Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blank Space Is Good For Dressing Up And Writing In!

     Have you ever looked at a blank space, or a blank page, and been totally dumbfounded as to what you were going to write about?!...Yeah, it's happened to me too...No! Really. It has! ^_^ ...but the wordlessness only lasted for about a second, in my case! LOL I can always find SOMETHING to talk about...even if it's talking about how pretty the blank space itself is! ^_^
     I'm talking about that gorgeous journal in my header photo. Isn't it colorful and pretty?! And it looks like the perfect place to write down some new poems or something! :-) I'll have to keep that in mind!...The blank space I'm gonna fill today though, is my blog space! I'm gonna dress it up a bit. It looks like it needs some accessories! :-)

       The shades of brown, with just that stripe of color is sooooo pretty to me! I'm gonna let it inspire me and I'm gonna try to figure out how to make a crocheted version. But not right now. It's suppose to be 'warm and humid' around here today...and get up to 90 degrees! Oh no! I'm not crocheting any scarves today!...and I'm not working on any sweater blankets either!..."Go ahead, Sweater Blanket, stare all you want to!!" LOL
        Moving on!... More accessories...How about some shoes...

      ...and some earrings...

     ...or how about these earrings...musical! :-)...

        ...and after the earrings are on, how about a bracelet...

       ...With all of that color, we need just the perfect necklace to counter-balance things...

        ...and, of course, a bag! the space is no longer blank, and we're looking just lovely! :-) We're all dressed up to go.......Uhhhh....where are we going?! ^_^ ...How about a live concert?!

         It was well worth getting dressed up for, wasn't it?! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!...and that includes all of the new people following my blog right now. I'm honored and amazed at your presence in my little backyard. ♥♥♥

My Favorite People

My favorite people listen well,
and talk almost as good.
They like to eat good food,
and hang out in my neighborhood.

They like a chuckle now and then,
and dance when music's played.
And give nice complements...
and no! they haven't all been paid!

Some 'favorite people' are, I'm sure,
still ones I haven't met.
But until then, my favorites are
ones owed a 'loving' debt.

They've loved me through some heartache,
and the hardest, roughest time.
They're my favorites for a reason,
and deserve this 'Debbie' rhyme. 


  1. Thank you for featuring my item! Great work!

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by to take a look! :-) It was my pleasure to share them! :-)

  2. such a lovely post :)

    Thank you so much for featuring my earrings here :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it!...It was my pleasure to put all of that gorgeous musical color in my backyard! :-)

  3. Great post! Love the scarf and shoes!!!

    Thanks so much for featuring my earrings as well, I love your back yard!

    1. Thanks Angela! :-) And I agree about the scarf and shoes too!

  4. Oooo, the scarf is gorgeous. I love the earthy color with just a colorful hint in that stripe! And I LOVE blank journals. Because they are blank and filled with possibility of what might be written, drawn or painted in them. As soon as I start using one, it loses it's appeal - I have many, many journals that are only very lightly used... Hugs, Silke

    1. Hi Silke!...I guess you and I have the same taste in colors...especially scarf colors! :-)) I'm gonna try to make a scarf with those colors eventually I think. But we're different when it comes to blank pages. I systematically fill mine up with words and story, study material, scriptures, research, etc...Oh how I love to see a page filled with words! :-) I have many, many journals that are filled to the brim! LOL...Have a good night, Silke. :-]

  5. I'm lovin' those shoes! Such a weakness I have! I DO stare at blank pages with a blank mind. Nothing comes....

    1. I love 'em too, Bead!! I'm afraid I "do" have a shoe weakness too!...And knowing how witty and thoughtful you are with your words, I can't believe you have such a hard time with blank pages. I think you just don't trust yourself to write what you feel. My opinion. LOL

  6. Wow I really love those guitar earrings. They look great.

    1. Yes, me too! Now, if only they played music! ^_^


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