Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Middle Of The Week 'This' And 'That'!

      Welcome to the middle of the week! Woohoo! ^_^ That's all I got today. It's Wednesday. Tomorrow will be Thursday, and then Friday will follow that. WOOHOO!!! LOL
      I shouldn't be so silly about it, but do I talk without complaining. Chat, without ranting about things that annoy me. Or converse, without bringing everybody down?!...Uhhhh...I'll try this!...

      ...Ooooo! A butterfly!......ring! ^_^ Yep! I feel good now. How about you?! ^_^ And to continue the good mood, and not think about the rain and snow we might get here tomorrow....UGH! about some cute things I saw on Etsy! :-) ... I'm thinking about the rain and snow 'a LITTLE bit'!! :-) 

      But these things are distracting my mind some...

      Yes...the thought of cookies shaped like non-conventional things distracts me! What can I say?!.....Cookie......Distraction......same thing!! ^_^

      I left the sports cookies for last because I wanted to tell you about how desperate I am to look at sports!...I went to bed early last's a long 'itchy' story. Ugh!...but because I did, I was sure I missed the Red Sox game last night! O_O
      So, I was up at a ridiculously early time this morning...mainly because of the itching, but still!!...and I decided to turn the television on and find out who won the 6 of the world series! (baseball) me channel surfing for an hour, trying to find some baseball game updates...By the way, did you know that if you get up to the high channel numbers on your cable station dial there's a listing of all kinds of sports?! O_O Some of it in languages from all over the world?!...I didn't know that!....But there still was no update for the Red Sox game! O.O
       Yeah! I know!!!....There was NO GAME last night!!! UGH!!!...And if the Cardinals don't get off the airport runway tarmac there might not be a game tonight either! LOL *shaking my head* I hope they do!! O_O I need to have something to distract me when I wake up in the middle of the night tonight!! ^_^
      I've said it before, but 'getting old ain't for sissies'!!!!!!!...sleeplessness...menopause....arthritis....memory loss....fading eye-sight....loss of growing in unusual places, and other hair falling out in other places!!...Not to mention that few strands you have left after all of that...turning gray! O_O
      I digress!....let's just all get on with it today, shall we! :-) Me, I'll be getting on with this...

      ...More crocheting! :-) I've been selling a few items this week. I've got to keep the trend going!! :-) ....Okay...have a good one, Everybody!!


is what the clouds give to the sky;
It's what a tear gives to an eye;
and why 'Spring' growth knows 'Fall' must die.

is when abundance can be good;
and when you give more than you should;
because the world's your neighborhood.

is what the flower gives to the bee;
It's what the waves give to the sea;

and it's what you all give to me!

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