Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thought We Were Done With This....!

    Aren't they beautiful?! Yep! In my backyard!! Just in time for the HEAT WAVE!! UGH! Here we go again! Just as my grass was getting back to itself...
    ...with only a few patchy places left.
    But I'm still trying to keep a positive attitude about it because they say that it's only a 4 day heat wave...in the low 90s...We'll see about that!...In the meantime I'm going to bask in the view of my backyard...
    ....hot? Yes...
    ....but inside here, with the air conditioning, it stills looks pretty nice!! :-)
Hubby's potted plants are going to be protected this time though! He's worked too hard to get them back to a revived state to let them just get sun-logged again! They're looking great now, don't you think?!
    Looks like his sunflowers are going to be popping out any minute! That is, if the sun doesn't scare them back into the house to look for some stronger sun tan lotion!!! (*talking to myself* That's what the sun is doing to people...not plants! Silly! ^_^)
    There's only one big leafed plant in the ground in the backyard that he's worried about...
    ...and not because of the sun. He thinks some critters might be munching on it!...Maybe it just needs some sun!! LOL
    Frankly, even if it was cool outside, I wouldn't be out there! For the next 2 weeks the U.S. Open Tennis Matches will be on. I'm going to be right in front of the T.V., with the A/C on for the next few days, and a crochet project or two...or 3! I'm not going to short-change my God and my spiritual schedule, but everybody and everything else that tries to get my attention for the next two weeks are going to find a distracted, half listening conversationalist! That's your warning!! ^_^
     {Repeating a poem that's appropriate for now. Wrote it a while ago though!}

The 'Racket' Men

Playing tennis with 'Hewitt'
is more like playing with a wall;
Just when you think you've hit a winner-
Oh No!-Look Out!- Here comes the ball!

'Roger Federer's'  shot
changes fast-and that's his key;
But for steady, angled shots,
catch a game with 'Agassi'.

'Roddick's' serve can part your hair;
It comes so fast across the net.
He just gets stronger every year.
(Don't  think we've seen his fastest yet!)

These guys are good as good can get.
I watch intensely-set by set!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The "Get No Sleep" Monster is Plastic!

   Before I tell you about the situation with my 'sleep monster' last night, let me thank grimmandgrete of Etsy for putting my "Purse Sueded Hand Bag" ...
      ...in her "Summer-It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" Treasury! And please take the time to check out her shop too! She has the most beautiful jewelry in her shop! This is just one piece:
     It's  a "Ginger. Green Czech Glass. Sunflower Necklace". Isn't it gorgeous?! Wait until you see the other pieces!!
    I've been doing pretty good in the treasury department lately! I'm hoping all of this exposure will turn into some sales soon. One sale in over a month (which I got this weekend) is not a whole lot!!...Anyway, these are the other shops sharing this treasury with me:

    Okay, back to my 'Sleep Monster' story. I was very tired last night, so I decided to go to bed early. (Plus I knew that today was the start of the first round play of the U.S. Open Tennis matches!! The earlier I went to bed, the earlier I could be up and geting ready to watch!! LOL)
    I put the TV channel on the sports highlights, turned it down real low, and set the TV timer to go off in about an hour (by that time I figured I'd be sound asleep!). Zzzzzzz...HUH?! What was that noise?!...I looked around didn't see anything. Drifted back off........*swishy swishy!!!*....HUH?! Up I popped again!...This went on...NO KIDDING...about 4 times before I was in such an alert panic and couldn't go back to sleep that I woke up hubby and asked him to do some investigating! I was sure someone was trying to get in the house or something, because I was sure I saw a light coming from the other room too!!! (The mind plays some terrible tricks on you when you're tired!)
   He wasn't in his most attractive detective gear...
   ...His Batman mask wasn't even on! Ha! Ha! (I don't think he knew this mask was still on his head.) If there had been someone in the house hiding, this view coming around the corner might have made them giggle and give themselves away! That's what I did...when I looked up from my C-Pap mask!! He was giggling at me and I was giggling at him!
    He was giggling because he figured out who the culprit was that was making all of the noise...
    ...It was my trash can (which is a basket with a trash bag over it)! Apparently my fan was blowing the bag up and down through the side holes every once in a while. UGH!
   SOME 'Sleep Monster'!!! And hubby was giggling about this because he and I have had arguments lately about his attempts at lowering our grocery bill by buying reduced price items...and THESE GARBAGE BAGS were one of his buys!!!! They are too thin, don't fit the trash can, and make noise when air hits them in the middle of the night!!! OUT THEY GO!!!! Grrrrrrr! Can a hormonal woman get some sleep around here?!!
   His solution, for the time being, was this...
    ...He threw the heavy phone book in the trash can to weight it down...Ahhhhhhh! Quiet....Zzzzzz....Huh?! Oh,....it's just my C-Pap machine. ^_^ I hope you all slept well!
    (In honor of Joanna and Alex's one year wedding anniversary, (of the blog "A Cup Of Jo") I'll share my poem today that I wrote about that same subject. Happy Anniversary Jo and Alex!!! Happy Dance for you!)

1st Anniversary

We've had one year
of laughs and fun.
I knew we'd make it,
Honey Bun!

The wedding's over.
The tears are dry.
We're still together,
Sweetie Pie!

Year number two
will be easy-maybe!
We'll make it so.

Making it last
will be our career.
We'll go headlong,
without fear.

For years to come
we'll be right here,
and I'll love you more
each year-My Dear!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Over With Treasures

    WOW! I've had a pretty good couple of days, business-wise! First, "hiyapapaya", who has a great shop herself on Etsy, with great things in it like this "Day Off 5x7 Fine Art Photo"...
    ...put my "Thick And Fuzzy Maroon And Gray Wuglyee Key Chain" (the last one in row 4, above) in her "Cranberry and Graphite" Treasury on Etsy!
    I think she might have picked it just because of it's colors, but WHATEVER! Exposure is exposure! :-) But there are some other really wonderful items in this treasury too! Below I'll give you their links:

Row 4.) **Cranberry Grape Lip Balm (which already SOLD!) by orangethyme

    The next really good thing that happened to me, on Saturday morning, was that I woke up to a sale in my Wuglyees shop! One of my necklaces, the "Turquoise Candy Beaded Necklace",
     ...the one I sewed the candy looking beads on myself, SOLD!! YAY!! (Okay, so I'm maybe a little too excited. But I haven't sold a thing since the end of July!!)
    Then, Lo and Behold, before I went to bed Saturday night I got a convo...I have another item from my shop in ANOTHER Treasury!! My "Hay Fever Yellow Crochet Flower Necklace"!!
    Thanks to "truetexasscents", an Etsy shop owner with the cutest packaged candles I've ever seen! See for yourself! Look at this "3-8 oz Texas style Square Mason Jar Western Cowboy Candles (you choose the scents)"!
    The Treasury she curated is entitled "Color Me Fall".
    She did such a nice job!! It makes me want to crochet....Fall scarves! I have to give 'props' to all of the other shop owners too. So bear with me as I link you to where to find their items and their shops:

Row 4.) **Wheat Earrings by marmar

    Some of these shops were already particular favorites of mine. So, I am very happy to be sharing treasury appearances with them! Please take a look at their shops. You won't be sorry. And maybe you'll find something fabulous that you didn't even know you needed! :-)
    Okay, now I have to go and get ready for my greatest treasure today! My spiritual treasure of being able to give praise to my God, Jehovah. I hope you all have a good day!
   (The poem below is not a prayer. It's just a poem I wrote many years ago. I figured today would be a good day to share it!)

Jehovah, I Love You

Jehovah, I love you-
more than some others know;
'cause you were right there with me,
no matter where I'd  go.

When I was just a child,
being loved inappropriately,
the thought that you could see it
made a stronger girl of me.

When going through High School,
with friends and drugs to pressure me,
Your love, without me knowing,
was the truth that made me free.

And later in my life,
when all I felt was 'All Alone',
your written word was there,
to ease the fear of the unknown.

Jehovah, I love you-
Something that you already knew,
but that I need to put in writing,
because that is what I do!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Gift of Vintage Beads!!

    As much as I love to talk, today I'm not going to do much talking! I'm going to let my gift do the talking! A friend came over yesterday to help me do some housework and to play Scrabble with me (She's really good too!! I beat her 2 out of 3 games, but it was a dog fight the whole way through! ^_^ You know when I say dog fight....that means a lot of giggling, fooling around, and just plain fun!!!). Besides her fabulous company, she brought me a gift of vintage beads!!!! Plastic, glass, wood, etc....Take a look!!!
    These first ones are amber chips!
This is a string of plastic beads I can hang one of my crochet flowers off of!
This is shell chips!
These are some vintage clip earrings I can recycle....somehow!
More beads!!!
Some detached bead sections...
MORE beads!!!
     Aren't they fabulous!!! Well, if you're into vintage things you know what I mean. If not, I apologize for your....lack of appreciation for all things old!! LOL (I say that because I'm old!! Maybe I can change somebody's mind about how great "OLD" is! If not in bodies......how about in beads?!! ^_^)
   On a completely different note, I wrote this poem yesterday. Or, I should say, this poem wrote me! The first line of it kept going over and over in my head for some reason. And I was in a good mood all day yesterday too, so WHATEVER! I hope you enjoy it!...And have a good weekend everybody!!

Do You Ever...

Do you ever watch the news...
then you get the blues...
or have it really light your fuse?!

Do you try to turn away...
try not to let it ruin your day...
and then it does anyway?

Did you see the earthquake come...
Where the planes were coming from...
Or is it all now just 'Hum Drum'?

Did you say: 'Doesn't bother me!'...
'No! I really didn't see!'...
'Oh! That surely couldn't be!'?!

Do you ever want to cry...
Roll up your sleeves and give a try...
make all the children never die?!

It's hard to sometimes see the good
with all the damaged neighborhoods...
See things the way you know you should.

The T.V. news won't fill the bill...
Doesn't give our hope the needed thrill.
But God...I know he can. And will!

Friday, August 27, 2010


    Okay, I'm going to start off this post by saying, if you think that with my pre-menstrual cycle, sorry fellas,  starting it's routine onslaught for the umpteenth time in my 50 years of life, you're going to hear how great I handled the on-coming emotions, the skyrocketing cravings, and the feelings of just wanting to sleep and be crabby...YOU ARE VERY MUCH MISTAKEN!!!! LOL
   I have been tired, my legs have been spasmodic, my emotions have been all over the place (Laughing, crying, ANGRY!), and I have been craving chocolate and anything sweet I can get my hands on!!! I have been so good in the past about feeling the onslaught coming and doing things to hold it off...drinking lots of water, keeping raw celery sticks and nuts close at hand for quick snacking, listening to soothing music, and talking and writing up a storm to get my emotions out. But this time...I didn't hardly do ANY of that! It came on so unexpectedly!
   At my age every menstrual  cycle is "kinda" welcome, because I know that some time soon I won't be having them anymore. Up until last month, in fact, they were skipping lots of months in between. I thought that this was a sign of them imminently finishing! But Nooooooo! Here it is one month later and...SURPRISE!!! UGH!
   Here I was giving myself mental excuses for all of the things going on. You're tired because you haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Your legs are spasmodic because you really need to get some more exercise. You're so giddy because your husband can be so funny sometimes. You're so angry because your husband is a total idiot and doesn't know how to do anything right!!  Sorry honey. :-(
   But last night the visible evidence came as to why I'm being a crazy lunatic! My cycle has started again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When, Oh When, will I be done with this monster?!! (Stop Laughing at me too!!!) I know I'm not alone, but I'm probably alone in admitting that I'm not even going to try, at this late date, to be strong and start doing the things I need to do to ward it off! I WANT SUGAR!!!! LOL ... And I got some last night. Hello Ben!!!
    Yum! Yum!...And when you have a monstrous craving like mine, it has to be 'Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk' to the rescue!
    When my craving for chocolate ever got bad like this in the past, I would get my ice cream, take a few bites, and put it back in the fridge for later. 'Later' might even be months later when I would find the container frost bitten in the back of the freezer! A spoonful or two would have completely taken the memory of the rest of it out of my mind!...But not this time. As you can see, this whole container was TOAST!!
    I even had a few of these with it...
    I know.....Horrible! But guess what?! I feel great this morning! I'm calm, sugared up, and in a good mood! I know I should be all bloated and have a headache or an upset stomach or SOMETHING...but I don't! No one is more surprised about that...and pleased...than me!
    Are you shaking your head?! Well, I can make you feel even better...I also had bought these...
    ....Just pure sugar goodness in a bag!
         With Cherry flavoring...you know how much I love cherries! :-) And sweet and sour too!!! Hubby even bought some new kind for himself...
    ...with some sort of tangy filling in the middle of the Twizzler. YUCK! I can't eat THAT MUCH sugar!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I thought it was great that these...
    ...are LOW FAT!!!
     Yes People, sensibility and reasonableness is trying to return this morning. And I know myself well enough to know that I'll be good now, for about 3 or 4 days. Then the hormones will amp up again on their way out. {♫ It's so much fun being a girl! ♫} I guess I'd better get some celery sticks in this house! Does this happen to any of you?! Would you admit it?! ^_^

It might be time to pull this poem back out...and start again! :-))

Starting A New Diet

We're  now starting a new diet-
thanks to help from 'Dr. Phil'.
No more delusions about food.
Its time for thoughts of 'Getting Real!'

This is our first day on this road,
and I can see it will take work;
But if we get to feeling better-
Then, 'Less' of us will be the perk.

We've  gone from sugar-laced oatmeal
to cereal that is all-bran;
and down to normal sized portions
instead of eating from the pan.

We're  kind of different, Jeff and I.
Oh-How our lifestyle change will be,
because he likes to eat all day,
and I get hungry after three.

We have to eat three meals a day,
But then, we have two snack times too;
and I admit-the time preparing
isn't  that easy to do!

Jeff carries three of his meals
in a cooler, on his truck
so that when he's  feeling hungry
he can eat and not be stuck.

We're  eating vegetables and fruit
more than we ever thought we would.
We're  looking forward to the day
when we are thin, and feeling good.

That day, for Jeff, will come real soon.
For me, it might be quite a while.
As far as where we have to go-
he has an inch-i have a mile!

But after years of being fat
(But liking who I am inside)
I'm not so focused on weight loss-
as much as health is my true guide.

So, at the end of the day,
whether its months, or years from now,
I'd  like to look into the mirror
and let out a hearty "Wow!"

Maybe I won't  be teeny-tiny,
and my clothes won't  be real small-
But maybe I can go in service
with no cane-But standing tall.

And Jeff's, now, low cholesterol
could be a show of true endurance;
and we won't  have to pay as much
to get some better life insurance!