Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Things Going Down...Other Things Going Up!

       How nice, right?!....for drivers anyway! They said, on the news this morning, that the gas prices are lower than they were a year ago right now! And that they would be ten cents lower by next month!...or at least, that's what I think they said. O_O I could've been dreaming.

       If I wasn't dreaming though, and the news is true, there's gonna be a lot more action at the gas pumps from now on! ^_^ And hubby will be right in the mix!...He's been fussing and complaining every time he filled the car up recently. Maybe a little less being shelled out of his pocket will make him happier about having to ride all over the place on job hunts!

        Speaking of job hunts, where are all of the 'full-time' jobs at?! O_O It looks like everyone wants part-time help, without offering insurance!...I guess that's the way it goes nowadays! Everybody is trying to cut over-head....even employers!
      The fight for hubby's unemployment pay is still on-going...*sigh*...We're answering everyone's questions...and waiting.  Hopefully we'll find out something soon. In the meantime we're taking it a day at a time.
      Hubby has been buying newspapers and combing the "Help Wanted" sections....which don't usually have much. And he's been going to the 'job center' in our town regularly. They post when new jobs are available, and they have classes to help you with things like...how to use a computer...how to write a resume...how to present yourself on interviews, and stuff like that.
      They have a class on 'how to use the computer' next month that hubby says he thinks he's gonna go to. He hardly ever uses the computer for anything here at the house. And usually I'm the one trying to help him out when he does....and you "know" I can't answer all of his questions!! ^_^ I'm amazed that I kinda sorta know what I'm doing on the computer myself most of the time!...with the few things I know how to fiddle with I mean!...And those are things I learned mostly by trial and error.....LOTS of error! LOL

        I do have a 'wheel-house' that I "do" know about though! ^_^ Crochet!!...Speaking of which, look at what I found in my stash the other day!...

       It's a purse I crocheted, sewed the handles onto, made and attached a brooch to, and then...put it aside to take pictures of and list later. And later never came!...

     Oh! If you only knew how many scarves, brooches, etc.... that I've done this very same thing with!...*shaking my head*...I get excited about the making of stuff...but not excited about the picture-taking, listing, and promoting of stuff!

       I'm not gonna list this one still. I'm giving it away!! ^_^ Hopefully the recipient will be happy when they get it...And off I go to make some more 'Stuff'!!! LOL...Have a good day everybody! :-) And if you have to drive anywhere.....go ahead! It's a few cents less...and a few miles more for all of us!! ^_^ ...I'm not driving anywhere, but I might take a spin around a poem or two! :-)

Living Are The Words

All Poets through the ages,
from Poe to Maya Angelou,
have known the power of a word
and what the written word can do.

Words, alone, or in a sentence,
camouflaged or on their face,
are living breathing things,
occupying time and space.

Left within the mind
no one can hear them swear and curse.
When you release them by your speech,
their jab can go from bad to worse.

A complement is like the carving
of a golden apple's peel.
Falling gently on the hearer,
making shiny words a meal.

Cutting words are like a dagger
seeking out the mind and heart.
of the innocent and sure.
Pulling confidence apart.

Living breathing, in and out,
causing havoc every day.
You could be their vehicle.
So, be careful what you say.

Let good words inhabit spaces,
(which inevitably they do.)
And in receiving minds and hearts?
Let them flourish in there too!


  1. Morning! When I was in Iowa gas was cheaper compared to Colorado. let's hope prices stay low. Glad you are staying positive, I remember when hubby and I were looking for jobs it was frustrating and like you said most are part-time jobs. Finally hubby went with a temp agency and I put my resume on indeed.com and linkedin. It took several months. But good things come to those who wait. Again, stay positive my friend!

    1. Good Morning! :-)...I'm with you about prices staying low!...And thank you so much for the tip about indeed.com and linkedin. We hadn't considered those! {Computer illiterates over here! LOL We're still in the stone age 'thinking-wise'.} I'm sure you're right about good things coming to those who wait......We just have to learn to be good waiters! ^_^ We're practicing now...Have a good day, Elisa. And thank you!

  2. Deb, we could only hope that fuel prices go down a bit. It cost us about $300 a month for my husbands vehicle to get to work and back. We are slowly sinking here. Hope your husband can find a job. The job market though is not very promising. I have you and him in my prayers every day. Oh I love the purse. Great poem. Have a Great Day my friend!!!!!!

    1. Yowza!!!! $300!! And I thought our gas bill was high! We're spending about $150 a month....*zipping my lip now! ^_^*...About the job, I'm sure we'll find something...or else I'm gonna need a whole lot more rainless days....so I can crochet my brains out some more!! LOL...Have a good day, Vel!

  3. That is good news about the price of petrol going down. They've said the same thing here for us but only 4 cents per litre (a litre is about 1/4th of a gallon) Not much of a saving but its better than nothing.

    1. Yes it is good news, Jo! And no matter how little it is, every little bit counts! ^_^


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