Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Guess You Had To Be There!

        Is it just me and my hubby, or is it true with everybody, that when your schedule gets so full that you can't figure out what to do or which way to turn first, all of a sudden everything seems funny?!...I suspect it's just silly 'us'!! LOL
     Case in point: hubby and I woke up this morning talking about all the things we have to do today. You know, 'running it by each other' and trying to put things in order of importance in our minds...A, B, and then C. Life is more productive that way, right?!...*shaking my head*...In our case, WRONG! ^_^
      Having no grits to make breakfast reminded hubby that he had to get in the car and go to the store...which reminded him about the fact that it's Saturday and he doesn't have to drive his clients anywhere today!...which reminded him of a conversation he overheard between two of his elderly lady clients the other day as he was driving along. It went like this:

"Why don't you ever wear pants?"

        "I haven't worn pants for 41 years!"

"But didn't you win some pants playing Bingo?"

         "Yeah, but I can't find my pants!"

     Hubby didn't know what they were talking about...and he didn't wanna know!! LOL He was just glad they didn't try to rope him into the conversation! ^_^

      ...but just rehashing their conversation reminded him about the pretty trees and flowers he saw out the window as he was trying not to pay attention to their conversation...which reminded him of the hummingbird feeder that he put up in the other side of our backyard, and how he has to either move it back near our window, or get another one today...which reminded him of the baby hummingbird he saw in the yard yesterday, that he took some photos of and wanted to show me! :-) ...

     I uploaded and enlarged his three photos. you see a baby hummingbird?!...

     I said: "Honey, that's a hummingbird?!...Where is his beak?!" O_O...

      He came over and looked at the screen and said: "Awwww! O_O He doesn't even look like a hummingbird in those photos! I thought I was closer!.....Hmmmm...Ha! Ha!...he looks like a pussy-willow!!" ^_^
     I laughed too, because...Uhhh...this is a pussy-willow (below)!...

    ...and looking back at the photo of the baby hummingbird...I agree!!! ^_^ It 'does' look like a pussy-willow on the branch instead of a hummingbird!! Ha! Ha! I guess you had to be there. ^_^

     Anyway!...This morning's chitter chatter headed down the 'things we find funny' road...and something tells me that the 'WHOLE' 'To Do' list is not gonna get 'Too Done' today!! ^_^ ...But we don't wanna giggle alone. Here's a few giggles for you too!...

      ^_^ This T-shirt reminded me that I haven't had breakfast....I mean, any exercise...yet! LOL

      And you computer lovers will 'howl' over this one!! ^_^ ...

       And, of course, I 'hollered' over this one...

       The description for the pillowcases said they were a funny gift idea for the bed hog in your life. ^_^ Uhhhh...that would be 'ME'!!! LOL...But I don't think it's that funny!! Frankly, I think it's just a great idea!! ^_^ I would finally be able to claim a 'drool-free' zone!!! LOL Or at least...turning over only to get a face full of my own drool! ^_^ Sorry...was that too much information?!....*twiddling my fingers*
        Yeah, right!! You all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!!!! I'm sure you HAVE been there!! (I heard it said that Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond...By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade...I think the spade is so you can knock the drool away!!) LOL
    Giggle amongst yourselves! ^_^ And have a good weekend!

Sense Of Humor

How do you gauge a sense of humor?
Is it just about a laugh?
Do you only know you're funny
when they're doubled up, in half?

Can a chuckle or a giggle
be a clue that you have wit?
Or can a smile and a head shake
be the quiet proof of it?

It's the people that are laughing,
in their house, their yard, their car.
That can spot a sense of humor;
recognize it from afar.

I don't know myself.
I just know what makes me smile.
Anyone who likes themselves
and can be talking for a while.

And if they make me wanna sit
and wonder "what will they say next?",
then they have a sense of humor
cuz I wouldn't be here unless...


  1. I need the "Bacon" t-shirt! Too funny! I saw a hummingbird the other day but I hadn't hung the I got right on it and I haven't seen one since..hmmmm...maybe I need a new menu for them! Hope your weekend is filled with good laughs!

    1. Ha! Ha!...I know what you mean about the bacon T-shirt!! ^_^ And about the hummingbird feeder...funny! But I'm sure they'll be back!!...Put sushi or bacon flavored seed on the menu! LOL Have a good weekend, Yaya! :-]


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