Monday, December 17, 2012

Backyard Frozen Food...And This And That!

       The backyard looks all calm, and just like it does every day, doesn't it?!...until you look at it close! We're in the midst of a kind of storm, of sorts, that's dropping freezing rain all over the place...

      I feel bad for the little birdies! They're gonna have to chip their little beaks to death this morning, piercing through the frozen food (suet)...

       I have to say though, it sure looks pretty close up! :-] ...

     Hubby got such good shots of the little frozen droplets on the tree branch, didn't he?! :-)

      Speaking of frozen...I'm thinking about the parents, teachers and first responders in Newtown Connecticut this morning. I'm sure their lives are feeling a little frozen in time today, with the first burials of the little Sandy Hook Elementary School students happening...Six year olds! :-(
       Do you remember being six?!!...

      I was recently reading a child development tracker on the PBS Parents website about what you can generally expect when your kids are six...It's hard to think that twenty children's creative and wide-eyed development was just snuffed out in an instant of a crazy morning...My thoughts go out to all of the relatives, friends, acquaintances, and all of those affected...especially the teachers...

      In completely other news...something to smile about :-) husband spent the weekend cooking! ^_^ He made homemade chilli with beans...spaghetti with hamburger...a chicken sautee' with celery and butter...lemon squares....and a cheesecake!! :-)
      Most of it you don't wanna me on that one! LOL There's nothing photogenic about beans and chilli or sauteed chicken and celery!! ^_^ And lemon squares aren't that much better!....but I tried with them!...

       See what I mean?! O_O

       But when they came out of the pan, and were actually cut up into squares...even though hubby had forgotten to get powdered sugar to dust over the top of them, they looked pretty good! :-)

      We puckered our way through a couple of them ^_^ but I think we're done! *smack! smack!*...They were sooooo lemon-y that even hubby wasn't impressed with his own cooking! LOL...Not of the lemon squares anyway!

     He was highly impressed with everything else!...including the half pineapple/half cherry cheesecake he made! :-) ...

    ...although photographing it didn't go so well! LOL...Uhhhh....I think he needs to stick to frozen droplets on tree branches! :-)

      I did have some other stuff to share with you, but I'll wait until tomorrow. My stomach is growling at me! ^_^ Have a good day, everybody. Take a moment today to remember being little...and six.

When Jeff Was A Boy

He had an orange bicycle
that he rode all over town;
A banana-seated 'Stingray',
and its handle grips were brown.

At 12, to make some cash,
he had a great big paper route.
He'd either walk or ride his bike.
Come rain or shine, he would go out.

He had a fast-red wagon
he pretended was a car.
He hauled everything in sight,
from sister's dolls to dirt-filled jars.

He played little league football,
basketball, kick soccer too.
Despite his having asthma
(which his coaches never knew).

He had lots of toys to play with-
matchbox cars and small 'Hot Wheels',
'Pick-up Sticks' and building blocks,
and model planes, which gave him thrills.

All his responsibility
was to take 'Skippy' out to run.
That's all his dog and him would do.
This made his childhood lots of fun!

Now he's older, likes to stroll,
and grow his garden in the yard;
Doesn't hanker for his boyhood.
Doesn't wanna play that hard! 


  1. Hi Deb. Thank you so much for sharing my Comfy Cozy "I'm Six" Calendar. My heart is so broken for the parents in Newtown and wishing I could go back on the calendar to last Thursday and stop time. My calendars are intended to let folks capture a moment/day/year in time so they don't miss or forget a single thing. Hopefully we will all take notice of the little things - like a frozen droplet on a tree.

    1. Hi Peggy, It was my pleasure to share your calendar. It was a good reminder...being six...Unfortunately calendars are designed to remind us of things, and the date of this shooting is something we wanna forget! But remembering being six will help us to smile. :-) Thank you for letting me share it...and my frozen droplets on the tree...Have a good day, Peggy.


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