Monday, March 12, 2012

Woohoo!!...Another Monday Has Come Around!

        Another Monday, Y'all!!...The weekend has come and gone...too fast for some of us!...and now it's time to pull out the long schedule of 'To Do' things that have to be 'Too DONE' by the end of the week! ^_^ Time to fix the lunches for school or work, get the kids up, take your shower, get dressed, eat a little 'somethin' somethin', and GET OUT THE DOOR!!! LOL...Kinda reminded me of an old 'Dunkin Donuts' commercial...

         ...Or for those of us who didn't get ANY sleep last night...UGH!'s time to hit yourself in the head with a hammer!! LOL Ohhh! I need some sleep!!!...I've got so many things to do today too!!...Isn't that always the way?! When you absolutely need to be at your rested and sleep flee from you like a Cheetah on fire! ^_^
      And isn't it even more wonderful when you've been up all night, but your handsome spouse has been right next to you sleeping like a newborn baby...for hours...and hours...and hours?!!..Well, it seems like that amount of hours anyway! Actually, we went to bed around 10:30...but HE just happened to be the only one that actually went to sleep!
      I was laying there with my C-Pap machine mask on, listening to myself breathe!..."Luke, I am your father!" LOL...I finally turned the T.V. on around 11-ish, and set the sleep timer on it to go off in about a half an hour........Four episodes of "Storage Wars", and three re-sets of the t.v. sleep timer later...I stopped re-setting it, and just took the C-Pap mask off!...Grrrr!...Good thing though, because I was wide awake for the whole 2 a.m. airing of Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston's family!...She did a great job with it too...What?! don't look for long shows to look at on t.v. when your eyes have a blinking exit sign on em', but the 'dream-land' exit is blocked?! O_O
      Needless to say, it's gonna be a long day!...for me anyway...Although, considering the fact that, on his trip around the bed heading to the bathroom, somewhere around three O'clock, hubby knocked the bedside lamp onto the floor and broke a bulb all over the place, and then almost tripped over his briefcase!, maybe his day is gonna be kinda long too! ^_^...that's if he ever actually wakes up I mean!!.....Hmmmm......Ummmmm.....Okay, no. I'm not gonna do it! LOL
        The only other thing I can say is "Thank You, Etsy"!! If it wasn't for Etsy, my time from 3:30 a.m. until now...about 6:45 a.m....would've been one long haul!!! LOL But instead I had things like the martini glasses in the header photo, and these things (below), to look at! :-)...

       Tomorrow I'll share a few pieces of the jewelry from my own jewelry box...It's time to sell some of it...*gulp!*...but which pieces?!....*gulp!*...I may not get any sleep tonight either, thinking about that!!!

        Oh! I'm sorry!...Did I wake you up now too?! O_O......GOOD! Why should I be in this woke up state alone?!!! ^_^...In fact, I think I'll 'accidentally' wake hubby up now too! I'm starting to feel kinda 'snacky'! LOL...Okay, so there is a few perks of having your husband out of work!! 
       Happy Monday, Everybody!....Yep! It's come round again!! :-)

 For all the Mondays

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the Fall leaves gently falling down;
For all the wet soil, caked and brown,
and all the worms it must have drowned;

For all the honking, and chatty sound
from all the folks scurrying round the town;
For aching feet and hearts that pound;
and lists and nerves to be unwound;

For bags and keys that hit the ground,
when well-tired bodies fall in a mound;
For deals and prices that do astound,
and all well worth it, pound for pound;

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the weekends gone with a frown;
For adjectives needed, not just a noun,
Much thanks to Mondays that come around.


  1. Fantastic, thank you for featuring my wire wrap peach agate earrings. It's so great. What a fun and colorful blog. Thanks again. Jill of Jillian Designs -

    1. It was my pleasure to share your earrings! I appreciate too your nice comment about the blog. I do have fun writing it...even when I'm clearly sleepless!! LOL Have a good week!

  2. Deb, sorry you had a sleepless night. It must have been something in the air because I too had very little sleep. The last time I remember reading the clock was 4:00 a.m. and then I read it again at 7:30 a.m. and I too have a lot to do today. I hope you get to nap today. Have a good day!!!!!

    1. WOW! You too?!...You're the third or fourth persn that said that to me today! Maybe there really was something in the air!...I will get me a nap though...Count on it! LOL I hope you get yourself one too!

  3. So sorry you had a sleepless night- I know your pain, every now and then I have periods where I just cannot sleep. I have to say it does make me appreciate it when I do have a full nights sleep however :-)
    I love all the beautiful etsy things you have laid out today- absolutely stunning, although I still can't forget how much I want that hedgehog!!
    Hope your day is good today, and that you get some sleep tonight

    1. Hello!..You are so right about appreciating a good night's sleep when you finally get it! I got a chance today to get a good bit of it, and I feel much better right now. Now...will I sleep tonight? That is the question! ^_^ ...I'm so glad you enjoyed the etsy finds today too. And yeah, that hedgehog will certainly stick in a person's mind! Ha! Ha! Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  4. There must be something in the air because I've been having problems with sleep too :-/ I hope you manages to get some naps in during the day or even better a good nights sleep tonight!
    I love what you've found on etsy. Those little books look so cute! And that rainbow scarf looks amazing!

    1. I think you're right! But I did get a nap here and there during the day...even though it's a little after 2 a.m. right now and I'm WIDE AWAKE!! Ha! Ha!...I'm glad you're enjoying my etsy finds too!...Have a good day, Jo!


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