Monday, March 31, 2014

Mixed Report...Of The Weather And Me!!

      Hello from 'rain and snow mix' central! :-) Or as hubby and I call it, 'sleet meets mess' central! LOL...Do I dare go missing for days on my blog and then come back and talk about the weather?!.....Yes!...I dare! ^_^
      I'm not complaining today though! I told hubby that I was gonna pick a 'fruitage of the spirit' to work on today. (Galatians 5:22, 23 = "...the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.)  The one I'm working on today is self-control...i.e., I'm gonna control my tongue from complaining. Or should I say...that's the aim! :-)
      In solidarity hubby decided that he's gonna work on patience. :-) Of course, if I'm not gonna complain, his working on patience oughta be a piece of cake!! LOL I'm the one that complains his patience away!! LOL...Whatever!! ^_^
      In other news: I am still alive!! :-) I still don't know anymore, health-wise, than I did the last time I posted...even though I've seen many nurses, and the doctor, and am due to see more of them this week!!...My body is a puzzlement right now. And as many tests as there are that say all is well...there are as many weird things going on in my body! ^_^ The good thing is that whatever it is doesn't appear to be life-threatening. Unless strangling doctors and nurses is considered life-threatening! LOL
      I've been feeling good enough to crochet a bit. YAY!! :-)I made a few tiny lapel pin brooches that I plan to list in the Wuglyees shop today...

      I listed a tiny white one this morning already.

       And I listed these flower pin boutonnieres yesterday!...

      The white boutonniere sold last night...along with a black and white one too! :-) YAY! I'll be making new ones today to replace them.

      Well, other than these few things, nothing else is going on around here...except for a really cute new etsy shop I found!! :-] I'll share a few of the items that caught my eye tomorrow....And yes! I think I'm back to my daily posts now. Don't quote me though, just in case! LOL
      Have a happy sleety, rainy, or sunshiny day!!...NO complaining allowed!! ^_^


Oh, I've been so hither thither,
up and down, all here and there.
I guess I'm trying to get a handle
on the changes everywhere.

The changes of the weather
and the times, and of me.
The changes to my schedule
and responsibility.

I'm not complaining...Well not much!
This change is good. I will adjust.
You may see me near the highway
 with a sign: "Will Change Or Bust!"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just To Let You Know I'm Still Here! :-)

       Hi Y'all!...I'm just peeking in for a minute to let you know I'm okay, and that I'm still kicking! :-)) There's all kinds of tiny things going on, but in order to tell you about it I'd have to do a lot of talking and explaining...which, believe it or not, I still don't have the energy or the wherewithal to want to do right now!
      I can tell you that I no longer have a fever. YAY! But I'm still waiting for more bloodwork results, and I have a few new issues...Ugh! I'm still not quite back up to 'myself' yet...On a good note, I did make a couple of lavender flower pins yesterday though! :-) I couldn't help myself. I thought that if I didn't crochet something I might lose my mind!! LOL But shortly afterward...I needed another nap! ^_^

      So rather than trying to crochet today, I decided to look at other people's crochet! ^_^ And these cute little animals were 'just the ticket!' :-]

      They made me think of my 'Baby Wuglyee'. :-) And if 'Baby Wuglyee' wasn't so 'loosey goosey' and ugly...not to mention dirty...I might be trying to cuddle with him right now! ^_^ Instead, I'm waiting near phones all day, for doctors, nurses, and physical therapists to call!...Ugh!...It's been like a revolving door up in here!! LOL
       I don't know what will be next, but I know it'll be interesting!! ^_^ I just hope it's not 'TOO' interesting!!...Thanks to hubby though, I've had a different kind of soup every day, and an occasional surprise. :-) Always something to smile about!! :-)
      Speaking of which, tomorrow is 'Virtual Friday Date Day'! :-) YAY!!...I need to get outta here! Somewhere that will escape the eyes of the 'white-coated' vampires! LOL (Phlebotomists...Ugh!) They are no fun to see coming when you're the kind of person who has moving veins like I have!!! O_O The backs of my hands are taking a beating!!!
      That's alright!...Tomorrow hubby and I will be on some sandy sunny beach somewhere. :-) I might even let hubby braid my toe hair!! LOL...Don't ask!! LOL

      I might see you tomorrow. We'll play it by ear, okay! ^_^


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Am I Becoming A Cat?!

      I'm feeling more and more like a cat! ^_^ All I wanna do is sleep...wake up and purr a little...look out the a little something...and get a little backrub and cuddle every now and then! :-)
      Considering that I don't have a cat to show me how to do all of this, I just have to do it according to 'me'! :-)) As if any cat could tell me how to take a good nap anyway!! LOL Napping is my life!! ^_^
      There isn't much for me to tell you about otherwise. No new news has rolled in. I'm still waiting for the doctor to get all of the bloodwork results. And a check on my 'hot spots, the ones on my legs, is due today....And I haven't crocheted anything in ages! And have no desire to right now. But I'm sure that will change as I start to feel better.
      I'd love to know what's going on with you! :-) Anybody made any new creative items?!...Any new projects?...beaded ware?! :-) All of my creative projects are rolling around in my head, but staying awake long enough to do them is proving to be a problem!...And when I am awake, it takes all of my energy to stretch and scratch! LOL

      No matter what is going on with me though, I always have something positive to talk about as well! I may start sharing them with you on each post...if I remember! ^_^ For today, here are five positive things for today:

1. I only woke up once during the night last night. YAY!!! Considering that during the previous night I was up and down like a busy New York high-rise elevator, it was a joy to see the clock only twice during the night!! :-)

2. Even though I'm still having that feeling of 'something is not right'...I am acutely aware that all is right with my life, if not with my body! :-)

3. My appetite is returning!!...I had turkey pot pie today for lunch!...a whole bowl!! :-) And I even had a little orange sherbet ice cream afterward!...Some friends brought us a gift of Chinese food for dinner! YUM! I'm looking forward to that too!!...And so is hubby! He gets a reprieve from having to cook! LOL

4. I'm having the most encouraging conversations with my friends. Deep, sincere, and full of love and care for I feel for them as well! ♥♥♥ Even my father is calling more often than our once or twice a week visit!

5. Hubby made himself stop all of his household doings...and he took a long nap with me this afternoon, while we listened to Andy Mayberry and Bonanza in the background. ^_^ Oh yeah, POSITIVE things are still making me smile every day!! ♥

      I hope you all find some positive, smile-worthy things today too!! :-) Enjoy your Tuesday!! ♥

      And you know I couldn't end this post without some flowers!!! ^_^ ...

I Think I Need To...

I think I need to change things up,
flip the script, change direction;
I don't want to lose my love
for that which I have so much affection?

I think I need some brand new eyes,
to see things a different way.
Because the way that I've been seeing
really isn't gonna pay.

I think, because it's me, I need
some creative inspiration.
Some sketches, markers, ball point pens,
and some Disney animation.

I think that this may take some time.
It seems a lot for me to do.
So, maybe I should change my mind.
I'll let you know and get back to you!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wanna Know What My New 'CUPPA' Loves Are!

      As you might suspect, it's not coffee! :-) With my current disposition, and being able to sleep at the drop of a hat, coffee isn't even on my menu!...But if I did have some, this would definitely be the cup to put it in!! ^_^
      In fact, this whole shop full of mugs and vases and such would be a great place to find a mug to put all kinds of stuff in! :-) ... I have been doing the 'cuppa' dance all week. But without coffee! I've been having a 'cuppa' green tea, with honey and lemon...DUH! LOL...I've been, by doctor's orders, having a 'cuppa' orange juice every day. Sometimes two cups. The second one is just for fun though. ^_^ I laugh at medicine!....Ha!...

      And just in case the doctor is reading this, 'Yes, I also have my daily cup required!' ^_^ ... Although I have been having a small 'cuppa' 2% milk along with the banana. Uhhhhh...All of that banana is messing with my stomach a bit...if you know what I mean. O_O
      I've also found a new love for a 'cuppa'..."Potato, Broccoli, and Cheese Chowder" ... AND... "Loaded Potato with with Bacon" soups!! :-)

      Thank you "Progresso"! ^_^ The truth is, I don't normally like canned soups because the have MSG or high salt content. But these babies are delicious!!!!...Of course that's coming from a woman who hasn't had much to eat lately...except orange juice, bananas, and an occasional bite of some 'burnt offering' from hubby's worried kitchen! LOL
      *Please, somebody, tell that man that fast is not the answer to all things cooked in a kitchen!!! LOL He sometimes acts as though the last vestige of life has to be taken away from the food or else I might recognize it and try to revive it!! ^_^*
      I'm sure stress is playing a part in his cooking habits of late, because he's not usually this unfocused in the kitchen! :-)) Maybe it's me. Maybe he thinks I'll try to run away if he stays in there too long. After all...the house does get very quiet these days! :-) But no worries, Honey! You can go away as long as you want, and when you return I'll be right here!! ^_^ 'cuppa'...of whatever!...and my backyard grass!!!!! YAY!!! I can see it again!...for now. More snow is due mid-week. Ugh!

      If I repeat something right now that I've already told you, please forgive me. But I wanted to update you on the latest with my body, and I can't remember exactly what I already told you! LOL *New brain cells trying to find their way.*... I had a second round of bloodwork. *They tried to take it all this time, but I fought back with my good eyelash! LOL* I'm still waiting for the results from the doctor, which I'm sure won't be over the weekend! :-))
      When the nurse came to take the blood though, she also took my vitals. Apparently my fever was gone. (but it has come and gone again since then, so I'm not sure the temp means anything at this point.)...But I have some 'hot spots' on my legs now!! Places where my skin is actually hot to the touch...and very sore!
      My thigh on one side was worse than the other side. Then it cooled down tremendously, and seemed to crawl down to my shin! O_O It doesn't hurt as long as I don't touch it. And today it seems much better than yesterday in that regard....Uhhhhh! What is up with this body now?!! O_O I made the mistake of going online to see what high 'sed rates' meant...YIKES!!! O_O I coulda used a hot 'cuppa' coffee for that news!!

      I saw words like 'auto-immune disease'...Lupus...Cancer...*big gulp!*...Before I completely scared myself to death, I turned off the computer!!! LOL...Thus, the missing blog post yesterday! ^_^
      I figured it was better for me to stay in a more positive state of mind, stop over-thinking my pain, restlessness, lack of restful sleep, jitters, and everything else!...and just have a 'cuppa' soup. :-) It worked! Now I'm in a state of mind of 'whatever comes I will deal with it then!'...Now when is that doctor gonna call?!!!!!

      Go have a 'cuppa'...and wait with me, will ya! ^_^ 

I Like A Cuppa

I find I like a 'Cuppa' soup
when it's chilly out the door;
And I like a 'Cuppa' tea
every day around four.

And I like a 'Cuppa' coffee...
not a decaf 'Cuppa'...NO!...
any time of day or night
I like my steaming 'Cuppa' Joe! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Flowers To Cure What Ails Me!

     Hello, Y'all!...I hope all of you are doing fine. I'm still working on it. As of right now...after two more blood draws...YUCK!!...and a fever that seems to not want to go away and stay away...I' holding my own. While I'm awake I mean! :-) Frankly, there's been lots and lots of sleeping.
      The pretty flowers were a gift from some dear friends. ♥ They came with ginger ale, and all kinds of 'sick-girl-get-better' stuff! ^_^  

      So far the blood work has shown that my potassium was very low. So I have to eat a banana and drink orange juice every day...Doctor's orders!...That's not bad medicine, right?! :-)

      I have a few other weird things going on that I don't quite understand. Like apparently my sed rates are high?!...?????...I don't know what that means, but apparently it's not good! The doctors and nurses are kinda giving me that idea too!
      They don't have to tell me it's not good though. The fact that I haven't been wanting to crochet or talk or nothing was my clue!!...Oh well, whatever it is will show itself soon, I'm sure. They sure are poking me enough to find it!!! LOL
      Sorry I'm not more regular around here. Please hang in there a bit longer with me. My 'talker' will be back in full form soon, I'm sure! ^_^ ... On a good note...IT'S SPRING!!!! :-) It was bound to get here sooner or later...even if there's another snowstorm due here next week...Ugh!...Hey! I'll take good news any way I can get it these days!! :-)

      In the meantime it's back to the blanket and covers for me! All of this talking has totally tired me out!!...Now you know I'm really sick!! ^_^ Have a good weekend, Everybody. ♥

Dress And Feel Better

When I am feeling bad,
and I am about to drop a tear,
I make myself feel better
putting pearls upon my ears.

When your hair just won't  act right,
and you're  feeling kinda fat,
put some perfume on your wrist,
and wear a fancy, frilly hat.

There's  nothing better than some frill,
and high heels down off the shelf
to make you stand a little straighter,
and feel good about yourself.

Wear some bold and brighter colors;
wear some jewelry everywhere,
Then you'll look so good to others
that you'll feel like what you wear!
Change your mood-and sport some flare!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Alive!!

      'The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!'...LOL...What am I gonna do at this point, except laugh! ^_^ I'm still alive...although a little beat up and 'scraggly' around the edges!
      This all started with horrible chills and fever late Saturday night...which I slept through...after adding four blankets to the bed!!...Then Sunday is a blur...because I don't think I opened my eyes for more than a few minutes all day! And those times were when I was fighting off my husband's loving attempt to 'doctor' me, with!
      After my refusal to eat about four times he came into the room chomping on a sausage bagel and saying: "Ummmmmm!...Don't you want some of this, Honey?! O_O You have to eat!"...I love his enthusiasm, but uhhhhh...NO! I was not interested in eating, and I didn't all day Sunday...except for a half a glass of orange juice and tons of water.
     Yesterday the fever was still looming, and wasn't really hungry still...but thanks to a meal made special for us by some dear friends of ours...I forced myself to take a bite of everything. It was good!!...But sleeping was still my most desired thing...between getting more bloodwork and physical therapy. Yes I Did!! Physical therapy and blood drawn in that condition!!...But then guess what I did?!...You got it! Back To Bed!!! :-]
      I can tell, as of this morning, that the fever has lowered a bit, but it's not gone completely. Hopefully it will be gone by this evening...HOPEFULLY!!...Hubby is happy that I'm eating...and drinking!...*I dreamed about having some orange juice and ginger ale mixed together!! LOL Of all the things to be dreaming about having after hardly eating for two days!!! ^_^ ... And what a wonderful thing to wake up at 3  O'Clock in the morning and be able to actually have! Ummmmmmm! LOL*
      I'm all talked out now.....Guess where I'm going?!....YOU GOT IT!!...Back to bed!!!!! ^_^ Please bare with me a few days. This old body doesn't bounce back like it used to. I feel like Mike Tyson has been using me for a punching bag for days!! LOL But give me a couple of days and I'll be punching back!!! LOL Wish me happy dreams...of home...and ginger ale!! LOL

Dream Home

If I could dream a home to live in,
and put it anywhere I like,
I know it wouldn't be on a mountain.
I'm not a girl fond of a hike.

Although some mountains in the distance
would be a welcome tranquil view.
So would some loud and crashing waves
in an ocean crystal blue.

A very large Bay window,
would be a welcome book retreat.
I could lounge in there for hours,
watching the sea from pillowed seat.

There'd be big open spaces,
and huge chairs for taking naps.
A room just made for hubby,
with no candles, but road maps.

A kitchen full of tile and wood,
pretty colors everywhere.
The room that makes your food say:
"Come on in, Girl!" and "Let's share!"

Everywhere you look
they'd be a space to sit and chat.
{Of course, for me, everywhere I've lived
there's been a place somewhere like that! :-)}

A big backyard with lots of grass,
where kids would love to play.
A deck, for barbecuing,
and for playing cards all day.

From miles around you'll see my house,
and hear the happy noise.
Lots of flowers you will smell,
and meet all my girls and boys.

My dream home has lots of things
that it will always be full of.
But even if the cupboard's bare
It'll be jam-packed full of love.

Can't wait for you to visit!
Just bring good manners and be kind.
I can't tell you when, just yet,
because this dream home's in my mind.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Really Sick!

      Sorry, Y'all...I've been REALLY sick since Saturday night. A high fever and the whole nine yards! You know it must be bad when I didn't even open my computer and say something yesterday!! :-( Hopefully it'll get better by tomorrow...Until then.

 Monday, Monday, Monday

Here comes another Monday!
Your frantic work week has begun!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy',
and all those things you haven't done.

Four more week days are ahead,
seeming like they'll never end.
But just think, before you know it,
"weekend" will be round again.

Lift your attention, all you mothers;
Week day workers, "Out The Door!"
Time to file, and diaper babies,
walk and scrape things off the floor.

Here comes another Monday!
Whether you want it to, or not!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy'.
You've got things to do...a lot!

Monday, Monday, Monday!
Why do you have to come so fast?!
And you stay so long! Why can't
the weekend 'Take It Easy' last?!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday...You Are The Best Thing....!!

      I guess there's no sense in trying to ask what it is about Saturdays that makes us love them so much, huh?! The answer is pretty clear. Because it's Saturday! That's why!! LOL It's not a work day. Saturday is a 'get-all-the-other-stuff-done' day! Including 'fun-stuff'!! ^_^
      My Saturday started really early, with a good breakfast...But started going downhill with an aggravating argument with my hubby about 'short cuts'...Grrrrr!...I don't know if it's me, but I just think that hanging up your coat, and putting the car keys on the designated hook when you come back in the house, makes better sense than leaving them on the back of a sofa, or on the bathroom sink...and having to look for them for fifteen minutes the next time you want to leave the house!!...Yeah, it must be me!! LOL
      Of's still Saturday!...So, WHATEVER!! ^_^ ...

      I'm looking forward to having hubby home from work today...even though he may not be so happy with me right now! LOL We've been married for over thirty years though, and I know that he'll love me still...annoyances and the time he goes out and talks to people about Jehovah God for a couple of hours door-to-door...And after I smile at him a little. :-)
      Then he'll get out of his suit, put on some jeans, and I'll put him to work helping to get the house in order...and so will go another Saturday! ^_^ Peaceful!!...

      I'm also gonna watch some tennis, and do some crocheting today! What would Saturday be without those things?! ^_^
(Set of 4 Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post Collectible Glasses by RoseArborVintage)

      I was gonna spend part of this Saturday collecting questions from you blog followers, for a post I was thinking of doing. survey yesterday to see how many people are reading my blog...was a bust!! LOL The only comments I got were from one person who admitted that she reads my blog ^_^ and people whose Etsy items were shared...NO ONE ELSE said they were following the blog!! O_O
      Either that means I'm writing blog posts mostly to myself...which is probably true, and isn't necessarily a bad thing! ^_^...OR no one else wanted to let me know that they were reading my silliness!...OR they just didn't have time to respond!...which wouldn't make a lot of sense, because if they had time to read the post, they would've had time to respond! LOL So, it must be the first thing...NO ONE ELSE  is reading it!! ^_^
      And's all good...because's Saturday!! LOL...

      And anyway...I like talking when I think that hardly nobody is listening!! LOL...."That doesn't apply to 'you', Honey (for my hubby)! :-) You're required by law to listen to me...and like it!...or else!!" ^_^ (Especially on Saturdays, when I have more time to tell him how NOT to take 'short cuts'!! ^_^) ... Have a good day, Everybody!...assuming that there is an 'everybody'!! O_O Aren't Saturdays the best?!! ^_^

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble.

And I'll talk,
and chew the fat,
while the time goes...
just like that!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hmmmm...What Are 'YOU' Doing Tonight?!

      I need your help, blog readers, before I continue with today's post!! O_O I'm trying to find out how many people are actually reading this blog, and I think my numbers aren't telling me the truth! So, PLEASE!...if you read this blog daily, or weekly, or EVER! LOL...leave me a quick note...even just a "yes"...down at the bottom of this post, to let me know you're there. Thank You! :-]
      Now!...on to today's post...It's Friday, people!! :-) And in my case...'Virtual Friday Date Night' day!! YAY!!!...The problem is...uhhhh...I don't know where we're going, 'IF' we're going, or nothing!! It's been one of those kind of weeks where I've traveled more than I've wanted to already this week, and I'm feeling like putting on some 'footy' pajamas, calling 'Uno's Pizzeria' for TAKE-OUT, and 'vegging'!! ^_^
       Usually, for our Friday date, hubby and I are all about packing light, dressing ourselves up in good-looking but comfortable clothes...

      ...wearing our slip-on shoes to the 'virtual' airport, and going somewhere fun for good music and good food!! :-) But this week we've 'Been There/Done All That' already!!...It wasn't all that much fun, because the travel plans took us on a highway trip...but not to anywhere fun! But it was taxing on the mind and body...FOR SURE!! All of the traffic, waiting, dressing, un-dressing, poking, prodding, etc... (Doctor's Visit) UGH!
     Needless to say, if I don't see another professional smiling face this week...I'll be just fine!!! :-] ... And food?!......Oh Yes! We had good food!!!!... 

      Chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad! of some dear, dear, friends of ours! ^_^ ♥♥♥...

      They called and said they were bringing it over!!...Yeah! Just like that! :-) ...

      And, IT.......WAS........DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The funny thing is...they had no way of knowing that hubby and I were having one of those "what-do-you-want-for-dinner?!"..."No, what do you want for dinner?"...kind of days! By the time he went to work in the afternoon we were still undecided...and we had a meeting last night!
      That shared meal...still hot when it got here!!...was dropped right out of the sky!...sorta kinda. ^_^ ♥ I would thank them by name here...with blinking lights and everything!...but that might be a bit much for them. :-)) So, I'll control myself and just say 'THANK YOU, YOU KNOW WHO!!!" ^_^ And...uhhhhh...if hubby could get the recipe for the chicken he...and I...would appreciate it!! ^_^
      As to music, I have been listening to music all week!...but mostly during the breaks while watching tennis. ^_^...Yeah, tennis is still on! ^_^ (Indian Wells)...But I haven't been listening to 'date' music!...You know, love songs. So, maybe that's something we 'could' do!! :-) ...

      In fact, maybe I can play myself a few love songs...You know, "I Love Me!" ^_^ ...while I wait to see if anybody is reading this blog! LOL You can listen to the music while you're writing me a note if you like! ^_^ Have a good 'Friday Date' or a good weekend, Y'all!!! ♥

"I Love Me!"

I love me.
I love the happy me.
I love the fact of me.
I love the silly me.
I love me.

I love the confident me.
I love the cooking me.
I love the sexy me.
I love me.

I love the cuddly me.
 I love the caring me.
I love the beautiful me.
I love me.

I love the supportive me.
I love the sporting me.
I love the giddy me.
I love me.

I love the quiet me.
I love the talkative me.
I love the pensive me.
I love me.

I love the sensitive me.
I love the thoughtful me.
I love the world, with me.
I love me.

I love the patient me.
I love the stylish me.
I love the smiling me.
I love me.

I love the creative me.
And the one who created me,
because he helps relate to me
why I love me.
And I do love me!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Do You Have On Your Feet Right Now?!

      Hello, Everybody!...No, I'm not gonna get into anything deep today! You can thank me later! ^_^ No, I'm not gonna be all 'Big Sister-ish' and try to solve everybody's problems, or try to make sure everybody is eating their vegetables and drinking sufficient amounts of water! LOL
      What I'm gonna do is talk about your feet! ^_^ What are you wearing right now?!...Sneakers or tennis shoes?!...Work or snow boots?!...High heel office shoes?!...Or are you, like me, barefoot, with not even a hint of toenail polish?...Or simply in your comfy bedroom slippers...bunny slippers included...dragging around the kitchen looking for breakfast and a long overdue cup of hot coffee?! ^_^
      Are you looking at your feet right now?! LOL...That question is for those of us who don't know whether we're going or coming, or if we still even have feet!!...and who had to look because they weren't sure they had anything on their feet!! ^_^ Don't laugh!...unless you're going through the change!...because then I know that 'you know' exactly what I mean!! LOL...*Disclaimer: I've worn two left shoes to a gathering before!...and I've put my shoes in the refrigerator and missed a gathering altogether because I was so distraught that I couldn't find my shoes!! ^_^*
      WHATEVER!! LOL...The reason I'm talking about feet is, of course, because of a couple of shops I found on Etsy. WOW! What pretty shoes they had!!!...Made me almost want to grow some more feet!...*How fortunate dogs are to have four feet!...LOL...And, go figure, they don't even like to wear shoes!! ^_^*
        Look at these boots!!!!...

      Oh, the skirts I could 'swish' up against those leather boots!! LOL

      Let me take a small break right here to say that  if you're a groom, and you 'have to' wear shoes today...don't forget your socks!! LOL

      Okay, back to shoes! ^_^ ...

      You can probably see why these 'shoes' (sandals) above are some of my favorites, right?! :-) Not only are they crochet sandals, but, wearing them, you can be in shoes and be barefoot all at the same time!! LOL

      But if you absolutely have to have a sole on your shoes, these cute sandals...Oh!...are soooooo cute!!!...

      And these zippered beauties below.......WOW!!!!...

      I'm speechless!! ^_^ That's because I'm an equal opportunity shoe lover! ^_^ Hmmmmm...I wonder if my hubby would look good in them?!....And if they come in the size "BIG"?!! LOL

      If I could own only one pair of shoes in my life, these might do! :-) ...

      Ooooo!...I started sweating at the thought of only one pair of shoes for my WHOLE LIFE!! O_O Let's move on from that thought....QUICK!!! LOL

      In fact...Phew!...let's talking about something else!!...How about pretty rings!...

      ...and pretty flowers! :-) ...

      And mentally....I'm back! ^_^ But now my left foot is sweating!! LOL..."It's alright, Baby! Mama is gonna go and find you some shoes right now!" LOL...Mama is also gonna go and find her some breakfast! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! ♥ And if you can, those of you in the Vulcan storm vicinity, stay home and build something...and think barefoot thoughts! ^_^


You can build a reputation,
build a fire, build a stair;
You can build a neighborhood,
build a table, build-A-Bear!

You can build a layered cake,
build some buildings, build a boat;
You can build a website business,
build relationships remote.

You can build vocabulary,
build up friendships old and new.
Build up globe-ular relations
if you really wanted to.

You can build upon your knowledge,
build a table, bridge, or train;
build a step into the future,
or just shelter from the rain.

You can build an awesome snowman,
and not waste him. Make a cone!
Or can build up folks around you,
so they never feel alone.

All this building talk,
shows the things that you can make
if you build a wordy poem...
and you also stay awake!