Thursday, October 24, 2013

"I Should've Known He Was Trying To Tell Me Something!"

      Is the time for pretty flowers all over?!...I hope not! O_O But brrrrrrr! It is really cold this morning! the 30s! (Fahrenheit)...I guess it's time to turn the furnace up, and pull those covers up!
      I guess I'm gonna have to stop looking out the windows for flowers now. I just have to keep making them for myself! ^_^ ...

      This is one of the coral colored flower boutonnieres I made for my Wuglyees shop yesterday. I put a foldable buttonhole pin on the back of it...

      The other two I made will have a brooch pin on one, and a clutch back on the other. I'm trying to be more flexible about fasteners...

      Anyway I make them though, these flowers aren't gonna be growing outside, or be affected by the cold weather that seems to be setting in around here! ^_^
      I should've known it was gonna be unusually cold this morning when I saw this little guy (below) staring at me from the back yard!...

      What a cutie! ^_^ 

      He was just sitting up on his hind legs, looking like he was waiting for someone to serve him dinner! LOL And he sat there for the longest time too!...You can't really see it in the photos, but he had a tuft of white under his chin that made it look like he was wearing a bib. LOL

      This little squirrel must've been trying to stop and tell me something while he was taking a break from storing all of those nuts for winter!!...Brrrr! LOL I wish I had been more observant. Then I wouldn't have woken up freezing this morning, because I only had a sheet covering me!! O_O You never saw somebody grab a heavy blanket so fast!!!
      Now it's time to get me a bite to eat, sip on some hot green tea, and get my 'grab bag' full of 'To Do' crocheting ready to go! :-) ...

      This isn't the bag my thread is in (above ^_^) but I sure wish it was!!! :-)

      And this isn't thread either (below)...

      ...but they 'are' gonna be used 'with' my thread! make some clutch back flower boutonnieres! :-) I just ordered them this morning. So, what is your day looking like?!...beading?...crocheting?...crafting?....reading?....or otherwise working?! :-) Whatever it is...Have A Good Day, Everybody!! :-)

Animals Everywhere

There are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Do you see them when you travel?
Do you have some in your lives?

The chickens in the yard
step and jut their necks in stride;
Cackling birdie conversation
as you throw seed side to side.

Horses gallop down the hill,
through the field outside the gate;
Along the beach edge of the water
their strong legs will dominate.

All their waking hours
kittens tumble, jump and leap;
Then they curl up anywhere,
purr and breathe a peaceful sleep.

Baby chicks will follow
right behind their Mama's wings.
But they sometimes get distracted,
and their Mama's "Cluck!" then rings.

Doggies know their station.
They're secure in who they are.
They unguardedly will love you.
Just as quick, they'll chase a car.

There's many things that we can learn
by just watching what they do.
But let's not imitate their aggression,
and their need to balk and chew.

Let's recognize where we're alike.
Both of our constant needs for love,
And there is food, shelter, attention,
and much more we could speak of.

Yes, there are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Giving lessons by example,
and so much meaning to our lives.

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