Monday, August 13, 2012

This Is Not 'Circle Of Complaining' Time!

        My choosing this header photo says a lot about me. One: I love Etsians. They are soooo creative!...Two: I may, or may not, need a bath right now. Sniff, sniff!...May!...and Three: I know a good hubby gift when I see one! ^_^
       The description in the Etsy shop where I found this felted soap describes the experience of using this soap perfectly! It says it's soap and a washcloth in one. It's a 4-oz rectangular bar of organic Peppermint soap artfully wrapped and felted in mustard yellow merino wool roving, with an indigo blue hammer needle-felted on top. When it's wet, the soap lathers up and the wool gently exfoliates your skin. Then, as you use the soap, the wool shrinks around the soap until what you're left with is a little felted wool scrubby! ^_^ How cool is that!! 
      But is this post about me and my hubby needing a bath?!....Ignoring all odors to the contrary, I say No! LOL...This post is about me getting back to work this week!...About me hammering down on a regular schedule...About me getting some things done!....Hmmmm...I use the word "Me" a lot, don't I?! O_O
       Anyway...Fall/Autumn is fast approaching, and I need to get back to some kind of regular schedule of crocheting. I need to make some hats and scarves, and some other colorful Fall-ee things for the shop!

       This is not the time for me to do that 'circle of complaining' thing I do so well!...."I can't sleep!"...."I can't stay asleep because my mind has too much on it!"...."WOW! I'm sleeping the days away!"....."OUCH! My body hurts from sleeping so long in the same position."....."I can't sleep!"......See what I mean?! ^_^ I gotta stop!!!
      So, this week I'm not gonna complain....about 'sleep' I mean...You can't expect me not to complain about ANYTHING! I'm not an earthworm after all! ^_^ I'm more of a peacock...

      Okay...I'm not really a peacock. ^_^ I just saw this peacock on Hither and Thither's blog, their 'first week postcard from Bali', and I just had to share! ^_^ ...(There's some gorgeous photos of their vacation there....check it out!)...

      As I was saying, there will be no sleep complaints from me this week. I'm gonna be all about crocheting! :-]

      I've got a list of projects I've got to get to. Hats of all shades. Brown, yellow, orange, etc... And maybe some scarves to match! Also a wealth of color and thread combinations of flowers for boutonnieres and lapel pins for men, and brooches and keychains for women!...Not to mention some more refashioning of brooches I've already made into keychains too!
      Then there's a certain rainbow sweater blanket I'll be working on at the same time, every day probably, while I scatter in a new project here and some necklaces that will include some shells. I'll tell you more about those tomorrow. :-) ...Yep! It's gonna be "crochet central" around here!

           Central.......but not exclusively. I still have other stuff to talk about too...Big surprise, right?! ^_^  Like cute and interesting things I run into from time to time. Case in point...

       Which reminds me.....breakfast!! ^_^ I'm already running off of my schedule!...See you later! Have a good week, Everybody!

Off My Schedule

I've been off my schedule,
and I'm craving normalcy.
I wanna sleep six hours
and then plan my A to Z.

It's not for want of trying.
I'm a schedule making fool!
But putting things in writing
hasn't made them now the rule.

Things keep coming up.
Out of nowhere, things to do.
Obligations that keep pulling
at my "set in schedule" glue.

I've just been giving in,
like a pushed revolving door.
I schedule to do better.
I mean, what is a schedule for?!

(By the way, the winners of the weekend giveaway will be announced tomorrow too!)


  1. fantastic blog!! Thank you so much for featuring my PB & J earrings!!!


    1. Hi Debbie!...(My other name, besides Poetesswug, is Debbie too, by the way. ^_^)...Thank you for the nice words. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Your little earrings, besides being 'as adorable as all get out', sent me hunting for breakfast! ^_^ Have a good day!

  2. Oh my - I've REALLY enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a fan and look forward to more from you. Thank you for featuring my quilt! And, I understand the sleep thing - can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep, don't get enough sleep with so much churning about in my brain. Lavender oil on the wrists and melatonin help. Have a great week!!!

    1. Hi Helen! :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog post! Your quilt was a wonderful addition. It's gorgeous!!...About the blog, I have to tell you though, you never know what I'll be talking about over here, so be prepared for that! LOL Rest assured that this week it won't be about my sleep issues! ^_^ (By t he way, lavender doesn't work for me. I'm allergic! LOL)

  3. What a fun blog you have! I love all the sweet finds that you've included. Thanks so much for featuring my Hammer Felted Soap!

    1. Hi Linda! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and the other finds too! We certainly love yours! I hope you visit the backyard again. I look forward to getting to know the mind that thought up felted soap! Fabulous idea! ^_^

  4. Wow you haven't got to sleep ;-)) Your going to be far to busy i can't wait to see your rainbow sweater blanket. That soap looks and sounds like a great gift. I have never seen a white peacock before he is pretty ours here are really colourful in blues and purples. Enjoy your week, dee ;-))

    1. Hi Dee!...I am happy to report that I have gotten some sleep!! I got a little more than 5 last night!...5 hours in a row! :-)...And you're right...I AM going to be busy!! ^_^ ...By the way, I think peacocks are bred in a number of different colors. All those blues and greens are gorgeous, but the white ones are really pretty...regal looking!

  5. Hope you can get some sleep... at least some. Some people are fine sleeping 3 or 4h a day, not my case! I need 8h, but 9h is the ideal for me. Lucky me, right?
    What help me fall asleep? TV.

    1. Hi Priscila!...No worries about sleep right now. I think the new addition of the oxygen in my C-Pap machine may be working! :-) I'm not getting a lot more hours, but I'm sleeping in longer spurts and feel rested when I get up. More awake to crochet and read. :-)) ... And I find that music and my hubby's back rubs are what knock me out. Zzzzzzz! Immediately!! ^_^

  6. Those PB & J earrings look so cute! That reminds me, I haven't had lunch yet :D

    1. ^_^ Those earrings sent me looking for food too! LOL


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