Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Patchy News

     Just kinda hang with me here, because I know you're probably thinking: "A tea cup?!" But I want you to see what I see when I look at this patchwork tea cup.....I see POSSIBILITY!...Creative possibility!...I'll explain in a second.

      First I wanna tell you a couple of other things...before I forget. :-] ... 1. My groom customer that I made all of the wedding boutonnieres for, loves the boutonniere I made for him...the one with the two shades of gray and autumn red. :-) And now I'm also making two more boutonnieres for him...for the father of the bride and the ring bearer! :-) Is that cool or what?!!!!
      2.  I have another celebrity follower on Twitter!...Heidi Newfield the country singer. I am flabbergasted that these singers keep 'hitting me up'! LOL I know. I'm delusional!....But whatever the reason, I'm excited to become familiar with all kinds of new music. :-)

      Okay, back to my patchwork cup (in the header photo)...Can you see the connection and the possibilities between the tea cup and this...

     It's one of the patchwork slippers I've been working on. I had to crochet a lining for the slipper, and then sew all of the colored crocheted pieces onto it...Ugh!!!!!...I'm having flashbacks of when I made 'Baby Wuglyee'!! LOL

      Cute.....but NOT fun!!...About half way through tediously sewing all of those little colored patches onto the lining of the slipper, I made a big decision......I'm NOT making the other slipper!! No way.....No how!! ^_^
       And since I'm gonna end up with only one slipper, that means I had to come up with some creative use for it!...Something as creative as the tea cup!...Now do you see where I'm going?! ^_^ ... Let's see....what could this be?!...

        I know.....cute. But it's so deceptively simple looking! Grrrr!...I had to crochet all of the little pieces, and then put them sorta kinda in the places where the pattern says they're suppose to be....Places where they actually don't fit!!!.....and where the pieces were odd shaped in the first place! O_0 I would categorize this pattern as "Pain-In-The-Neck-Ville"!!!!...

       As you can see though....I did get it done!

      And I love how it looks.....now! :-) ... But Oh No! I'm not making the matching one!!!! So, since that's a 'for sure, big daddy!', then I had to come up with another idea for what it would be!....And thanks to a few of you who were trying to help me out. :-) ...{Kelly on Facebook suggested that I make it into a tea cozy. I loved that idea, but since that would require that I do some more modifications on it....NO!!! I'm done with this thing!! LOL}

      I know what it's gonna be now too! I got inspiraton from these two things...

       My colorful patchwork slippers.....strike that.....Slipper (as in ONE!)...is gonna be a candy holder! :-)

      You can sit it on a kitchen counter, or on the sink in the bedroom bathroom, or wherever! :-)

      What do you think?!!....Would you use it like this, or would you just make the other slipper?!...Not that it matters...because you'd need about $100,000 to get me to make the other one! LOL...Wanna piece of candy?! ^_^

     Okay, I'm off to get another nap...or breakfast...or to crochet those other boutonnieres...or something. I'm just taking it as it comes these days with these sleep issues!...Tomorrow I'll tell you the story about what happened to hubby on the way to the flower garden. O_O .. Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Candy Rhyme

It's not right...I know,
to start your day with a chocolate face;
But the M&Ms with peanuts
gave my dream such a lovely taste.

It got me really thinking
about the candies of my youth,
like "Pixie Sticks" and "Twizzlers",
WOW! I had such a big 'Sweet Tooth'!

I remember in the playground,
trading candy like a stock.
It's a wonder you never hear
of kids going into "candy shock"!

'Hershey's with almonds',
'Kit Kats' and 'Peanut Bars';
Chocolate 'Reese's cups',
'3 Musketeers' and 'Mars'.

'Pay Days', 'Sugar Babies',
'Nestle's Crunch' and 'Heath Bars' too;
'York Peppermint patties',
because hard candies just won't do.

'Snickers', 'Milky Way',
'Butterfinger', Raisinets';
All that chocolate, good for me,
but not good for household pets!

'Twix', 'Reese's Pieces',
'Almond Joy', and Oh Yeah!, 'Mounds';
'Tootsie Rolls' and 'Whoppers'
I could eat them by the pounds!

'Dove Bar', 'Now or Laters',
'Laffy Taffy', 'Zagnut', 'Skor'.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now,
but there's plenty, plenty more!

Now that I'm grown up
I don't eat candy all the time.
Instead, I have sweet dreams of it,
and write a candy rhyme!


  1. Deb, so many exciting things...
    I'm glad you had more orders and the singer! So cool!!
    The bear and the shoes full of candies are adorable.

    1. Thanks Priscila! ^_^ And guess what?!...I got another custom order today for two more lapel pins! ^_^ The tiny, tiny ones though. I had to uncurl my gnarly fingers to make them! LOL

  2. Your slipper looks wonderful and it looks even better with all the candy in it! It's definitely sweet :D
    That tea bag holder is certainly unique. I was only looking at a picture of a mini teabag holder this morning thinking that it would be great to have one in my handbag. You and I really do think alike a lot!

    1. Thanks, Jo! I thought that if it's not gonna be comfortably toodling around somebody's cold floor, it should at least be able to accompany somebody's warm stomach! LOL...And yeah, great crocheting minds "do" think alike! ^_^


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