wuglyees shop later today too!}....Uh Boy! I may need another few naps!!
It's a good thing people know me

It's a good thing people know me,
and they know that I just "talk".
Cuz the things that I've been saying
might make people 'take a walk'!

It hasn't been because I'm angry
or I'm trying to make a point.
It's just the silly observations
of a brain that's 'out of joint'!

It's a good thing people know me,
cuz sometimes my mind's a sieve.
I don't remember what I found out,
and I can look insensitive.

So, for people who don't know me,
let me tell you from the start,
my mouth might shoot out kookie business,
but never worry about my heart.

My intention is toward funny,
or to simply tell the truth.
I would never hurt a fly...
Unless he's chocolate...I'm aloof!


  1. Deb, those of you that do know you know better that you were not being cruel or trying to send a message in a roundabout way. We know that if you have something to say you are a straight shooter and just say it.....LOL...That is why we Love you. Love the afghan and scarf. Don't forget to enter my name please. Have a Great Day!!!!!

  2. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much, Velma, for letting me know that you, indeed, kinda know who I am. Yep! Straight out there...that's my style. But not hurtfully or to down-grade anybody. Not on purpose anyway. I'm not gonna worry about it. As I always say...it is what it is! And you can't un-ring a bell anyway, right?! It was already said, so now there's nothing left to do but....move on! :-)...Thank you for the nice words about the afghan and scarf too. I just put your name in the bag as the first one eligible to win it! :-) Have a good day, Vel!!

  3. Deb, What an honor to have a picture of my cuff posted in your blog!!!

    I LOVED reading your blog - you are just so "human"! I really had to laugh when I got to the football part because this is exactly the kind of thing that happens to me on a regular basis. lol

    Your work is absolutely beautiful!! I am now a big fan of your blog. Viki

  4. wow i love that circle scarf!! so colourful too.

  5. I love the cuff at the beginning of your post
    I think your virtual dates are a great idea and I take them as they are and don't read anything else into them!
    Your crochet afghan is gorgeous - why are they called afghans, do you know???
    Enter me! (please)

  6. Viki, Awww! Thank you so much! And it was my honor to share your cuff! It said exactly what I was trying to say today! :-) I'm sure a lot of people could use this expression on their wrist during the day too! ^_^ ...And yes! I am 'human'...flawed...'too human'!!! If I had a dime for the amount of times I've not gotten it right...well, let's just say I would have somebody else typing this for me right now, and I'd be getting a massage, while at the same time planning a vacation to our summer home in the south of France, and trying to figure out which one of my Bentley's would take us to the airport!! LOL...Yeah...'human'! ^_^...Thank you for the nice words about my work too! I look forward to keeping up with your work as well. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  7. Kamana, Thank you! It's one of my favorites now too! I love all of the color...and it was by accident too! :-)

  8. gill, I love that cuff too! It's so well-made...You asked a question about the Afghan. I didn't know why they were called that! ^_^ I do now though! Here's the Wikipedia link -->


    I love learning new things! Thanks for prompting me to learn it! :-)

  9. Don't beat yourself up Wug. The news is so full of negative, depressing things, that I don't watch it either. Funny, I did hear about the song for some reason. But just remember that we know you are not the sort of person to do anything cruel deliberately. I don't think you know how to.
    What a nice apology though. Hope your day improves.
    Enter me .... That's gorgeous!

  10. Hey, "If you've never stepped on someone's toes, you've never taken a walk." I tell myself that often because I am a candid person who gets herself into trouble sometimes. Nice post.

  11. CinLynn, Awwwww! You almost got a little tear from me, Bead! What a sweet comment...And how right you are about the news! Whew! So much negative stuff going on! Thankfully good is coming...soon!...Thanks for the nice comment about the afghan too. I'm putting your name in the bag right now! :-)

  12. Cody, Ha! Ha! I like that quote!! Who said it? Somebody wise and terribly flawed like me I suspect! ^_^ And yeah, telling it as you see it can be a tricky thing. It pays to come from a good place though, to know who you are, and that your intention is not to hurt other people on purpose...even if sometimes it does. :-)

  13. I agree with CinLynn & SnowflakeDreams1 don't beat yourself up. There are way too many negative things out in the world its nice to see the positive things you share through your date night.
    That afghan is so beautiful. I love the lacy look. You've done a fantastic job with that one! The circular scarf looks wonderful too.

  14. Jo-anne, Awww! Thanks Jo! :-] I'm doing just that!!...Date night info coming up on Saturday! ^_^ And thank you for the nice words about the afghan and the scarf too!


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