Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time...It's A HIT!...And It Goes By Soooooo Fast!!


      One day I was here talking my head off...The next day I was in the house crocheting my fingers off...Then I looked up and two weeks had flown by like...*snapping my finger*...THAT!! O_O Time really doesn't wait for nobody, does it!!
      And in that span of two weeks or so, everything has happened...and nothing! Mostly nothing. :-)) I've been crocheting slippers like a crazy woman! Apparently my crochet slippers are a 'HIT'! ^_^ Everyone so far that have received them have loved them! I get feedback with the words 'comfy, cozy' in it all the time....I'll take it!! :-)
      Other things have been going on too...like many burnt dinners by my adventurous cooking hubby. But uhhhh...I'm still alive and eating, so you know it hasn't been 'that' bad! LOL To his credit, there were some real 'HITS' in there too...like chocolate walnut brownies with peanut butter sauce!!
      Other things happening around here include key chains galore!...

      The keychain above is in the wuglyees shop now, but others I made aren't in there yet. I just haven't had time to photograph them and get them listed! But I'll get there....eventually!! :-) 
      There's a lot of other stuff going on that is not so smile-worthy, so I'll spare you from having to hear me rant on about it! But there have been some good things too...like the fact that every once in a while I've had a couple of minutes to pop on the computer and look around! :-) The last time I did I saw this...


      It was in an Etsy Treasury along with some other goodies!...


       ...some other goodies that included one of my artsy crochet hats! :-) ...


      I was kinda surprised at it, because my artsy crochet hats have not been a 'HIT'! :-)) In fact, they've been a 'SIT'!...as in sit-ting right there in my wuglyees shop doing nothing but taking up space and looking pretty!! LOL Oh well...thankfully I have my slippers!! :-) ...

      ...and keychains! :-)

      Oh Yeah!...and crochet flower brooches!...which have also been a 'HIT' lately!! ^_^ I lowered the price on them quite a bit just so I could see them move. And whether it's the fact that Spring is coming, or that I offer them in a lot of colors, or for whatever reason...they're moving!! :-)


      Hopefully over the next few days I can share with you some of the other stuff going on around here, and show you some of the things I've been making....that is, if I photograph them before I send them off to their new homes! ^_^ I have two pair of crochet slippers I'm shipping out this morning, and some crochet flower brooches I'm hoping to be shipping out tomorrow!!
      AND...among other things on the upcoming agenda...it's tax paying season again! UGH!...I've got to get my books in order and pay up!!

     That's enough about me for now....How are you?!!! :-)

Doing Taxes

Every year my mind gets taxed,
along with everything I own.
It's time to pay old 'Uncle Sam',
and see if I might need a loan!

It's time to tell the honest truth.
No time to 'fudge', deceive, or 'spin'.
It's now the time to 'pay the Piper'.
Grab those bills. TAX TIME AGAIN!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

If You Don't Ask, You Won't Know!


         Ahhhhhh! It's so nice to be back here, tink, tink, tinking my fingers on the computer keyboard! ^_^ I'm taking a break before wrapping my latest pair of crochet slippers for shipment. :-) I'm not making any money on them right now, but there's something to be said for 'good relations', right?! ^_^
      The purple slippers in the header photo reached their owner today, and she loves them! Whew!! ^_^ I knew she'd be honest with me about the fit, the color, the intended price, etc. She felt that my $14.50-$17.00 pricing was good! She says they're well worth it! :-) Maybe it's kinda improper to be sticking my chest out about them, but I'm such a 'pick, pick, picker' about making sure good product goes out of my shop! It made me happy to make her happy!...Now, I hope the owners of the other four pair like theirs as much!! O_O *gulp!*



     The now 'purple crochet slipper mama' asked if I made robes, because she'd love to have a robe to go with her new slippers! ^_^ I love people who are bold enough to ask for what they want! The world is so full of people who don't ask because they're afraid of what the answer might be. I say: "Go for it! Ask!! You never know!!"
      Of course, the answer in the case of me making crochet robes is: "NO!!!!!!" LOL But I still admire the gumption it took to ask for what she wanted!! ^_^

      Case in point, another friend of mine gave me some little bird charms and asked if I would make them into a crochet necklace and earring set for his daughter! O_O My first thought was: "No! Not again!! Those seed beads almost drove me crazy last time!!!"...

      But the little bird was so cute, with it's blue wings! :-) And I had no idea when I would ever use this shade of blue seed beads again!...And I had a few clear crystals left...and some other complimentary beads too!!....Soooooo...

      I went ahead and made them! ^_^


      So the statement stands true....if you don't ask, you won't know! And sometimes...the answer is "YES!!" ^_^

      In my case, my answer is usually more "Yes!" than "No!", so if you want something.......ASK!!! ^_^ And if the question has to do with whether I can make you a different size or color of slippers, NOW is a good time to ask!! ^_^ I'm a crochet slipper making fool these days!! LOL I sent the winners of the drawing their slippers, but I was so happy about the feedback I got in my drawing that I decided to make a pair for every single person who entered the drawing! :-)
      So, some time over the rest of the year, for those of you who entered my drawing and left your size and favorite color slipper choice, {which was very informative info for me!!} mailmen (or mail persons!) will be ringing your doorbells with your mail, and a package will be along with it...a brand new pair of homemade house slippers!! ^_^ Five pair are already sent...9 pair to go!! ♥
      Okay...I'm off to wrap a package and take a nap so I can be alert for my meeting tonight! (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses) :-) Talk to you soon!!

About My Teachers

Let me tell you about my teachers!
Those who let my spirit fly.
Those who taught me self-control.
Those who always made me try.

My music teacher, small in size,
whose unsung words would sometimes sting;
He taught humility and patience,
while also teaching me to sing.

My English teacher, gregarious,
whose toothy smile was just as loud;
She taught me confidence and joy,
and to be fearless in a crowd.

My drama teacher, A or E,
from her I earned my hardest grade.
It was for letting out a scream.
From which I learned: 'Be Not Afraid'.

For basketball, and also Gym,
My coach would train us like a nut!
And though we lost, most every time,
I learned to try, no matter what.

I learned to cater and to waitress
from a crew who taught me well.
In fact, so many new experiences
that I now can hardly tell.

My Bible teacher too,
taught me how 'I must forgive';
And by teaching me God's laws,
also taught me how to live.

To my teachers, one and all,
bold, soft-spoken, shy or tough,
Thanks for teaching me the knowledge
that being 'me' is good enough! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daily Trends...And Slippers With Personality!


      I've decided that no matter how much I love it...talking my head off I mean...there's just not enough time in the day to do it the way I used to! There just isn't!!...*sigh*...Don't get me wrong, I'm still talking!!...I'm just not talking with my typed words!...I'm doing most of my talking to my personal care assistant these days! :-)
      Just like YOU all, she's a very good listener. ^_^ She lets me ramble on, talking to my inanimate yarn and crocheted projects in between sentences to her. ^_^ I have to admit that it's gotten to be such a habit that when I sit quietly to type here on the blog I find myself hesitating because I've already talked about...whatever it is...to my personal assistant!!
      It's become a daily trend to 'NOT' write my blog, but instead to do my talking to my PCA in person! O_O I still find that I 'WANT' to write, but I hesitate more about it than I ever did before...Clearly though I still have a desire to write, because here I am! ^_^ But I'm afraid I let the times I write now 'find me', instead of me finding them! Like, for instance, right now I'm up at 4 O'clock in the morning because I couldn't sleep! O_O
      I laid in the dark...singing ^_^...for an hour, after abruptly waking up for no reason. Finally I thought: 'Ooooo! This is a good time to do your blog!!'...So, here I am!...I'm really tired, but I have songs and words zooming through my fully awake brain...as you can see! ^_^ Unfortunately there aren't any 'deep' thoughts, or clever words. Just words. :-)) And a few pictures...


       The picture (above) is of one of my crochet necklaces that got chosen for an Etsy Treasury!! ^_^ YAY!!...

 (Daily Trends 'Etsy Treasury' curated by Natali Derevyanko)

      The treasury is where the idea of 'daily trends' came from. :-]

      And these pictures (below) are of my latest pair of crochet slippers!! :-)




      This is what I've been doing with most of the rest of my awake hours...making product for sale!...


      I'm soon gonna be doing a 'giveaway' drawing for a pair of my slippers in the winner's size and choice of colors. If you're interested, check out my Facebook page message about it HERE. Leave me your size and color choice. :-)


      I'm working on getting more slippers in my shop these days. If you have a preference of colors you think I should add just let me know! :-)

      Okay...hubby just woke up...and so our day begins!! ^_^ I hope you have a good one!! ♥


Oh, I've been so hither thither,
up and down, all here and there.
I guess I'm trying to get a handle
on the changes everywhere.

The changes of the weather
and the times, and of me.
The changes to my schedule
and responsibility.

I'm not complaining...Well not much!
This change is good. I will adjust.
You may see me near the highway
 with a sign: "Will Change Or Bust!"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sleepy 'Stream of Consciousness'!


      Why am I up at 3:02 a.m.?!! ^_^ Aargh! Hormones!!! Oh well, since I'm up anyway!...let's talk! ^_^ Just random 'stream of consciousness'...like, for instance, why is it that I can cut and file my toenails and fingernails, but there's always at least one toe or fingernail that wants to be a problem!!
      I know you know what I mean!...it's the toenail or fingernail that imbeds just a little too deeply into the side of your finger or toe, resisting the clippers and the fingernail file at every turn!! LOL Inevitably you finally get it just right, then you look at the rest of your fingernails and toenails...and this one now still looks 'wonky'!! LOL Oh, the things we do to have pretty nails!!!


      How do you....nicely...tell your husband that you don't ever want him to make you a certain dish ever again....EVER?!! LOL Is there a nice way to say to your husband (or whoever is doing the regular cooking in your household) that their cooking of a particular thing has much to be desired?....like....you desire that they get someone who knows how to cook it, to cook it for you!...with them way.....waaaaaaay...away from the stove!! LOL 


      Maybe you could say: "I'm sorry honey, but I don't want to fake smile through another tasting of it!! It's really awful!!!! YUCK! Turn the stove up to a decent temperature, or down to the heat level of the sun, or.....OFF!!!!...and back away from the stove!...or away from the kitchen all together!!!" LOL
      Okay....no! :-)) I guess there isn't a nice way to say that! ^_^

      Have you ever fallen 'out of love' with some of your relatives...sisters, brothers, cousins, etc....and then years go by and you 'fall back in love' with them again?! :-) That's happening to me these days. I'm re-starting to see why I thought they were adorable, funny, smart, and my dear relatives! ♥


      I wonder if music will ever get old to me. I mean, I wake up happy to listen to it, hear it randomly on t.v. commercials and start wiggling my toes, go to sleep with it peacefully, and just generally never get tired of it!! Is there gonna be a day, like when I'm 97 or something, when I say to myself: "WOW! I can NOT hear that song one more time!!!!"...I suspect not. :-))
      Even when a song has almost worn me out!...meaning it's on every station being sung LIVE by the artist, it's the song that's being used for every commercial, it's the song some friend of mine falls in love with (thinking it's a new song, but it's 2 years old), it's the song playing over and over on a loop in my head when I wake up in the morning, etc....I STILL can hear it and be in love with it all over again!!!


      It may be one of those kind of loves where I'll have to be deaf and brainless before it ends...sorta like the love I have for my God, for crocheting, for napping, and for my hubby!! ^_^ I guess that's alright. Right?! :-)

       My skin is so dry!!! O_O I'm slathering lotion on myself like next week lotion is gonna go off the market forever...and STILL...two seconds later...my skin is dry again!! Ugh!...I've turned the heat down, slept in moisturizer, turned up the humidifier, exfoliated, used moist towels, etc...but invariably, shortly afterward, a little itch starts...I look down...and I'm 'ashy'!!! LOL Maybe it's just a 'dark-skinned girl' thing! Ugh!


      *Yawn*...3:36 a.m. Ugh!....I guess I might as well try to lay back down. Hopefully sleep with re-visit me, or I'll wake hubby up and have someone to talk to...other than YOU...or myself...I mean. LOL Have a good rest of the weekend, Y'all! ♥

Peaceful Moments

Peace is what I'm after.
No concerns to vex my head.
No disturbing complications.
No emotions to be read.

Peaceful contemplation.
Mental 'Playing in the yard'.
No 'You have to do this!" wording.
Nothing strenuous or hard.

Quiet, simple peace.
No one's problems I should fix.
No concentrated effort.
No new wrinkles in the mix.

Yes, peace is what I'm after.
Nothing pressing me 'to do'.
I want peaceful little moments.
And I'm gonna get them too!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Soooooo...This Is What I've Been Up To......!

        Hello Y'all!! :-) I've missed you!!...So what have you all been up to?!.....................Me?!.................Ohhhhh....this and that! ^_^ Mostly having to do with business stuff. I've been spending a lot of time trying to get my wuglyees shop inventory moving!! I wanna put new stuff in the shop without hurting the feelings of the old stuff. LOL
       The new stuff I mostly wanna put in the shop is my slippers! So I've been experimenting like crazy on what colors, what sizes, whether to go all 'funky' and 'ME'.....or whether to keep it simple and like....well...like what most people would consider normal. ^_^ You can look at the slipper in the header photo and figure out where my leanings are! LOL

      I mean...doesn't everybody like double-soled variegated blue bedroom slippers (size 12) ?! ^_^

      Okay, okay!...Maybe 'EVERYBODY' doesn't like them! ^_^ But, the way I figure, my slippers will cause a whole lot more interesting conversations going on!! ^_^

      These, of course, aren't my whole 'line' of slippers! ^_^ I made the simply pink ones below, with black on the inside, and black soles...

      ...but I gave 'em away. :-))

      I have to make some more pink ones...maybe tomorrow.

      I also made these...

       I really love them!!...but they're not the easiest to make with the fuzzy yarn!...And I'm giving them to someone tonight. :-)) I still have enough of the yarn to make another pair, so if anybody wants a pair...holla!! ^_^ I'll make 'em for you for $20.00, plus shipping. {The price is negotiable to the right customer too! ♥}

      I did make another couple of pair. These burgundy ones (size 11) with pink insides and soles (below)...

      ...And these white ones, with black soles, and red insides! :-)

      I really love the fact that the soles and the insides are different colors! :-) They kinda remind me of the idea that Louboutin had with his shoes, making the soles red! :-) Of course, my crochet shoes are not on the same level as Louboutin's!! ^_^ But you still may see some red-soled slippers come out of my wuglyees crochet shop. Stay tuned!! ^_^
     Speaking of which, the white slipperss have been tweaked a bit! ^_^ They looked to me like they needed something........so........I added a bow! ^_^

      They still have black soles, and red insides, but now they have 'fanciness' too!! ^_^

      How much do you think I should charge for them (size 8) now?! ^_^

      Just in case you think there's nothing else of importance going on in my life...I can tell you that there was a 'skunking' incident here day before yesterday that...that......NO!!! I can't tell you!!! LOL Suffice it to say that my digestive system does not like the smell of skunk one bit!!! ^_^ I had kind of an allergic reaction to the smell. That's as far as I'm willing to tell you!...You'll have to guess the rest!! LOL
      All other news is just regular, like the fact that I drastically lowered all of the prices in my wuglyees etsy shop. I mean DRASTICALLY!!!...and that hubby has been cooking again. He made me some brownies with walnuts!......*shhhhhhh!*....that weren't good at all!! *Shhhhhhh!* LOL He substituted canola oil for the vegetable oil because he ran out. Uhhhhh.....word to the wise: DO NOT SUBSTITUTE CANOLA OIL IN BROWNIES WHEN YOU'RE BAKING!!!! Y-U-C-K!!...His heart was in the right place though, so I TRIED to eat a couple of them. The operative word is 'tried'!! LOL After that, I had to give up and tell him to throw them out. :-(
      So far I haven't gotten the replacement pan of brownies yet. But he assures me they're coming! ^_^ {If they have canola oil in 'em this time, they also better have a diamond bracelet baked in the pan!! LOL}
      Okay...I have to go and take a nap. We have a meeting tonight (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses), and I don't wanna have my head bobbing from tiredness while I'm trying to learn something spiritually good for me! :-)  
      Have a good rest of the day, Y'all! It was nice talking to you again! ^_^ ♥


Sometimes it's hot dogs, lots of mustard,
just so good you can't believe!
With no set table, wine or napkins,
You just wipe it with your sleeve.

But sometimes it's lots of culture,
Orchestras, Museums, Art!
With a little wine and cheese,
not bagel-ed 'cheez whiz' a la carte!