Sunday, January 13, 2013

Humble Pancake Sunday!!

      Yep! It's Sunday...which now the 'Wug' household...that it's also pancake day!! :-] Or in some circles...'What-Is-That-Silly-Girl-Talking-About-Now!' day! ^_^ Well, I'll tell ya!
      Now that it's January of a new year, and our morning meeting at the Kingdom Hall (Jehovah's Witnesses) has switched to an afternoon meeting, hubby and I have resumed our Sunday pancake breakfast routine! :-) ... Don't be a 'hater'! LOL
      The truth is...pancakes are always a 'hit-or-miss' proposition with my hubby at the stove anyway!! ^_^ I'll show you what I mean in a minute...First I wanna share some of my pancakes with YOU!! :-) ... Pancakes I found on Etsy of course! ;-) ...

        A Buttery Pancake Ring from ScrumptiousDoodle...

       ...and some Buttermilk Pancake Earrings from shayaaron...

     No...they aren't 'real' pancakes. Not unless you eat plushies, rings and which case you don't need to be sitting there reading blog posts. You probably need to be somewhere with medical staff equipment!!! LOL

      But for those of you who like 'real' pancakes, how about these (below)?...
     It's a whole Pancake Breakfast Gift Pack from MapleViewSugarWorks! :-)

     Of course if you buy all of the ingredients for good tasting should have somebody on hand that knows how to cook them! ^_^ I have my husband!!....and well....well....sometimes his pancake making is a direct 'hit!'...

         and they come out the perfect color and consistency...light and airy and delicious!! YUM!...and I forget to take a picture of it before I eat half of it away!! LOL

     Other times...*shaking my head*...sometimes ten minutes later...they are a 'miss!'...

     A bad....BAD....'miss'!! ^_^ ...

      I'm so glad I was full by the time this batch was cooked....cooked?! O_O Uh...yeah.....COOKED!! LOL

     Thankfully my hubby has a good sense of humor, and a cast iron stomach!! ^_^ It was his idea to share these photos with you!....Me, personally, even I wouldn't want to share that much of my 'bad' with you!!! ^_^
        I wanna share my 'good'!! :-) And along those lines...and some of you may have already seen these on Facebook...let me share the new necklace I made with you!...

      I have to take some more pictures of it, and list it in the Wuglyees shop, some time today or tomorrow...Probably tomorrow. It's completely foggy and cloudy around here today. Not very good lighting for taking photos....but very good for eating pancakes!! ^_^

     By the way, I called it 'humble' pancake Sunday because that's the subject of our Watchtower magazine study at the meeting today...humility. :-) I'm hoping to be as full of spiritual learning as I am of pancakes! ^_^ ... Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

 Set A Good Example

The nieces and the nephews
that my siblings all have bore
are our next generation,
ones we set examples for.

They don't  seem to have the fun
that we did as girls and boys;
Maybe that's because they have
way too many distracting toys.

Between T.V. and computers,
and so many video games,
it's a wonder they can even
think at all-or know their names.
That's why we, as the adults,
should be careful what we do;
"living right", so that we always
keep what's best for them in view.

The world, for them, has much more stress;
filled with violence and dope.
All we had to worry about
was hopscotch and jumping rope.

We collected pretty rocks,
and played 'Tag' outside for fun-
while today's kids are informed
to carry condoms-not a gun!

To my sisters and my brothers
I am just their kid's Auntie,
for whom they need to show respect
and to kiss when they see me.

But I feel that it's my job
(One I feel devoted to)
to set a good example.
It's the least that I could do.

I'm the one who knew their parents
before they were 'Mom' and 'Dad'.
I tell the things they can't  remember,
'cause it might make them look bad.

I am also their Auntie,
who now serves Jehovah God;
who is most of all concerned
they'll spoil the kid, and spare the rod.

Spoiling them by what they say
not reflecting what they do;
and because of feeling guilt-
give them "Things" to cloud their view.

So, I pray with all my might
that this poem gives a sample
of the reasons that adults
need to set a good example.


  1. Those pancake earrings look so cute. Angus on the other hand said they would be better if they had been waffles :) kids!
    Wow your new necklace looks amazing. I love the green & blue. They go so well together.

    1. Ha! Ha!...Knowing Etsy, I'm sure there's some waffle earrings somewhere!! LOL....I just found some -->

      Tell Angus he's welcome!! ^_^ ... By the way, thank you for the nice words about my new necklace!! :-)


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