Friday, April 27, 2012

Windy.....And Words!

        I know I'm off to a late start today. Sorry...but still...Good Morning! :-) least it's still kinda morning here!...and it's a windy morning too!...

      And I don't care. Guess why?!.....Because I'm not going out today! LOL I'm staying in....away from the phone...away from interviewers...and with my crochet hook in crochet my brains out! ^_^ So, Go ahead wind! Do your thing!! ^_^
       I do have a little date planned for tonight, and a nice visit with my 'Tigger-ific' friend this morning. But other than that, it's just me and my crochet flowers!...Speaking of which, I listed the two crochet flower necklaces yesterday (HERE and HERE). Rather...last night. (I was up, couldn't sleep, and figured why not do some item listing...Why not indeed! LOL) 

        I wanna show you a pretty flower I got in the mail a little while back too!...A flower on a necklace...

       Isn't it gorgeous?! ^_^ ...

         I even love the toggle clasp on the back of it!...

       Where did it come from, you say?! ^_^ It came from a dear friend, as a gift. It was Cindy, of CinLynnBoutique on Etsy...

         And she didn't send it to me for me to 'blow her horn' here on the blog either. She sent it to me, one, because I had been raving about how much I loved it for the longest time...And, two, because she's a good friend who heard that my hubby had lost his job and wanted to give me something to smile about. ;'_'; And after a few tears of joy when I opened the package......mission accomplished Cindy, SMILES all around!!! :-) 
      I waited to show it on the blog at a time when I thought she would have forgotten all about I could surprise her and give her a smile right back. :-) Did it work Cindy?!!...I have the dearest friends. ♥♥♥
       And I have another flower...and add to my collection!!...

        Thank you, my friend! ♥ ... And just in case someone actual BUYING customer...wants to take a gander at your beautiful jewelry, here's where they can go! :-) ...

       And, of course, while I was roaming around my shop and Etsy, I came across some other pretty flowers also!...

      I'm officially in love with this shop now! :-) Look at these pretty origami flowers!...

       This one (below) even has poetic French words!...

       Ahhhhhh!...Tres magnifique! :-)

      And speaking of beautiful, how about some beautiful words! :-) Below is the poem that was inspired by the two lines of the unfinished poem that I left on the blog yesterday. I hope you enjoy my thoughtful life. ^_^ And have a good day too!

A Thoughtful Life

A baby needs assistance
for a chance at living life.
An old man needs some help
to look and see his tree of life.

A troubled life will need
an "On Alert" lifeguard,
to help it navigate
the waves, cuz yeah! life is hard.

A lifeline will be needed
for a drowning sinking life,
when good and bad will come,
because, oh well, that's life!

An undiscovered life
can have a chance of a lifetime.
A life not truly lived
is just a waste of life and rhyme.

Light and batteries
are measured in a half-a-life.
Light in knowledge sparks
the way to save your spark-less life.

Insurance sometimes comes
in "Term"-life, or in "Whole".
In no uncertain terms though,
life must be the goal.

When lived well, you can have
 the best time of your life,
and the memory of it
keeps you for the whole rest of your life.

Life is worth the living
for every woman, child or man,
and worth the time and heartache
from the race of life you ran.

Though life's outer beauty
 has a short shelf life,
it's rich and inner beauty
has a full-stocked pantry life.


  1. Wow!! All I can say is Wow!! ;_; You did get me my friend!! After the tears, my teeth could blind someone with the huge smile on my face!! I'm sooooo happy you love your necklace!! Thanks for featuring it and for the plug for my shop too!!!

    Enough of that. Those flowers are awesome! I can see why that's a new favorite shop for you too!

    And....I LOVE your new poem too! You put so much thought and love in them. Thanks my friend!!!

    1. ^_^ Yay! My surprise worked!!...I wanted to give you as big of a smile as you gave me. I love you, my friend...And thank you for the nice words about my poem too. It's kinda different from any of my other poems, but I kinda had fun writing this one! :-) Enjoy the rest of your day, Bead! ♥

  2. Great poem today im so sorry i have missed so many of your posts this week this is the time i have had to try and catch up in blogland. And im glad i didn't miss seeing your gorgeous necklace off Cindy what a wonderful gift and suprise and you so deserve it. I hope that life is looking better for you and husbnad now with regards to the job front. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

    1. Hi Dee! :-] Thank you so much for the nice feedback about my new flower necklace from Cindy, and my poem! I'm so glad you liked them!...And yes, as to hubby's job situation, as of a few minutes ago, {which I'll talk about more tomorrow} things are looking up!! ^_^ It's gonna be a good date night tonight!!...Have a good weekend, Dee!

  3. Those origami flowers are amazing. So is your pretty necklace!


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