Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'She Sells Seashells By The Seashore...'and Crochets!

     First things first this morning, I need to tell you who won the scarves...if they want the scarves, I mean. LOL I'm not getting a good read on my giveaways anymore. That's why I stopped having them so frequently...But this time I thought that because it had been a while since I had a giveaway I'd get all kinds of entries! I was even ready to part with two...not one...two scarves!
       In the rules for the giveaway I said that all people had to do was leave me a comment and let me know which scarf they wanted if they won...foggy lettuce...or chocolate cream cake...But.......I only had two or three people even MENTION the scarves!...*shaking my head* LOL  
     So, I chose names from the comments that were given by the deadline......Kelly (who commented on Friday) and Grandma Yellow Hair, if you want them....the scarves are yours! ^_^ I'll have to decide who gets what though. Just contact me with a place to send them!

      Okay....moving on!...As I said on the blog yesterday, I'm all about crochet this week! I'm gonna share other people's crochet...(and knitting)...

         ...I'm also gonna share a little bit of my crochet, in progress...

         (This is a gray, black and white lapel pin I'm working on right now)...

      ...And I'm gonna share crocheting supplies, like this gorgeous thread I found!...

        But today, I'm also sharing shells! :-)

     I know....you're wondering "Why shells, Wug?! Shells are not crocheted!" ^_^ That's right! Shells are not crochet..Yet! But I'd like to change that...sorta, kinda. :-)

      Look at this beautiful necklace, and how it hangs so pretty. (And yes I know, it's not crochet or a shell! LOL)...

      Do you see the little hooks on top, where you hang the chain?!...Well, I was given some delicate shells a while back, with the same hooks on them...to use on my crochet necklaces! Here they are...

      I have been keeping them in a secure place, waiting for the time to unleash them on an unsuspecting public! LOL

      Now is the time!! ^_^ This week I'm going to be making some of my small...tiny, tiny...crochet flowers and adding these hanging shells to necklaces underneath them! :-) ... I'm kinda excited to see what they're gonna look like when they're finished. I've been holding on to these gift shells for so long!

        They're in all kinds of shapes...

     ...and all kinds of sizes...

        The striped one in this bottom photo (above) is one of my very favorites! The leopard one in the first two photos is too!...So, keep your eye out for the unveiling of 'crochet shell' necklaces! :-)

      Okay, I'm really late on my schedule now!!...Have a good day, Everybody!....Gotta run!! :-))


I love to watch the water almost
as much as I like to gab.
I love to watch the zig and zag
of a house-stealing hermit crab.

I love to watch the sun go down
just as the waters reach.
I love to watch it, yes, so tell me,
why dont I like the beach?!

It may have something to do
with having sand between my toes.
Or the smell of fish and seagulls
doing strange things to my nose!

Or maybe it's the fact that there's
no backyard lawn or hedge.
That's why from home I'll ponder,
'mentally' viewing the water's edge.


  1. Hi Wug! Thank you for showing my knitted leaves :)
    Love the shells and amethyst-two of my favorite things. Hope you have a great week!

    1. It was, as usual, my pleasure! You can tell I like them....a lot!...right?! ^_^ ....Hope you have a great week too!

  2. Hey there Wug!! I love the striped shell too! So pretty!!
    Also, congrats to the scarf winners! Hopefully they'll get in contact with you soon.
    Congrats on the sales last night.
    Have a great rest of the day.

    1. Hi, Bead!! :-)...Once again you and I have similar tastes!...And I hope the scarf winners contact me soon too! If not, it's okay. I know where I can get a good scarf wearer! :-)) Have a good evening! I hope it's not a spinning one!

  3. Anonymous8/14/2012

    Hi Wug,
    Thanks for featuring my cushion in your blog. Your shell collection has made me yearn for a beach getaway.
    At least the sun is shining in Brisbane. Sarah-Jane of sjsmith.com.au : )

    1. Hello there Sarah-Jane! :-) It was my pleasure, as I mentioned to you already on Etsy!...And thank you, about the shell collection. If you're a beach person, I hope you get to one and enjoy!...As you could tell from the poem, I'm an ocean "looker", but I really am not a beach person. It sure is nice to look at from afar though...like on TV! LOL

  4. I really like that floral cushion. I can almost see that sitting on my bed :)

    1. I like it too, Jo...I'm thinking about making one! It's on my "To Do" list. :-)


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