Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Haven't Shared For A Few Days...So Here Goes!!


     It's been a few days since I shared anything from the shops on Etsy. I've been too busy crocheting my fool head off! ^_^ But now that my wedding bridal shawl is all done...YES IT IS!!...I can go back to my regular habits, which include talking my head off!! LOL
      Well...talking my head off AND sharing the creative wares of fellow Etsy shop owners! :-) Sharing is at the top of my list of things I have fun doing! ^_^ And that list keeps getting longer and longer the older I get!! ^_^
      Among the other things I love to do is sipping on my green tea...which would no doubt taste even better in a birch tree coffee mug! ^_^ ... And eating good stuff!! :-) ...


     No!...I don't eat donut soap!! :-)) But I 'do' love the creativity it took to make it look so real...and eatable!! :-)

     I also love sleeping....ummmmmm!...Although I don't think I'd rest my head on these pretty pillows!...


      They would be to pretty!! ^_^ But they'd make great decorative conversation pieces!!

      I also love planning! So a cute calendar like this one...


     ...would be great for planning!...'virtual Friday dates, crochet projects, old movie times, dinnertime, etc!! :-)) And it would be a great reminder to never forget to get ice cream too!! :-)

     One of the other things I love is color!!...


     ...And these colors are on my 'YES!' list! ^_^ I can almost see a shawl in these colors already! Can't you?!! :-)

     Speaking of shawls...as I said earlier, I finished my wedding bridal shawl that I was working on. :-) But since I haven't had an opportunity to photograph it yet, I thought I'd just share a fellow Etsian's beautiful wedding shawl!! :-) ...


      Isn't it beautiful?!! :-) 

      In more personal news, the bad storms we had over the weekend, into Monday, produced hail, thunder and lightening, and even a tornado that touched down right outside of Boston!! O_O We only got the thunder and lightening and pouring rain here in Holyoke, but the surrounding towns had quite a scare it seems! We're still trying to get in touch with a family member that lives in the area where the tornado touched down! O_O But I'm sure she must be fine. I would just like to be sure!
      Otherwise, all is about the same...tons of things to worry about if I had a mind to, but I choose to pray and let the worrying be done by those who want to!! ^_^ And crochet! :-)) Crocheting always give me something smile-worthy to put my mind on! :-)
    Oh yeah!...This August hubby and I are considering some special activity with our congregation. We still have our situation and circumstances in prayer to see if we'll be able to reach out and help some other people a bit more. So far it's looking good! :-) I could sure use some Bible students though, to help me make the time!...And yes! That was an invitation!! ^_^
      Okay...off to look at the rest of the show I'm watching..."The Waltons"...and then look for some red thread to start another shawl!! ^_^ Or pink...or mint green...or rose...or gray...or....etc! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

I'm Loving It Right Now!

The 'Hunt for red October'?
No! My hunt's for hummingbirds.
I'm loving them right now,
So much, I hardly find the words!

Speaking of 'the words',
I'm also loving Poetry,
and I'm loving pretty journals
and my feelings all set free.

Speaking of 'set free',
I'm free of fondness now toward rain;
Yet I do love how the rain has focused
my creative brain.

Speaking of my brain,
With all this rain, I just say WOW!
'cause It's keeping me together,
and I'm loving that right now!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who Doesn't Have A Port In A Storm?!!

       We're in the midst of a very bad storm right now. Well...actually, we're kinda sorta on the tail end of it. Otherwise I wouldn't be here talking to you in such a way as to allow my hands to be touching the computer!! LOL I'm kinda 'scaredy-cat' like that!! ^_^
      Or is it just leftover memories from my childhood? O_O In Georgia, whenever a bad storm with thunder and lightening came through we'd have to turn off all the lights, unplug anything electric, and wait it out. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TOOK!! O_O I can remember going to bed thinking: "Is this it?! Does this mean we have to stay in bed for the rest of the night now?!" O_O Ugh!

      When we stayed with my grandmother on the outskirts of town it was easier when we had bad storms, because she had a huge porch that wrapped around the outside of the house that we could play on! And she didn't have that many electrical things that needed unplugging anyway! ^_^ Even her kitchen had a wood stove!
      The only thing we had to make sure of when we knew a storm was coming was that there was enough wood inside the house! :-] It was tough to keep warm with no fire going! ^_^

      Anyway! That's enough of the 'down memory road' thing! :-)) ... Back to the storm in my 'current' backyard! LOL

      Thankfully, we didn't get much of the predicted 60 mile an hour winds they thought we were gonna get, or the hail! O_O Although I could tell that the hummingbirds didn't think the lightening, pouring rain, and darkness was all that much fun!! LOL...Nor did we!! ^_^

      Lastly, let me show you where my bridal shawl is now! :-) 

      A few more rows and it'll be done! :-) 

      Okay...that's all I got for now! :-) What do you have?!...Anything interesting that you're making?...Anything interesting going on over the weekend?!...Come on, SPILL IT!! LOL

Describe The Sky

Evoking awe and bouts of wonder.
Such inspiration, you just want to cry.
With birds high-flying, and winds a blowing,
what words would you use to describe the sky?

Would you say, whether clouds are upon it,
that it blankets a wondrous space?
Or would you be more awed and humbled,
hoping there you would find God's face?

I would say that when standing quiet,
looking up at the sun or moon,
there's a feeling of peaceful oneness
that I hope won't go away too soon.

Evoking bouts of awe and wonder
was probably what it was designed to do;
That is, besides giving off light and weather,
and the most spectacular view!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Giggle-Fest.....Like In The 'Old Days'!


      Everything about our life...at this age...is trying to tell us to be grown up. More serious. NOT silly, like when we were teenagers! ^_^ And, for the most part, we're on board with that. And we listen. BUT...every once in a while....! ^_^ And in telling you what happened I'm gonna have to risk a 'you-had-to-be-there' kinda sideways head-tilt on your part. Because I HAVE TO talk about it!! :-)) 
      Hubby and I have been really busy the last couple of days...doing what seemed to be a lot to us, but to someone else could look like a lot of us being busy doing nothing!...Whatever!! :-) ...But it led to us not wanting to go on an extended 'take-your-virtual-luggage-and-remove-your-virtual-shoes' kinda date this week. We just wanted to lay low and watch some television...and sleep! So we did!
       But then today...or should I say 'tonight'...we decided that we wanted to go somewhere! :-) But there aren't any virtual flights out of town on a Saturday night...Only on Fridays, you know. ^_^ So we decided we'd just have to 'pretend'! LOL
      So we got on our bed...our far away tropical island, surrounded by sharks and stingrays...and a sandy beach on one side!...and just talked! :-] ...


      The talking led to silly conversations about when we were kids, and stuff like that...so forth and so on! Then I said: "Ooooo! Let's pretend that our bed is really in a castle, and we're rich! Let's ring for the butler to bring us some....caviar!" :-)) And then it happened!!
      Hubby started giggling....softly...slowly...like a boil being turned up on a lobster!...


      Then it got contagious, because I started giggling! ^_^ In the midst of the giggling I said: "What?!...What's so funny?!"...And he said: "Caviar!!!" Ha! Ha! "We're not caviar kind of people!" Ha! Ha! Ha! 


       "We're more like Doritos kind of people!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!...


      Then we both lost it!!!! ^_^ He started doing little mini-skits!...In a very fancy and proper voice, he said: "Excuse me. Do you have some Grey Poupon?!" Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Then he said in a down-home backwoods southern voice: "No?!...How 'bout some Do-ritos?!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
      Okay, Okay! I get that 'you really did have to be there' to get how funny this really was! ^_^ Especially since half of the stuff we were talking about was done in skits and hand gestures! LOL But by the time we were able to stop giggling...and it took a while!...we both had sore stomachs and tears in our eyes! ^_^ 
      This was no way for two grown 50-somethings to be acting!! NOT AT ALL!!!...But you know what?!.....It was sooooooo fun!!! ^_^ We hadn't been that silly in a long time!!! A LONG TIME!!! :-)) I mean, if this was somebody else's pretend bed...they would've been kicked right off the island!! ^_^
      Giggle-fest OVER!!! ^_^ Now I have to stop from looking at him, so I can actually go to sleep! :-)) Every time our eyes almost meet I can feel the giggle churning back up!! O.o What is this anyway?!...Saturday?!! WOW! I've lost two days!!! O_O I've got to go to 'real' bed!!!...Right after I have some dough-ree-toes!! LOL Goodnight y'all...I hope!! ^_^

Let Go

Ever against the tide we row,
fighting our-self, with bent elbow.
(Releasing feelings, tucked inside,
hidden because of foolish pride.)

Fighting just to stay the course.
Using every ounce of force.
(Dreaded emotions pushing through,
trying to get the best of you.)

Waves of feelings swirling round.
Fighting hard to keep them down.
(They're  seeping out on every curve.
Letting them-takes lots of nerve.)

Open quick, your tight-clenched palm.
Feel the water's  quiet calm.
(Released emotions-held too long,
now are righting every wrong.)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Do You Not Know How To Do...But You Wanna Learn?!


     Have you all been having a good day?!...I've been crocheting, and chatting with hubby all day. I'm about to take a nap so that I can be rested for my meeting tonight! But first I wanted to share one of the conversations hubby and I had today...about learning new stuff! ^_^
      Before Alzheimer's or senility takes the last vestiges of this Wug poet's mind, and the mind of her trusty 6-foot hubby...minds that already are almost gone bye bye, I might add... :-)) ...we thought we should try to learn something new! {Plus I heard somewhere that active brain usage can slow down the onset of Alzheimer's!} :-) We figured that we'd try to find something that can teach two 'old dogs' some new tricks! LOL
      I already have my fill of useless talent! ^_^ I know how to write backwards...in cursive! :-) ...

      ...I can recite all 66 books of the Bible in less than 60 seconds! :-) Although this isn't really a 'useless' talent. :-) Finding scriptures in a hurry has proved very useful over the years! ^_^

      ...and I can car and chair dance with the best of them! :-)

     I'm also very flexible, double-jointed in fact, and can lift my foot, by the toes, from a ground position to up over my head! :-)) 

      But none of these 'talents' are doing anything for my memory!! :-))

      Hubby and I have decided that we're gonna try to use these memory lax minds to learn something new! And at the top of the list is learning to speak another language...Spanish! :-) I already know a little Spanish, and can understand a bit more than I can speak! ^_^
     Hubby had two years of French...back when he was in school...which he has TOTALLY forgotten now, except for merci' and bonsoir! :-)) ... Between his tiny bit of French, and my extensive Pig Latin, we could say thank you at a French restaurant...for some snails!...and oink in unison!! LOL
      We can't afford to pay someone to teach us a language right now, so we may be putting our library cards to good use...especially if they have the Rosetta Stone series! :-)
      I also have two guitars! One was an anniversary gift, and the other one was given to me by a friend. I cherish both of them, but I don't play either! O_O I had 'intentions' to learn, but they never came to fruition!...

 (Guitar Silhouette Shape Boy Print Artwork Set of 4 by TRMdesign) 

      I'd also like to learn to play chess!...


      Hubby already knows how, and has been trying to get me to learn for years! He's tired of playing 'Uno', 'spider solitaire', and 'Scrabble'! ^_^ But in the past, when he's started the chess-teaching conversations, my attention was easily diverted.....too much talk about rooks that only move forward until they're gonna jump the opposing man....and a queen that moves a lot more than the king...and a knight that only moves in an 'L' shape...OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!! O_O It sounds like a dots y-do barn dance gone wrong!! LOL

      ANYWAY!! ^_^ We're gonna try to learn.....SOMETHING! And fast!...before we don't have any useful filler left in our craniums!! LOL How about YOU?! Have you learned anything new lately?! ^_^

I Love A New Experience

I love a new experience!
No matter how it's learned.
A fact that's new to me,
or a new food that I've burned.

A place I've never been,
or a person I've not known.
A book I've never read,
or a gadget on my phone.

A song that's not my norm,
or a craft I've never tried.
A veggie fixed a new way,
whether boiled, sauteed or fried.

I love a new experience!
A new jolt for my old eyes.
To make my life worth living,
and each day a great surprise!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Answering Your Questions...Finally!

      Can you believe that it's Wednesday already?! O_O I can't!! It seems like time has strapped on some booster rockets and decided that it's got a deadline that has to be met...yesterday!! LOL It feels like I was just unpacking from my 'virtual' weekend trip...and now it's time to figure out a destination, and pack up again!
      The truth is that I've been so preoccupied with goings-on in my real life that time hasn't been a 'pokey' friend of mine! It's been a 'speedy' friend! LOL...I've been crocheting like a crazy woman;...We sprung a big leak in the house (from upstairs to downstairs...into the laundry room...and around the dryer!!! Ugh!);...And we have a special visit of our 'circuit overseer' this week too! :-) {He is here for a week of encouragement for our congregation, and in our ministry. Jehovah's Witnesses do this regularly. ^_^}

     The repairman is here right now, to take care of the leak issues. Hubby is handling that. Ugh!...I'm gonna keep my head down and crochet!! :-] Speaking of which, let me show you how my new bridal shawl is coming along...as I answer a couple of questions that were asked by blog followers a while back....Uhhhh...sorry it took so long to answer them. I TOTALLY forgot about them!! I just found them today!! O_O...*hanging my head, and circling my toe in the sand* :-))

        Velma said: "Hi Deb here is a question for you and your husband. Did you ever dream of what your future would be and did it turn out like you envisioned?" (Paper Sewn Visions)

      Well Velma, the answer is 'Yes!" :-) We did dream of what our future would be, BUT it's not anywhere near what we dreamed of for ourselves!! :-)) Many, MANY years ago, before we became Jehovah's Witnesses, my husband had dreamed of joining the air force, or owning his own store! And I had dreamed of becoming a famous singer or poet! :-))
      Needless to say, hubby no longer dreams of the military...{Not to mention that he was turned down anyway, back when he was a young teenager. He wasn't eligible because of asthma and feet issues.}...or of owning a store! Just dealing with the flips and flops of life is enough excitement for him now! :-)) Although his asthma went away shortly after we were married!! ^_^ I scared it off!!! LOL
      And I no longer dream of being a famous singer or poet...although I still love music, and still sing anywhere and anytime I can! ^_^ The poet thing is still on my back burner. But I don't want to be famous anymore. I'd just like to be able to make enough money with it to keep the 'wolf away from the door'!! LOL {For those who don't know...that means I'd like to make enough money so that hubby and I don't have to worry about starving!! LOL}
      Strangely enough though, our dreams couldn't light a candle to how wonderfully our life has turned out so far! :-) We struggle financially, and health-wise, just like many people do...but we're still very much in love after 3o something years! (with another anniversary coming up in a week or so too!)
      Becoming Jehovah's Witnesses changed the course of our lives tremendously! In a very good way!! :-] In fact, I don't think we would've made it to year three if we hadn't started our Bible study with the Witnesses!! That's the truth! We were in a very different place in our marriage, and I was just about ready to go home to my daddy!! LOL And I'm sure he wasn't that happy with me either! All I did all day was sleep and watch 'soap operas'!! LOL
      Because we learned that God was more important than we were, the focus of our lives changed from being very self-centered, to doing what Jehovah God required of us...and focusing on helping other people too. I'm very proud of how, and who, we have become. :-] And we've helped many other people over the years as well. 'More happiness in giving...' It's very true! :-]

       Vicki said: "Here is my question--- how much time do you spend researching all the great items you find on etsy??..." (2 Bags Full

        The truth is...not much!! ^_^ I go to my activity feed on Etsy either in the morning, or at night, and I click on the things I like. Then I wait until I get ready to talk about something on my blog and I download the items from the activity feed to go along with what I wanna talk about....Usually, that is!
      Sometimes I just show off whatever I find, or whatever I'm working on! :-) Oh, if only you knew how 'little' thought went into me 'running my mouth' here on the blog!! LOL I truly just talk about whatever I want!!...That's probably why I never got into doing stuff to build numbers for the blog. It would mean I'd have to be particular about what I was putting here!! LOL As it is, I just assume that whoever is reading my writings must like going on a wordy adventure!! ^_^
      I can say that, all-in-all, it takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to put a post up. The longer time happens when I have to contact and link up other people's items...which I LOVE doing!! :-]
      I welcome any ideas for a blog, just so you know! ^_^ Just let me know what you want me to talk about, and I probably will!! :-) I even thought about having a regular Bible study day! But I was afraid it wouldn't be personal enough, so as to really teach! But if any of you would like an online Bible study...one-on-one...I'm willing! :-) Just let me know when and where you'd like to do the back-and-forth! (Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, by email, by 'snail mail', etc... ^_^)

      Okay...back to my crocheting I go!! ^_^ But if you have any other questions, ask away!! :-) You know how much I like to talk!! 


The sun is peeking through.
Its beam is flowing to the ground.
The Autumn at it's new peak,
and the leaves are fluttering down.

A baby girl's joyous laughing,
legs and arms kicking everywhere.
A mother, when she's  nursing,
playing with her baby's  hair.

The gentle rain, when falling
on a southern old tin roof.
A toddler's gap-faced grinning,
when they've  lost their first front tooth.

A man with long, bow legs,
walking slowly down the street.
A colorful spring flower,
visited by a bumble bee.

A person who is kind,
and smiles at everyone they meet.
An artist's painted picture,
with the last brush stroke complete.

An "I love you" that's said
just because they wanted to;
and the person that gives hugs
when they hear an "I love you".
(And there's  other beauty too.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sorry, Y'all....But I Have To Make Shawls!


     Yes, I know! I'm not much fun these days, showing shawl after shawl after shawl!...And yes, there is one extra shawl in there...because I started another one! ^_^ ...




     I was on such a roll with the other two shawls that I figured that 'NOW' would be the time to finally make the bridal shawl I've been wanted to make for years!...


     I have some vintage cotton thread that I got from Portugal over twenty-five years ago. I've been putting it off, and putting it off...the making of this wedding shawl. But now...it has begun! :-) ...


     It's gonna be elegant, white and champagne colored. :-] And I'm hoping some bride will wanna scoop it up and value it, in the same way I have valued the soft and cushiony balls of Portuguese cotton I've had all these years. :-] ...

     Even though it's laying up against one of my old vintage blankets, it's looking all fancy and duded-up, isn't it?! ^_^ It's been a joy to crochet so far...even though I'm kinda cross-eyed from crocheting so much!! ^_^
      Part of the reason I'm doing these shawls right now is because I need to make something sell-able for my shop, and right now boutonnieres and crochet flowers ain't doing it!! LOL They're really time-consuming though! I haven't been online much, or doing much of anything else either that isn't a necessity!
     By the way, here's the other shawl I finished...the black and white one!...
 (Crochet Black and White Scalloped Trim Shawl by Wuglyees)



     So, are you liking the blue and white, or the black and white shawl more?!


      I have to admit...I didn't think I would be, but I'm more partial to the blue and white one!...

     Okay...that's all I got! Crochet...and more crochet!! ^_^ Hopefully I'll be able to throw something else in there every once in a while! ♥ Stay tuned! ^_^ And have a good rest of your day too!!

Dress And Feel Better

When I'm feeling bad,
and about to drop some tears,
I make myself feel better
putting pearls upon my ears.

When my hair just won't act right,
and I'm feeling kinda fat,
I put some perfume on my wrist,
and wear a fancy, frilly hat.

There's nothing better than some frill,
and high heels from off the shelf
to make you stand a little straighter,
and feel good about yourself.

Wear some bold and brighter colors;
wear some jewelry everywhere,
Then you'll look so good to others
that you'll feel like what you wear!

Change your mood-and sport some flare!
'Strut your stuff', and go somewhere!