Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gold For Child Cancer

       I don't have much time this morning. As usual, I put too much into my morning schedule...and add to that the little...Ha!!...problem I was having with my computer this morning, and you have a frazzled, in a hurry Wug!! ^_^
      I did wanna take a minute and show you the finished boutonnieres for my custom order yesterday though. The ones in the header photo are the three gold boutonnieres I made...representing 'Child Cancer'. The customer's friend had a three year old daughter with Leukemia. :-(
      Orange is apparently the color representing Leukemia, he said. These are the boutonnieres I made for that color...

     All in all, they came out great, and the customer bought them within a few minutes of me listing them!...

     ...It's just too bad that we have a world right now that has little children with Leukemia in it. :-( ... But I have my meeting today, with that good Watchtower study on 'Meeting Today's Adversities With Courage', to help me keep it positive. :-)
     Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! :-) I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully with a little more time to chat!

 Time Goes By So Fast!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Before you eat your breakfast,
seems it's yesterday again!

You visit with some friends,
go to work and cut the lawn.
Then you look up from your book
and face another fleeting dawn!

You're planning what's for dinner,
jotting down the grocery list.
You wake up from a nap,
and now you're looking at a mist!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Make the most out of it,
cause it may not come again!

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