Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Keychains Aren't The Only Things Made With Love Around Here!

       Do you recognize this?!...If not, it may be because the key rings and the "made with love" tag are throwing you off...Yes, it's another re-fashioned keychain. :-) I'm so clever, aren't I?!....Ha! Ha!...Not really. You knew I was gonna be back here today showing off these ugly 'babies', didn't you?!! ^_^ ...Anyway, before I tell you the other exciting news that's going on, let me show you my latest two...yes, two!...keychains!

        I think this crochet edging gives the flowers a completely different look. In fact, the thread colors almost seem to change when you put another color around the flower!...

      They're not gonna be keychains for just 'anybody', but hopefully 'somebody' will be willing to shell out a mere $8.00 for one of them!...Even if they weren't mine...I WOULD! :-) But of course, I love color!...

        I already listed the purple one in the shop HERE. These two will probably go in today...

      I said 'two' right?!...Here's the other one I did yesterday...

        I edged this one in black, and put a 'love' heart on it...

       Hubby doesn't like the button on this one. But I kinda think it has character...What do you think?!

      Hey! All the buttons in the world can't be smooth, beige shirt buttons! LOL...

        Some buttons have to accompany keychains to the party....and be prepared to drive home!! Ha! Ha!

         This keychain is definitely the 'designated driver'! ^_^ In fact, it almost looks like a crochet sports car. Something like Mario Andretti's wife would drive!...

       Okay....maybe that's stretching it a bit.....a bit! ^_^ I'm just talking my usual foolishness. But I must admit, I'm loving the new keychains!! I may end up giving the new keychais away! LOL...but I still love them!!! :-))
         Speaking of giving something away....guess what?! Today is the day for the Giveaway drawing!...And guess what else?!......NOT ONE PERSON ENTERED!!! Ha! Ha!...So there isn't a winner today. Uhhhhh....are you trying to tell me something?! ^_^
      Recently I had an afghan blanket as the giveaway. The winner never claimed it!...Now, my poor little ugly brooch is sitting there, all by itself, wondering why nobody loves it! LOL...Maybe it's time to retire the monthly Giveaway, huh?!...I'm thinking on it...In the meantime, I'm gonna leave the brooch until the 15th of May. If I still don't get much interest, I'll take that to mean that it's time to retire the bi-monthly giveaway, and I'll start doing the giveaway like everyone else does, when the mood hits me!...If you have any thoughts on this, let me know.

        On to other news!...There's actual growth...flowers...in the backyard!!! :-)

    Hubby told me what the name of the bush was...but I don't remember. And he's asleep again, so it's....a flower bush! ^_^

       I don't know if you can tell, but the buds aren't that hearty. The cold snap we had overnight the other day 'slapped them hard across the face'! So, they're a little bit leery of coming out too boldly right now. I can tell. I know flowers like that! LOL

      They still look pretty good though, right?! :-)

     In other exciting news!...somebody in Blogland is engaged!! :-)

       Congratulations, Dee, of dee dee's vintage retro delights!! :-) How exciting!!! I may have to make you a keychain or something! LOL

      Although I don't know if I could make one as cute as this one (above)! ^_^ But I'll think of something! :-)) ...If any of you wanna see the story of how Dee got engaged you can go over to her blog by clicking her engaged ring hand above, or click HERE! :-) ...Hmmm...do I have any more of those 'made with love' tags anywhere?! ^_^ 
      Okay, a little song for YOU Dee...and a poem too!...Have a good day! :-)


Now that he's gotten on his knee
and asked, while his emotions raged,
if you would be his loving wife,
and you said yes, and are engaged,

you'll be engaged in other things,
like, so exciting, wedding plans.
Engaged in showing off your ring,
and hunting for your wedding bands.

You'll be engaged in choosing food,
bridesmaids, new shoes, and all the rest.
Matching 'old' and 'new' together,
searching for a wedding dress.

You'll be engaged in conversation,
meeting all your grooms relations.
Engaged in giddy story-telling,
without too much animation.

No matter who will be invited,
or who else will be there to share in it,
just take in all this time will offer,
and enjoy every single minute!


  1. Oh My goodness im so deeply touched and so is Mr J. He was sat by my knees and we listened to the song and read the poem together. Bless your heart that has made my day. We have both said we will have to have that song on our special day now its beautiful it will have to be played before we go in ;-) Thank you so much. I love those key chains that pink and black one is gorgeous and i love the love heart attached to the red edged one. Have a lovely day and thank you so much again its really meant a lot to me. dee x

    1. I'm so glad you liked the song, Dee! :-) It's one of me and hubby's favorites. 'Old School'. That's why I thought that you, with your wonderfully vintage loving self, would like it! :-] I sure hope you're gonna get somebody to take some pictures or video so that us 'Lookie-Loos' can see all of the festivities! LOL...I wrote the poem after I read your post this morning. I'm very happy for you. I'm already thinking on what would be a good 'Bloggie Pal' gift. ^_^ I have one thing in mind already. You'll just have to wait and see what it is! You probably already know that some words will be involved somewhere!...and some crochet! :-))...Continue smiling, Dee!...as if I had to tell you to do that! Ha! Ha!

  2. Love this!! That pink and black keychain is by far my favorite!! Love the color combination and I think the button is just fine.
    I don't know what to say about the giveaway. Maybe twice a month is too much...I don't know. I never get anyone to enter when I give something away. Which reminds me that I only need 2 more sales before I try to give something away again.
    Congrats to Dee on her engagement! She must be so excited. Let her know that I know someone that makes wedding jewelry! Hint, hint,...LOL<<<just kidding.

    Hope you had a good day my friend!!

  3. Awwww! Thanks, Bead! :-)) And I'm with you. The pink and black one is my favorite so far too. In fact, I've been thinking that maybe it's because of the black. Maybe the rest of them should have the black around them!...We'll see.....And, by the way, I KNOW Dee must already know the "someone" with the gorgeous wedding jewelry! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, my friend!

  4. Deb,
    The keychain idea is great and creative. The pink and black combo is pretty!
    Flowers everywhere..., finally May is here!!
    Have a nice day.

    1. Oh, thanks Priscila! :-] I'm so glad that somebody besides me is liking my little keychains!...And yes! Flowers, flowers everywhere! ^_^

  5. Adding a colour around the flowers sure does make the colours pop out more. I LIKE it! BTW I like that button. It adds character! :D
    I love the colour of those flowers on that bush. I can just imagine some nice soft yarn in that shade of pink being made into FLOWERS!
    What a lovely poem & congrats to Dee!

    1. That's the same thing I thought, Jo about the colors on the keychain! Thank you for the nice feedback about the keychain and the poem!...And I agree about the button too!! {Hubby still does not agree. ^_^}...Off to make some pink...crochet...flowers. ^_^ Have a nice rest of the day...you and Dee! ;-)


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