Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oops!!!!...I Forgot!!


      Now, considering how much I talk, you're probably not gonna believe this...BUT...I forgot to do my blog post today!!! O_O YES I DID!!!...Well, I didn't TOTALLY forget about it...I actually thought about it at around 10:30 a.m., but I was sure I had already done it...O_O...so I just continued doing what I was doing!! LOL
      Guess what I was doing?!.......Yep!...Crocheting!! ^_^ I woke up with my customer's mittens on my mind, because I finished a pair of mittens for her night before last that I was sure were the wrong size! O_O So, making another pair for her right away was on my mind as soon as I got up! I wanted to send them to her in the mail this afternoon...(The post office will be closed here tomorrow, because of the New Year's holiday.)
      All day long it's been me and the black yarn....me and my crochet hook....me and my scatter-brain!!! ^_^ 

      And believe it or not, I'm still working on those very same black mittens right now!! I still have to customize them for her (very large) ....and make her a little free gift! Shhhhhhh! :-) Needless to say, I'm not gonna make the post office now...*shaking my head*...but that's alright. It's better to be 'right', rather than 'early', correct?!...I almost said: "Right?!", but that would've been pressuring you to answer the way I wanted you to....and not correct, right?!....RIGHT???!!! LOL
      Okay...blog post, and random on and on talking....DONE!!! ^_^ It's another day, and another 'Wug' brain-splatter in print!! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥

Best Laid...UnPlanned

Every last detail
had been very well thought out.
Well-laid plans were in their place.
Wait!...What's this all about?!

A fly has stumbled in the ointment,
'well-thought-out' just got a glitch.
Life has thrown another curve ball,
and all your plans you have to ditch.

'Change-of-plans' were uninvited.
The 'shoe has fallen' without a sound.
Oh Well! You can't be aware of everything,
nor every curve can you see around.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Is It Monday Again Already?!


      Yep!...It's Monday alright! ^_^ And I'm already 'off to the races' this morning! I've got a package to ship out of the country, and some mittens to finish crocheting, and ship!
      I needed some Monday inspiration though. So I found this gorgeous shop full of watercolor paintings to share with you. It'll help me show you what my Monday is gonna look like! :-) And it'll show off Rachel's amazing talent!!
     Rachel's shop introduction says that it's "Watercolor paintings of cats, horses, dogs, people, and anything else that breathes!"...And it sure is!!! :-) Her shop full of paintings and prints are just BEAUTIFUL!!!...I hope my Monday turns out to be as beautiful! :-)
     What does my Monday look like?!!!...Ohhhhh, mostly anticipatory happiness! :-) ...


      ...and smiles! :-) ...


      ...But there will also be some curiosity...


      Some intense expectation!...


      ...You 'know' there's gonna be a nap!...or two...or three! ^_^ ...


      I'm sure there's also gonna be some things I have to put some serious thought to...


      ..But I'm sure I'll also have some time to play! :-) ...


      ...And while you know I'm gonna be crocheting my head off, you probably also know I'll be taking some time to think...and ponder...wonder...and mull over...


      ...And if there wasn't at least one flower 'somewhere' in my Monday...it just wouldn't be a real Monday!! ^_^ ...


      Otherwise, what can I say?!...It's Monday! ^_^ Let's just roll with it!...and keep it positive, Y'all!!

Monday, Monday, Monday

Here comes another Monday!
Your frantic work week has begun!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy',
and all those things you haven't done.

Four more week days are ahead,
seeming like they'll never end.
But just think, before you know it,
"weekend" will be round again.

Lift your attention, all you mothers;
Week day workers, "Out The Door!"
Time to file, and diaper babies,
walk and scrape things off the floor.

Here comes another Monday!
Whether you want it to, or not!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy'.
You've got things to do...a lot!

Monday, Monday, Monday!
Why do you have to come so fast?!
And you stay so long! Why can't
the weekend 'Take It Easy' last?!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

'Pancake Sunday'...Returned!


      No, I don't know why 'this morning', above all the other Sunday mornings, my taste buds (and I suspect, my hormones!) said: "Ummmm...I sure would love some pancakes!"...but, whatever the reason, hubby is willing to make 'em, so I'm willing...Ha! Ha!...to eat 'em this morning!! ^_^ 
      Of course, that has nothing to do with my chocolate shawl in the header photo! ^_^ The reason I'm showing off my shawl is because I wanna give my lonesome 'waaaay-back-in-the-back-of-my-shop' baby some attention...AND I wanna show off the Etsy treasury that it was picked for! :-) ...


      Denise picked a collection of cream and white things, and, because of the cream and white stripes on my crochet shawl, she added my shawl 'baby'!...THANK YOU, Denise! ♥

      Of course my shawl wasn't in there all alone! It had some good company...like this!...

      ...and this!...


      ...And, of course, I had to find a flower in there! ^_^ ...


      That's pretty much all I have to talk about today!...except to let you know that I'm finishing up my three flower brooch custom order today. She decided on a variegated yellow and orange brooch, and two more. One lavender, and one soft pink! :-) I'll be finishing the lavender one this morning, and then off to the post office it will go!!
      Later on today, after the meeting, I'll 'whip out' the black mittens for the other custom order! :-) ... 'Whip out' may not be exactly correct, especially with my lame left hand now. (It still hurts when I stretch the fingers completely out, for some reason. Grrr!) But it'll be fast nonetheless. I'm motivated because it's already 1/3 paid for!! ^_^
     Oh, if only I could get a publisher to 1/3 pay for my book of poetry!! LOL I could 'whip out' poems with no problem!...My brain isn't lame! ^_^ Well....I guess that's debatable too!! LOL..Anyway!...Have a good 'Pancake Sunday', Everybody! :-) 

Eclectic Tastes

I've got eclectic tastes.
Yes I do! That's what I said!
I'm not afraid of being different,
Country raised and city bred.

If it's pretty, then I'm in,
but just as fast I can be out,
because I don't like what the hoopla
about some things is all about!

I think different can be cool,
in many colors, not just white.
And not just worn by 'one person',
with a body shape just right.

It's good to have 'eclectic' tastes,
and to just be who 'you' are!
But be careful, because 'eclectic'
quickly can become 'Too Far'!!  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Oh!...So You Want Some More!?!"


      I've been a 'lady of leisure' long enough! ^_^ All week it's been inordinate sleeping, being waited on hand-and-foot by my attentive husband, lovely visits with my doctors, fascinatingly (NOT SO MUCH!! O_O) engrossing medical exams, tests, and procedures, and a wonderful 'virtual' Friday date night trip to the Riviera! ^_^
      Now it's time to get to business!!...after a nice breakfast, and a nice hot cup of green tea with honey and lemon, of course! ^_^ ...


      I've finally got some crocheting to do! :-) Timely, right?!...If I didn't know better I'd think Jehovah God stopped all the sales in my shop, and slowed everything down around me, just so I wouldn't be stressed during this 'trying' week!! :-) That's...if I didn't know better I'd think that!...Hmmmmmm! :-]
      Yesterday I got 'custom order' requests from two different previous customers!! :-) ... I have to stop here and say: "I LOVE my customers!!!" :-) Especially customers that have bought from me, and are coming back for more!! ^_^
      I made a bunch of flower brooch pins for one customer to give as gifts. Now she wants three more! :-) She wants me to choose the colors, but I HATE choosing for other people. HATE IT!!! O_O ...


        I'd MUCH prefer if the customer just told me EXACTLY what colors and styles they wanted, and let me be the 'worker bee' type of crocheting fool girl that I am!! ^_^
      That's exactly what my other customer has done! :-) She ordered these mittens before...


      ...and she loved them so much that she wants another pair exactly like them!!...large...and black! ^_^ ... I was all ready to make her some red ones, or gray ones, or even blue! But nooooo!...She wants what she had before! :-) ... Will Do!! ^_^

      I've got some phone calls to make, and then...as you can see...my Saturday is gonna be kinda busy. I've just got to take some time this morning and mentally make sure all of my ducks...or cats!...are in a row! LOL...


      In other words, make sure there's nothing I'm forgetting about! That happens sometimes these days! ^_^ I'm no 'spring chicken', you know!! LOL...I will be a 'cooked goose' though, if I don't stop all this 'yakking' and get my schedule started!! LOL Have a good Saturday, and weekend, Everybody!! ♥

Rebuilding The Nest

The winds, they did their damage.
Blew the nest twigs all apart.
But it couldn't stop their building
with a firm determined heart.

Oh yes, there was connecting
and rebuilding to be done.
And though doing so was work,
it also brought them lots of fun.

The nest, no longer empty,
and no longer windy and cold,
was a joy to snuggle into,
and a sight for eyes to behold.

Whether nests of birds or people,
whether wanting to or willed,
when the winds have caused it damage,
you must gather and rebuild.

Friday, December 27, 2013

♫ 'Still Crazy...and TALKING...After All These Years'! ♫


      This is my 1,345th blog post!...SHOCKING! O_O I just saw the number as I was getting ready to write this post!...*shaking my head*...Who knew that one woman could talk this much...every day...for YEARS!! LOL
      You could go back and look for yourself HERE, but back when I started this blog...back in April of 2010...I wasn't thinking about what I would be talking about every day up until 2013! Ha! Ha! No...I was worried about putting my creative juices on display. ^_^ I was also worried about whether my brain cells would hold out....DONE! ^_^ 
      To my credit, in that first post I warned readers that I was long-winded! ^_^ Boy, did that prove to be true!! LOL...because here I am, over three and a half years later, STILL TALKING!! ^_^ CRAZY!!!....Maybe I shoulda just warned people that I was crazy! LOL
      ANYWAY!! It's too late now! ^_^ ... So, what am I gonna talk about for my 1, 345th post?!...Autism and animals! :-) ...
      Don't worry though. I'm not gonna talk about it that deeply. :-)) I'm only mentioning it at all because I just saw a little documentary on 'Temple Grandin'. A friend recommended that I see the movie about her life (which I still can't seem to get my hands on anywhere!...just saying! Ugh!).
      I was fascinated with her 'visual thinking', and how she noticed the movements of animals...especially cattle...I have got to see her movie!!!...It was fascinating to me because I always considered myself a 'word' thinker. But after looking at her documentary I realized that I am probably more of a visual thinker than I previously thought!
      And I also realized that I'm very attuned to my surroundings!...the movements of my backyard animals...especially the birds...

      Lately it's been all about the woodpeckers! :-] ...
      I'm also attuned to people's movements and what it says about how they're feeling. I read my husband like a book all day every day!! ^_^ Yep!...CRAZY!!! LOL Not him......ME!! ^_^
      Is it possible that I'm like Einstein and other intelligentsia?!....Uhhhhh......No!!! I'm not so crazy as to be thinking that!!! LOL But I do think deeply about a lot of stuff that other people probably don't think that much about!..like, for instance, what a good thing it is that God didn't create humans with their ears on top of their head!! ^_^ Imagine the conversations you'd miss when it rained...having to spend half the time bent over, shaking water out of your ears!! LOL
     Well...more crazy talk!!! ^_^ What else did you expect on my 1,345th blog post?! That's what I do!...TALK!! LOL Nobody said it always had to make sense!!....and that's a good thing, because I'm still crazy...and talking...after all these years!! ^_^

      Now I'm off to plan a 'virtual date'! :-) Have a good weekend, Y'all! :-)

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble.

And I'll talk,
and chew the fat,
while the time goes...
just like that! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is This A Disney Film?...Or 'Tired, Run A Muck'?!!

 (Set of 2 Wooden Drawers Jewelry box by MyHouseOfDreams)

      Why share a little wooden two drawer heart box as my header photo today?!...Uhhhh...because I could!!...And because it was too cute not to!! ^_^ Oh Yeah, and because it was something I could talk about without having to use too much brain power. :-)
      Yep!...I'm low on 'muster-ability' right now. So, I guess I should be thankful that I could muster the ability to write about 'anything' this morning!...Frankly, I almost didn't do the post!...because I was E-X H-A-U-S-T-E-D!!!!! O_O
      You were almost subjected to my husband doing the blog post instead of me, and him giving you a play-by-play of the silly conversation we were having... ^_^ ...Or should I say the silly conversation "I" was having!...He was just "Uh huh"-ing his way through it as I was rambling. LOL
      I can't remember everything I was saying, but I know it was something about the dream I had last night where the local morning show ('Good Morning America') hosts were staying with us...*like that would ever really happen!!^_^*...And 'Josh' (one of the hosts) was giving his little girl a bedtime bath and reading to her before she went to bed. :-)
      Then, in the dream, I got upset with hubby...*somehow a running theme of all of my dreams! LOL*...because when I went into the kitchen I noticed that our refrigerator and kitchen table were missing! O_O Somebody said something about him not paying the rent on them...*Uhhhh...we don't rent our refrigerator or tables! LOL*
    As I was telling hubby about the dream, a wave of exhaustion came over me, and I just kept talking...like I do! ^_^ I told him how he should write the blog this morning while I dictate it to him. LOL Here's what he would've been writing, if he had been able to keep up with me:

    "Hi Y'all...I'm so tired this morning. I almost didn't wanna write the blog this morning, but hubby is being me today. Ha! Ha!...I don't feel like being me today. I don't know who I feel like being...Hmmm...*long pause*...I think I feel like being Barbara Stanwyck...Not "Double Indemnity" Barbara Stanwyck. She was mean!...I feel like being "Big Valley" Barbara Stanwyck...
      ...I just don't have enough energy to be "Big Valley" Barbara Stanwyck...Wow! I'm really tired...*long pause*...Are you following this honey?! O_O"

     "Uh huh!"

     "What did I say?"

      "I don't know...but I got it." ^_^

      "Is that a good enough conversation to have with somebody...You know...Ooh! I'm so tired...You know, before you're pre-dead."

O_O "Pre-dead?!!"

    "Yeah....no. I mean, when you're too tired to be yourself, and don't have enough energy to be "Big Valley" Barbara Stanwyck?"

   "I think it's too late." LOL

     I'm gonna stop here, because the rest of the conversation was the 'really' silly part!! LOL And besides...I'm still tired! ^_^ The only thing left in this brain now is bills I have to pay, laundry that has to be done...

 (Laundry Day Art Print by VickieWadeFineArt)

      ...Snow that's falling on the backyard again, birds that are making cooing noise at the feeder...



      ...The "Andy Griffith Show" in the background, and thoughts of warm cover and long naps in my immediate future!..


     With a little sunshine, instead of this snow, I wouldn't be sure if this is a Disney movie...or if I'm just tired! LOL...You be the judge. ^_^

A Little Doze'll Do You!

I enjoy my sleeping, and a doze,
a nap, and such.
In fact I might enjoy a snooze
entirely waay too much!

At any time of day,
you'll find me like a weeping willow.
Head hung low and dragging,
looking for the nearest pillow.

No, there's nothing wrong.
I'm not depressed. I've still got bounce!
And I can stay awake and be
quite witty when it counts!

But I have been awake for things
when I could have been asleep.
And now my time's so valuable
I don't treat it like it's cheap.

My sleeping, dozing, napping,
is to my life a special key.
It unlocks and refreshes
and dispels anxiety!

Most people try to fill up
every hour in the day.
But me, I'd rather be asleep
and waste it all away.

There's plenty hours left
for all the flit and play and chore.
An hour for a nap right now?!
Why not?! There's 24!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This Is Not A Test!

     No, I'm not somewhere opening presents or eating! Ha! Ha! Even though I wouldn't mind to be eating on some chocolate fudge pops right about now! That's the first thing I thought when I saw these little squares of chocolate goodness as I was scrolling Etsy this morning! ^_^

      The reason I'm not opening presents is because no one has given me presents today! ^_^ The reason nobody has given me presents today is because I don't celebrate Christmas! ^_^ My family, who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, respect my beliefs...thankfully!...so I don't have to go through a whole "Thank you for the gift, but I don't give Christmas gifts because I don't celebrate it" thing anymore!! It's been a few years, and they're used to it by now. :-)
       The reason I'm not sitting here chewing on some deliciously chocolatey fudge pops with my green tea this morning...is because I don't have any!!...*snaps finger in disappointment!*......and I didn't think to get any sweets yesterday...before all of the stores closed!! Ugh!
     Besides which, even if I did celebrate the holiday...which I don't! ^_^...I wouldnt be in a celebratory mood today! I'll tell you why in a minute. First, look at these cute sneakers I saw on Etsy this morning too!! :-) ...



       Why, Oh Why, didn't I think of a cute crochet pattern like this?!!...Such a great idea for my football watching...or basketball watching...or tennis watching days! :-) I even love the colors!...And I love the colors of these shawls (below) too!!...

     Okay...back to why I'm not in a celebratory mood......I had some of my medical tests done yesterday...*sigh*...On the good side, they weren't as painful as I thought they were gonna be, but on the other side, they were painful enough!! LOL
      I won't bore you with exactly what was done, but I 'can' tell you that a biopsy was part of it....OUCH!!!!...I'm still alive though! :-) ... How do I know?!...because dead people don't write attempted witty blog posts! :-))
      All jokes aside, I'm not in that much discomfort today, and frankly...I'm glad that part of the ordeal is done!! Now I just have to wait a week or so for the test results to come in, and then it's on to whatever is next!...Fun Is!! :-] I'll keep you posted. ^_^ ... Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! :-)


You teeter totter, in the middle,
Lean a little, OOPS! You're off!
Now you know that you're not balanced,
and you hope the ground is soft.

It's not easy to achieve,
and once you have it, to maintain.
In almost every part of life
our balance is so hard to gain.

You have to balance your emotions,
how you eat, and how you spend.
And when you're balancing your checkbook,
try to keep a level grin.

Staying somewhere in the middle
takes a conscious, careful touch,
because it doesn't take a lot
to go from balanced to 'too much'!

So try to keep a balanced eye,
 a balanced plate, and balanced life.
Keep your feelings all in check,
and minimize the stress and strife.

And don't compare your sense of balance
 to your neighbor's...you're alone.
Because your neighbor's also trying
to get some balance of his own!      

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's All About Time For Me Today!


     I don't have time to do much talking today. I have 'company' coming! :-) But just because I don't have time doesn't mean I can't share a little bit of time with you! ^_^ Of course the time I'm talking about is not literal time, but wall clocks time!...

      These were some of the coolest clocks I've seen in a while! ^_^ ...


      Yep!...That's all the time I have! Ha! Ha!...Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow. Not time clocks!...but literal time! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

Time Goes By So Fast!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Before you eat your breakfast,
seems it's yesterday again!

You visit with some friends,
go to work and cut the lawn.
Then you look up from your book
and face another fleeting dawn!

You're planning what's for dinner,
jotting down the grocery list.
You wake up from a nap,
and now you're looking at a mist!

You're getting orders out,
fingers flying with your hook.
You lift your head to see
another day that light has took.

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Make the most out of it,
because it may not come again!

Monday, December 23, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes...Red And Gray!


     Just for clarification purposes, when I'm talking...in the blog title...about something a day makes a difference in...I'm not talking about the beautiful earring and necklace set in the photo!...Although they were in a beautiful treasury that my friend Cindy curated yesterday, and her treasury did make a difference in my day...

      ...because she chose one of my lapel pin flower pins to put in it! ^_^ ...


       It made for a very good thing in my day! :-)

      It probably made for a very good thing in these Etsy shop owner's day too!! :-) ...




      But what I was really talking about was the weather...Remember the photos I showed you yesterday of our foggy, rainy, snowed in backyard?!...

      Well...our temperatures rose yesterday...to the 60s!!!! O_O ...

      We were fogged in for quite a while, and then the fog lifted!...

      ...And then the rains poured down, and then...*blink, blink!*...the snow disappeared!!!...

      As of yesterday we had about 10 inches of snow on the ground, and this morning?!...

      No kidding!!...that's the backyard this morning!!!!...There's only a strip of snow left!!...

      So, as I said, what a difference a day makes! :-) ...

      I hope that by the week's end I'll be able to say the same thing about the week!!...I already got my date for when my medical tests will be taken...*deep breath*...I'll tell you how things are going as things progress...I'm keeping it positive!
      For right now, continuing on my theme of what a difference a day makes, I have to go and 'wrap-to-ship' some flower pins I sold last night!...I sold five!!!! :-)  It's been quite a few days since that happened!! ^_^
      So...enough about me!...How are YOU?!...How was your day yesterday?!...Was it different today?! ^_^ ... And, by the way, have a good rest of the day...no matter what!! ^_^ Keep it positive! ♥

I Think I Need To...

I think I need to change things up,
flip the script, change direction;
I don't want to lose my love
for that which I have so much affection?

I think I need some brand new eyes,
to see things a different way.
Because the way that I've been seeing
really isn't gonna pay.

I think, because it's me, I need
some creative inspiration.
Some sketches, markers, ball point pens,
and some Disney animation.

I think that this may take some time.
It seems a lot for me to do.
So, maybe I should change my mind.
I'll let you know and get back to you!