Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Now, There's Chocolate....And Then There's CHOCOLATE!!!

      Sorry to be doing my blog post so much later today, but I got involved in another custom order and my mind was taken 'Calgon'. ^_^ Do you remember that Calgon commercial?! :-) Well, short of the relaxing bubble bath, I've been mentally taken away by one thing or another all day! :-)
      It actually started after dinner last night! Hubby and I enjoyed some hot soup and started to hunt the kitchen for something sweet to top off the meal...but couldn't find ANYTHING! O_O So, we had to make something ourselves, from scratch!
      A few, cups of sugar, butter, and flour a couple of cups of chocolate chips! ^_^...and we had coconut chocolate chip cookies...or biscuits, as it turned out. :-))

      I tried to modify my peanut butter cookie dough recipe into a chocolate chip cookie recipe...because I figured that using the last of the coconut flakes I had in the fridge would be a good idea!...and ended up making the cookies a lot thicker than I intended! ^_^

      Don't get me wrong...I mean they still are chocolate chip cookies after all!! ^_^...they tasted great!!!...They just were thicker....more like a crunchy, gooey, biscuit than a crunchy, gooey cookie! ^_^ All in all......STILL FABU!!! :-)

      As I was putting cookie mounds on the cookie sheet to bake, I got a phone call with a request for something else that was chocolate..........a crocheted hat! ^_^ So I got right on that this morning!...

      Eat a little chocolate...*munch, munch, munch*...crochet a little chocolate! LOL Right up my alley on a cold day like today! :-)
      After today I think I'm gonna be laying off the baking for a while. :-) And then again...let's not put anything in stone, shall we! LOL...Have any of you been baking good stuff lately?! Come on, share!!! ♥ And have a good rest of the year! ^_^


A snow storm on the way,
finding out you're hard in debt.
Somehow it's not so bad,
if you have melted chocolate!

Bad news everywhere,
want to throw your T.V. set.
Thankfully there is music
and some deep dark chocolate!

Doggie had an accident,
a long trip to the vet.
A waiting room with lots to read,
but you can nibble chocolate.

Grocery shopping too.
While you run in there to get
dinner for the evening
you can grab some chocolate!

Okay, you know what's coming.
Are you sick of this poem yet?!
If you are, just roll your eyes,
and sit and eat some chocolate!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Blanket Is All Done! :-)

      I really don't have much to talk about today...unless you want me to tell you about all of the interesting things I learned this morning when I was doing my theocratic ministry review, or if you want me to tell you, and show off, the finished granny square blanket for my little friend! ^_^

     Okay...I made the decision for you! ^_^ ... Little Charlie loves his new blanket! He took it and a 'blankets of love' poem home with him...after I got a proposal from him to have him come and live with me! ^_^
     He was so cute! :-) He asked me where my husband sleeps. I pointed to my husband's side of the bed. And then he said: "Well, I'll just sleep down here!" (pointing to the foot of the bed.) LOL If I hadn't been laughing when I said: "NO!!!" I think I might've broke his little heart!...and my hubby's!! LOL
     Anyway!...Another little 'Ugly Wuglyee' has found a loving home, and I still sleep with my husband....all alone. :-)) All things are as they should be....I hope the same applies in your household today too!
      Have a good day, Everybody! I think I smell chocolate chip cookies!! ♥

It Smells!

Oh the memories you unfold...
the fruity highs, and woodsy lows...
when you think of all the smells
that, through the years, have passed your nose.

How granny always smelled of food,
with a tinge of moth ball smell there too.
The outside porch sometimes smelled musty
because of brother's old gym shoe.

The cloud of 'Right Guard' in the mist,
whenever dad would take a shower.
The bakery with it's smells so sweet,
changing hour after hour.

Colognes and perfumes of your friends...
You'd smell them coming for a mile.
Yes, they'd produce some pretty odors,
but they'd also produce a smile.

We could talk about what we've smelled,
or what we've tried real hard NOT to!
And please let's talk about all the memories
that our smellers led us through...

We could talk about these for hours,
days and months, an odor-fest.
But to end this poem now,
before it stinks, I think is best!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Blankets...And Bed?!

      I know you're asking yourself: "Wug, why are you showing us your bed?!" ^_^ Well actually, it's not really 'my' bed! :-) It's the blanket I've been making for my little friend! :-)

      The truth is that I started this blanket of granny squares as another one of my 'Ugly Wuglyees'...just to use up some yarn that I wasn't very fond of! But my friend came over one day, with her son, and her son saw the blanket and fell in love with it! ^_^ He said: "Can I have it when you're done?"
      I said: "Honey, if you want it when it's done...with all of these wild colors on's yours!" ^_^ And ever since then he asks about how much longer it's gonna be before he can take it home! LOL...I love to have my 'Ugly Wuglyees' loved like that!!! :-)

      I'm sharing it with you today because I only have two more squares, and a border row or two, to do on it and it'll be done!...And my little friend is here today to take it HOME!!! ^_^ ... *sigh*...Whatever will I work on tomorrow?!! ^_^ Somehow I think I'll think of something! ♥ Have a good day, Everybody!...Say Bye, Bye to my latest 'Ugly Wuglyee'!!! :-)

Blankets Of Love

I make blankets, in my own time;
putting love in every stitch;
I let no one rush the process;
I'm not concerned with getting rich.

Crocheting brings about a calm
that nothing else quite seems to do;
I get such joy from choosing patterns,
and from choosing colors, too.

The more intricate-the better;
that gives me much more time to think,
'cause I can slow down, and can read it,
keeping brain cells in the pink.

Just the steady, jutting motion
of my needle's in and out
makes me remember who its for,
and what the pattern's all about.

I made a blanket for my sister,
with kittens crocheted all around;
and another, for a friend,
with her name written up and down.

I made a special one, one year,
(made lovingly-to give away)
It marked the 20 years of love
that we remembered on that day.

We threw a party for our friends;
We had good food, and dancing too;
and on the blanket, there was written:
'Roses are red, violets are blue'.

That was a special blanket;
but special is always what I say
'cause I put the time into them
and they don't even dare to fray.

They are blankets made with love
that I'm proud of-from 'chain one';
To watch the faces of receivers
is, without doubt, half the fun.

So-if I ever make a blanket
for your anniversary,
or your wedding, or engagement,
here's the thought you'll have from me:

That 'I love you very much,
and making it was fun to do;'
and that 'with every single stitch
my every thought had been of you!'

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Waking Up To.........On A Sunday Morning!

        Usually I'm waking up on a Sunday morning to the sound of my husband's chit chat, and soft music playing...first, in my head, and then in the room. ^_^...But this morning I woke up very very early. Like...3:40 a.m.!! Hubby was sound asleep...probably still counting sheep! LOL
      I tried to lay there for a while. I thought about the last six granny squares I have to crochet in order to finish my little friend's blanket. I thought about my meeting at the Kingdom Hall today, and what my comment would be. I thought about what might be on tv if I turned it on. And then.....I woke hubby up! ^_^ I mean why should I be laying there enjoying all of that thinking by myself! LOL
      Thankfully hubby is always good for a conversation...even when he's half asleep! ^_^ But he woke up quickly. And before long we both realized that one of the things we both were thinking was that.......we were hungry! :-) Then we started thinking together.....about pancakes, and ham, and oatmeal, and hot tea with lemon. :-) And then we made it.....and ate it!! LOL
      Now we're sitting here watching "Dark Victory", with Bette Davis, while folding laundry. :-) I've already bathed, crocheted a granny square, and everything!...and it's only 7:30 a.m.!! :-) It feels like it's gonna be a very productive day!

      There is some 'not so fun' things that have to be done today. :-( Hubby has to clean all of his things out of the trunk of our car so that it can be towed to the junk yard this week....Yes. The car is beyond repair. :-( Apparently all of that time just sitting in the yard at his mom's house allowed a lot of time for rust to take over the exhaust system. BOOOOOOOO! HISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Now it's gonna cost about as much as a new car in order to get it repaired.....and we can't even afford the price of a bottle cap!!! :-))
      Oh Well...feet were made for walking anyway, right?! ^_^

      Okay...I'm off to find something else to do with the whole rest of my day!...And it's a whole lot of it left, considering that it's only.....7:42 a.m.!! LOL

      The light is barely coming through the window!! :-)


I wait most every morning
to see soft light coming through the trees;
To see the darkness pierced by shadows,
making clarity a tease.

I wait most every morning,
knowing darkness will give way;
Hoping sunrise won't forget me,
and my night will soon be day.

I wait most every morning,
for the thick black blanket's night
to flip back and uncover
all the brilliant rested light!

I've never been disappointed.
Light always manages to appear.
And I always smile and wave and holler:
"Hello Light! I'm over here!"

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Saturday 'Sit-In'!!

I've got a pretty busy Saturday ahead of me, so I thought I'd stop by and share just a few of the things I'm loving right now on Etsy. Then I'll holler at you all tomorrow! ^_^

      YES! This chair 'is' gorgeous!!!! :-) The only problem I'd have with sitting in it. I don't think I would!! LOL It's too pretty for sitting. It's more for looking at! :-)

      And here are a few other things that, if I owned them, I would also not sit on!! LOL

      The last little purse is about the size of my finances these days. :-)) 

        So, with my low finances, even if I wanted to own any of these things, I couldn't! ^_^ But I can sure look at them, link them, and share them with you. And so I did!! ^_^

      Have a good weekend, Everybody! What are your plans?! :-)

I'm Loving It Right Now!

The 'Hunt for red October'?
No! My hunt's for hummingbirds.
I'm loving them right now,
So much, I hardly find the words!

Speaking of 'the words',
I'm also loving Poetry,
and I'm loving pretty journals
and my feelings all set free.

Speaking of 'set free',
I'm free of fondness now toward rain;
Yet I do love how the rain has focused
my creative brain.

Speaking of my brain,
With all this rain, I just say WOW!
'cause It's keeping me together,
and I'm loving that right now!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Why Would You Not Like This?!!

      Have you ever shown someone something that you absolutely loved and they turned their nose up to it, or gave it a funny if to say: "You don't have the good taste that God gave a duck?!!!" ^_^
      That's the look I got when I showed 'someone-who-shall-remain-nameless'...but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! LOL...the fabulous tunic in my header photo. I saw it on Etsy and just fell in love!!! :-)

      I had all kinds of visions in my head of useful items to make out of the tubs of odd pieces and bits of yarn I have!! :-) At this point it's clear that I wasn't the one who first thought of doing this!! ^_^ I mean, look at her items! They're so adorable!!!...

      One of these days I'm gonna.......! of these days I'm gonna........Okay. I'm probably not gonna. :-)) But I can dream, can't I?!!!

      Speaking of dreaming. Have you ever seen these candies before?!....Just dreamy!!...

      Or at least that's what I thought when I unwrapped the box! :-) They were a re-gift.

      Hubby and I don't celebrate Christmas. Or any of the holidays really. But I think his co-worker thought he should get a gift anyway! :-)) So he left this box of candy for hubby....When he opened the box and saw what it was, hubby thought that "I" needed a gift! LOL

      In other words, hubby was familiar with ribbon candy from when he was a kid. And he didn't like it! LOL So, I got the old: "Here Honey...Maybe you'll like 'em!" :-)) Funny how husbands can give you a gift and still make it seem like you didn't really get one!! LOL

      As it turns out....I now understand why he gave them away! LOL They have more 'LOOK-ABILITY' than they have 'TASTE_ABILITY'!!! ^_^ In other words....there's not much to that artificial flavoring. LOL

      But they sure 'LOOK' pretty, don't they?! ^_^ ... Uhhhhhh...."Thanks for almost nothing, Honey!!" LOL

      The truth is, I 'am' gonna be working with something with lots of color little friend's colorful granny squares blanket! :-) I'll share some pictures of it when it's done...hopefully in a few days.
      For now.....Tha tha tha tha....that's all folks!!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!! ♥


My youth was filled with candy.
Penny candy was my thing!
With a sugar laden face
was how I rolled. Ka-ching, Kaching!

But now I'm 'long in the tooth',
avoiding reasons for the doc.
So I keep my candy eating
to a tick upon the clock.

But if you wanna give me something,
and candy's all that you have new.
Oh well, A little bit of chocolate?
I guess it probably will do!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

For Me, It's A Day For Eating, Crocheting, Talking, Etc. I don't have much to talk about today. I'm lazing around, eating peanut butter chocolate chip coconut almond cookies, chatting with hubby, watching old movies, sipping on green tea, eating french fried sweet potatoes and pork rinds, and crocheting!'s a very good day! ^_^
      So, forgive me if the banter here on the blog is kinda random and short, okay! LOL I just wanted to show you the large button brooch I just finished yesterday...

      ...and the hooded circle infinity scarf I just put it on! :-)

      In case anybody is interested in it...and in case anybody who doesn't celebrate Christmas is even online right now! ^_^...I just thought I'd let you know that it's listed in my Wuglyees Etsy shop HERE. :-)

      Lastly, the only other thing I'm doing today, besides eating, talking, and watching old movies, is working on the 'ugly wuglyee' blanket I'm making for a little friend of mine. :-] ...

      And yes, it is for a child's bed. ^_^ No adult has the strength of character to put something as fabulously primary-colored as this in their bedroom!! ^_^

      Let's face it, most adults don't have the strength of character enough to even crochet something as fabulously primary-colored as this!! LOL...

      Or, at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Color Is

Auburn is the setting sun.
Blue is a mood.
Black is the night sky.
Brown is dog food.

Green is the grass.
Yellow is the sun.
Gray is the stormy sky.
Purple is just fun.

Pink is carnations.
Plum is a fruit.
Tan is for shoes.
Beige is just cute.

Turquoise is terrific!
Teal is where it's at!
Blue-green is the color
that I have to have...STAT!

Gold is a metal.
White is plain, mild.
Red is a fire.
Orange is hog wild!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cookies Are Pretty Things Too, Right?!

      I love pretty things! And it doesn't matter what kind of pretty thing it is. :-) I even found this rushing blue stick man to be pretty when I saw him last night! :-) He seems to be telling me"Hurry up, Wug! Let's go get 'em!" ^_^
      I'm kinda sorta in a hurry up mode these days anyway. I'm hurrying up to do everything! Why?....Uhhhhhh....I don't know. LOL I think it's a leftover mode from doing all of the crocheting projects I've been doing lately. :-) But now that my schedule is slowing down, who knows why I'm still in 'blue stick man' hurry up mode!...but I am. And so it goes!! ^_^

      I'm also in 'let's look at pretty stuff' mode. Thus, today's pretty Etsy finds! :-) ...

      If you've followed my blog even for a minute one thing is probably very clear to you....I LOVE COLOR! :-) And those coasters above have color in spades!!! ^_^

      Another thing that would be clear to you is that I love a good nap...any time I can get it!! :-) That's why this little guy caught my eye!...

       A penguin pillow seems like it would be a good nap-buddy! ^_^ {Not as if I really needed a nap-buddy! ^_^ I can nap anywhere, any time, with or without a nap-buddy!...just saying. LOL}
       Pretty music is always a good thing though. I'm listening to some right now, in fact! {Kingdom Melodies, Volume 4} :-) There may even be a french horn or two in there somewhere! :-) ...

      And you know I LOVE flowers!!!!! :-) Especially pretty jewelry shaped into flowers!!!...

      Well, if it's wrong to like a lot of different pretty things...especially pretty flower jewelry....then I don't wanna be right! ^_^

      Okay...enough about Etsy. Let me tell you what I created last night!...I finally finished the other black hooded scarf I was working on. YAY! I'm making a black flower brooch pin for it right now.
      And I also created some more of these! :-) ...

      My famous...because I say they're famous! ^_^...peanut butter chocolate chip coconut  almond cookies!!!...

      I made about 5 dozen of them last night! :-) It almost turned into a 'dough-disaster', because about half-way through the cookie caper I realized I only had half of the butter I needed to make them!! O_O
      Thanks to a couple of good neighbors it didn't turn out to be a disaster. And, in fact, I built some stronger bonds with the neighbors! ^_^ One loaned us butter, but it wasn't in a stick. It was a tub. And it was 'light' butter. O_O Thank you good neighbor, but uhhhhhh...'light' butter in my cookies, and me trying to figure out how much 'light' butter to measure into how many 'light' tablespoons......No!!!! LOL It was too much figuring for this tired cookie-craving brain to do!! LOL
      I had to borrow a 'stick' of 'regular' butter from another exchange for a dozen cookies to all neighbors involved!! ^_^ 

      It worked. And we all have cookies this morning!! ^_^ I was too tired to take pictures of the cookies after I sugar-forked the top of them, and after they were done a baking. But trust was done!! ^_^ I only wish you could smell my house this morning!!!! more pretty things, cookie-talk, or tea! But I do have tons of falling rain...and a poem.....and lots of milk! :-)) Have a good day, Everybody! ♥


You can build a reputation,
build a fire, build a stair;
You can build a neighborhood,
build a table, build-A-Bear!

You can build a layered cake,
build some buildings, build a boat;
You can build a website business,
build relationships remote.

You can build vocabulary,
build up friendships old and new.
Build up globe-ular relations
if you really wanted to.

You can build upon your knowledge,
build a table, bridge, or train;
build a step into the future,
or just shelter from the rain.

You can build an awesome snowman,
and not waste him. Make a cone!
Or can build up folks around you,
so they never feel alone.

All this building talk,
shows the things that you can make
if you build a wordy poem...
and you also stay awake!