Friday, October 12, 2012

Sorry...But Now I Can Admit It...

     Okay...I have a confession. Something that I need to come clean about, now that I'm feeling a bit better this morning. But I'm gonna follow the rules of social engagement by first sharing something positive. :-) I'm gonna share the rest of hubby's foliage shots from around town the other day...Which day? I'm not sure. I've kinda been in a feverish haze.

      This time of year is why I love being a New Englander. :-)

      Just riding or walking around here this time of year is like being engulfed in a master painter's canvas!...I have some more photos that hubby took in our backyard. I'll share those with you tomorrow.

      Back to my confession...The confession is that as much as I love this blog, I didn't want to talk to you at all the last few days...AT ALL! I didn't wanna crochet. I didn't wanna watch old movies. I didn't wanna listen to music. I didn't wanna talk. I didn't even wanna eat!...Now you know how sick I've really been!
      I won't go into the gory details of my scary body fluid colors, but trust me when I tell you...I was really worried that I may have caught something that was gonna take me out! :-( Of course, I joke about it now, but the real clue for me was when I didn't wanna talk! I ALWAYS wanna talk!
    I talked to my dentist through grunts and giggles, with a water sucking tube in my mouth!...I talked to my gynecologist during the exam, about why I was wearing so much jewelry! ^_^...I LIKE to talk!...If it hadn't been for hubby's prompting every day: "Did you do your blog?!"..."Are you gonna do your blog?!"..."What are you writing for your blog?!"...I would have let you all happily go off into oblivion....Sorry. :-(
      For the first time in a long time, this morning I feel like "ME"! I'm still very tired, but I have my giggle back. I'm aware that 'Hey! I have a husband!' LOL He must've been a pretty lonely care-giver. :-(
      He helped me go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, bathe, eat...when I felt like eating and wasn't nauseous or throwing up, I mean. He cooked and changed bedding, did laundry, read to me, and even sang to me! ^_^ Through my feverish haze I remember giggling about him singing Joe Cocker's version of "You are so beautiful", Train's "Hey Soul Sister" and the Ohio Players song "FIRE!" ^_^...I'll have to ask him if he actually saw me giggling or not, because I'm not entirely sure my giggle was visible outside my head! LOL I know he was doing it so that he could gauge when I was getting back to myself, because I would've said something about that singing!!! LOL
     The cure for what ailed me appears to have been lots of water, ONE Tylenol, vitamins, acidophiles, acidic cranberry juice (watered down), orange juice, chicken soup, nearly burned tough homemade hamburgers with onions, and a whole lot of LOVE!! ^_^
     So, I'm feeling better, and I'm sorry I didn't wanna talk to you. *hanging my head*...But as you can see...I wanted to talk to you today!! :-) I still think I'm gonna play it slow today though, so I can get my ground legs back under me. Hopefully there won't be another relapse of this THING! Grrrrr! I'm almost afraid to say that!...*looking left and right*...But if I got through it this time...with hubby's singing...I could do it again, right?! :-)) But I sure hope I don't have to!!!!!!...Have a good day Everybody!...and it's so nice to talk to you! :-)

 Feeling Better

There's no card for "Feeling Better"!
But I think that there should be,
when my friends have sent good wishes;
and been loving up on me.

When they've sent good food to eat,
flowers, cards, emails, and calls.
When they've made it bearable
watching T.V. and 4 walls.

I'd like a card to send them back,
with a smiley face there too,
saying: "Feeling so much better;
and it's all because of you!"

I'd have a special card for husbands,
ones who fold their sheets all wrong,
but who love you through your sickness,
even serenading you with song.


  1. Ha ha ha!! I knew you didn't feel like talking! It's alright...we all have times like that. I have a lot of them and I like to talk too.
    I'm so glad you have such a caring husband! What would you have done without him? Your friends were there too!
    I love the idea of sending a card, like a thank you! You should!!! Make one!
    Glad you're feeling better. I was a bit worried about you.

    1. I kinda figured you knew Bead. I'm such a chatterbox usually. I know that people have times like that, but I ALWAYS can find time to talk...but this time I just didn't want to. And yes, I'm glad I had hubby too..HAVE hubby! ^_^ I feel mentally bette today than I do physically, but I'm hoping the body catches up at some point....maybe after the de-soaped green tea. ^_^ (Hubby didn't rinse the cup when it came out of the dishwasher...Hey! he had better things to do! ^_^) Have a good day, my friend.

  2. Wow, Debbie, I am so glad you are starting to feel better!! That sounded like a nasty virus! And your hubby is wonderful - we are lucky, aren't we?!? Daniel has had a respiratory virus for about a month now. Even though he is up and functioning, he's just a shadow of his usual perky self. He is (like you) getting better though and I can't wait to have him back and feeling good!

    Take it easy today and eat and drink what your body wants... Hugs, Silke

    1. Thanks, Silke! :-) I'm glad I'm starting to feel better too! I hope your Daniel is right behind me too! This is a terrible virus...or whatever it is!...And no worries, I'll definitely be taking it easy!

  3. So glad you are feeling a little better sweetie, you have a great husband there :) take care and hope you are back to your normal self real soon!

    Bee happy x

    1. Thanks, Bee! Now I just need my 'feeling better' to stick! ^_^ By the way, you're right. I do indeed have a great husband. I have to remember not to take him for granted sometimes. I'm kinda spoiled. :-))

  4. Hope you feel better soon :D and beautiful shots x x

    1. Thank you so much. :-] And I agree about the photos too. Hubby is a pretty good amateur photographer.


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