Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes Things Aren't What They Appear To Be!

     If you saw this picture and came running over here because you thought it looked like some kind of yummy dessert...like a lemon lime jello pie...or, as hubby thought, some kind of coconut bar O_O ...welcome to the club!... :-)) ...the club of people easily led by their eyes when it looks like good food is somewhere around! LOL
     No! It's not a dessert. It's handmade cold process vegan friendly soap! :-] It's called "Fresh Cut Grass", and it's from an Etsy shop called Blushie...Not only does it look good, apparently it smells good too! In the description in the shop it says:

 "Who can resist the crisp green scent of freshly cut grass? Mellowed with just a touch of cool, soothing aloe vera this soap smells just like running your toes through a damp lawn in summer.".

    ...Well, point me to the lawn! ^_^ ...Well...not really. I'm allergic to grass! LOL...WOW! I just sneezed and had a flashback to the Green Acres theme song! ^_^

           Anyway!...the soap photo was only one of the photos that threw me when I was looking around on Etsy last night. I totally thought I was looking at one thing, and it turned out to be something else. (Sorta like when you deal with teenagers...just saying! ^_^) Case in point...

      Did you know it was a purse?!...I didn't. But how cute!

      Okay...yes, this is a butterfly. An Orange Baroque Swirl Flutterby Butterfly to be exact!...It's here because.....because I just had to share it ...just because! ^_^

      But what about...

         No! They're not little huts!...They're cottage EARRINGS! :-) ...So cool! But not what you think when you first see them, right?!

     And then there are things that "are" what you think they are, but just not photographed in the way you expect them to be. For instance, look at these...

      Unexpected....and adorable, right?!...Sorta like the colors on my Crochet Sweater blanket!...

     I'm almost ready to start the next color. What do you expect that one to be?! ^_^ Hubby is in horrified anticipation. LOL...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Its Not What It Seems

Embrace the teenage quirks
(they just seem sometimes like jerks!)
Forgive their thoughtlessness,
and their rooms-always a mess!

Asking: "Why did they say that?!"
"Do I really look that fat?!"
They didn't mean to let that out.
And there's no reason that they pout!

So-they act a little silly;
Did you expect something else-Really?!
Just remember where their heart is,
though their words, like bullets, will whiz!

You must embrace their quirks.
Look, not at words, but at their works.
Look past the mire, and the muck;
Oh Yeah-and don't  forget to duck!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Snowy Owl purse in your blog!

    1. It was my pleasure, Elina! :-)

    2. Thank you for featuring my Orange Baroque Butterfly

    3. It was totally my pleasure...It's a beauty! If I had some money, it would be "my" beauty too! I can totally see it twirling in the wind in my backyard! :-)

  2. I think the Grey Peep Print threw me the most. For a second I actually thought it was a bird for sale. I know what you mean about photos, I'm always trying to shake things up and get some different feels for the shop. I love photos that make you go: "what is that...oh...ok" lol.

    Enjoy your day Wugs!

    1. Ha! Ha! No...no birds for sale! I just thought it was unusual to see a bird in a hand...But, like you, I do love to see photographs that don't just stick to the same old 'norm' of how things are suppose to look all the time. I wish I knew how to take ones like that!! LOL...Have a good day, Lisa!

  3. Are you sure that is not a dessert? So pretty and colorful...
    Have a great dat, too.

    1. ^_^ Yes, I'm sure, Priscila!...Unless, of course, you're in the habit of eating soap! LOL

  4. Love your finds as always! I can't wait to see the finished product on that blanket! Looks interesting!
    Have a wonderful evening.

    1. Thanks, Bead! :-] And you're waiting to see the blanket. Hubby gets nervous every time I finish a row! LOL...I think he's gonna love it when it's all done though. He's just feigning fear and indifference.....right?! Ha! Ha! Have a good evening, my friend!

  5. I don't always appreciate the smell of fresh cut grass when I'm the one on the mower cutting it! The soap is very pretty though. I love the knitted baby mobile and I really took a gasp breath when I read "vintage" 1970..you mean my wardrobe would be worth something from back then? I wore many halter dresses & tops. I was much thinner and cuter back then! Has it really been that long ago? Time flies when you're having fun..or is it fun flies when you're doing time?..whatever, I'm old!

    1. Ha! Ha! I know what you mean about the grass, Yaya! LOL And about the 70s, Yep! We're old!! ^_^ I can hardly believe that I graduated from school 35 years ago!!!!! It seems like it was yesterday! O_O Oh Well...at least they call it "vintage" and not "decrepit"!! LOL...And yes, time flies when you're having fun. Or as the frog said: "Time is fun when you're having flies!" LOL


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