Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here We Go!

       Okay, so here we go people! Welcome to my backyard! I'm very nervous about putting all of my creative juices on display like this, but you know what...No creative endeavor worth it's salt was ever launched without SOME kind of trepidation!
       Just so you know what you're in for...I'll be sharing my crocheting projects, giving you links and pictures. I'll share some of my poetry on a daily basis...if my brain cells hold out! And I'll try my best to let you get to know me, not only through pictures and projects, but through my straight forward,...sometimes long winded (don't say I didn't warn you!), words!
As I show you my backyard, which inspires and calms me, I'll start off this blogspot with a poem about me!

D-E-B-B-I-E (Alias "The Wug" *Teehee*)

D-is the Daring that it takes to just be me.
E-is the Emptiness 'The Truth' has helped to flee.
B-is the Blues that I've felt throughout my life.
B-is the Beauty that I feel, now as Jeff's wife.
I-is the Issues that come up from time to time.
E-is the Eagerness with which each hill I climb!


  1. You are much better than I :-) I haven't posted on my blog since last bad! I just can't keep up with everything. Good luck to you. It's fun sharing with people :-)

  2. I love it!! You know what??? I didn't know your hubby's name till now!! LOL What a great way to start your blog!! You're going to really love this I can see! :)

  3. Happy to join your backyard group. Love the poem!

  4. MaritimeArts, CinLynn Boutique, and TexasEagle, Thank you all so much for taking the ride with me!! :-)


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