Monday, December 31, 2012

'OWL' Be Doing What?!!

      I've been seeing owls everywhere, but none as beautifully colored as this one!! I love it!! It has all of my favorite boutonniere thread colors in it!! :-) ... Once again I can say it: "People are so talented!!" I can see why this beauty won an award!!
     We don't have any owls in the backyard...that I know of anyway!...

       "Hey!.....I mean 'Hoo!'...owls, are you back there?! O_O" LOL

      Owls 'do' tend to be kind of unseen in wooded areas, don't they?! So 'Hoo' knows...I may have one back there and just have never seen him! :-] ... But we 'do' have woodpeckers, chickadees, and a resident cardinal! I know because I 'have' seen them....every day just about!! :-) 
      Something else I know we have back there is snow!!..I've seen it too!....iced-over snow! O_O I'd much rather look for....and 'at'...owls!....even Etsy owls!...

       I'm also gonna be looking at my books, some thread, some packages that need to be shipped, and some breakfast!! ^_^ I've got a lot on my plate today.....Well, not on my 'plate' exactly!....not all of it anyway! LOL
     Our meeting got switched around this week because of a visitor coming. So I have to put my schedule in hyper-gear in order to get everything done....which I 'will'...Jehovah God!!

      On a personal note, I want to say to a particular reader of my blog whose going through a tough health scare right now, I have YOU on my mind this morning...Sending good thoughts your way, and letting you know the best help you could possibly get is heading your way!! :-) 

       Have a good day, Everybody!!...The week is....OFF to a running start!!!!...Do good things with it, and let your words reflect your heart! :-))

Living Are The Words

All Poets through the ages,
from Poe to Maya Angelou,
have known the power of a word
and what the written word can do.

Words, alone, or in a sentence,
camouflaged or on their face,
are living breathing things,
occupying time and space.

Left within the mind
no one can hear them swear and curse.
When you release them by your speech,
their jab can go from bad to worse.

A complement is like the carving
of a golden apple's peel.
Falling gently on the hearer,
making shiny words a meal.

Cutting words are like a dagger
seeking out the mind and heart.
of the innocent and sure.
Pulling confidence apart.

Living breathing, in and out,
causing havoc every day.
You could be their vehicle.
So, be careful what you say.

Let good words inhabit spaces,
(which inevitably they do.)
And in receiving minds and hearts?
Let them flourish in there too!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Listen Euclid and Freyr...Enough Is Enough!!

      I don't wanna be out there in it, but the backyard looks like a picture postcard this morning! :-) Why, you ask?!...because day before yesterday storm 'Euclid' dropped about 3 or 4 inches on it....and last night storm 'Freyr' dropped another 7 inches on it!!!

       Looking at it from inside the house is the only way to enjoy it though, in my opinion!...especially since it's also only about 23 degrees out there! (Fahrenheit) O_O I feel bad for anybody that has to be out there in it!...Like the snow blower man.
       He plowed a path for us in the backyard yesterday, which was after 'Euclid', but before 'Freyr'. Just watching him having to stomp down the icy-topped snow piles before he could use the snowblower on them made me feel sorry for him! O_O Poor cold, wet, frozen-handed guy!!!...But better him than me!! ^_^

      I also feel sorry for the birds. :-( They look so pitiful when they come to the feeder...sometimes in groups. They're out there contending with....and nosily I might add...this sight...

      I mean...think about it...have you ever had your heart set on having a certain meal for dinner, and you went into the refrigerator to pull it out to cook it, and remembered that you put it in the freezer......Then you look in the freezer and see something that looks like this staring back at you?! O_O ...

      If so, how did 'YOU' feel?!.....Now do you feel sorry for the birdies?! ^_^

      They're kinda funny though. Every half an hour or so they come back, making all kinds of noise. They hop on the feeder, look at the food from all angles, squawk, hop in the tree, squawk, hop back on the feeder, squawk, hop down to the ground under the feeder, squawk....and then they make a lot of noise and fly off in a huff!! sounds like an angry huff flying to me anyway!! ^_^
       They don't stay angry for long though, because in a short period of time they come back and start the whole process over again!! :-) Unfortunately today, their return is not gonna heat the food up any more than it is....because we're due to be in the 20s, temperature-wise, all day!!...They better learn how to wield those sharp beaks and cut through that frozen icy food, or else they're gonna have to move to Florida!! LOL
    Frankly, looking out my window, Florida doesn't seem like such a bad idea!! ^_^ I mean...they've got sunshine, swimming pools, Walt Disney amusement parks, and Key Lime Pie!!!! :-)) ... while we have this!...

     Sorry about the shaky video, but I did an un-intended video setting switch on my camera somehow, and I don't know how to fix it now! LOL I'm not gonna try to either...because the photos are still coming out okay. 'Leave well enough alone' I always say!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! I'm off to get ready for my meeting....if we have one today with all of this snow on the ground, and roads still slippery they say....Ugh!

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are for quiet,
and for music in your ears.
Not for fretting over business,
or for struggle, or for tears.

Sunday mornings are for worship,
or for time to just relax.
Not for schedules that need keeping,
or for dealing with the 'Quacks'!

Sunday mornings are for slowness,
sipping on a cup of 'Joe';
Getting ready for the new week,
when you have to 'Go! Go! Go!'

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time For A 'Do-Over'?!!

      I know what you're thinking!...You're thinking: "Mr. and Mrs. Wug must've had some kind of intoxicating wild Friday date night!!...Otherwise why is she so late getting the blog post up today!! Huh?....HUH?!!!"...LOL.....Well, if that's what you're would be thinking waaaaay WRONG!! ^_^ ...Unless you call a big Sprite with a straw in it, and a glass of orange juice, intoxicating and wild! ^_^
      In fact, our 'date night' consisted of tacos, a fish and shrimp combo, watching a television special about Bible lands, and flipping back and forth to see weather reports of another upcoming storm that we're getting today....Ugh! O_O...The night was very relaxing....except for the weather reports!...*Inhale....Exhale....Repeat! LOL*

      The real reason I'm late with the post this morning is because hubby and I got into one of our conversations and I got side-tracked!! ^_^ ...{Plus I'm hormonal....but I won't talk about that part!! ^_^ You're welcome, fellas!}...Part of the conversation went like this:

     Me: "Here they go again now, with all of the New Year's eve commercials!...Did you see that one?!..*pointing at the tv*"
     Hubby: "What?"
     Me: "Jenny McCarthy supposedly kissed somebody randomly in Times Square last year and now they have a commercial on about who she's gonna kiss this year!...*shaking my head*...Have you seen that commercial?"
     Hubby: "No."
     Me: "I think it was somebody in a uniform....A soldier or somebody I think. I wasn't looking at it that close."
     Hubby: "No, it was a police officer."
     Me: *Puzzled*..I thought you said you didn't see it!
     Hubby: "I thought you meant did I see the whole thing last year when it happened! O_O"
      Me: "Why would I be asking, or care about what you saw in a commercial last year?!" O_O
     Hubby: "I don't know!!...LOL...Why are you asking me?!...I can't figure out why you care about who Jenny McCarthy is kissing on New Year's Eve!!! LOL We don't celebrate New Year's!!"
      Me: " O_O ...I DON'T care who she's kissing!! I was just talking about the commercial!!!!!" LOL

     And that was only part of the 'merry-go-round' of conversation we had this morning!! ^_^ Another part involved his father, his brother and him going out to take care of some family the storm!...Ugh!...I only have half a brain, people!...and I'm using it at full sparking strength this morning already!!! LOL
     THEN.....and yes, there was more! LOL....then I decided to show you the redo of one of my necklaces from my shop! I re-did it for my 'wedding section"! :-) ...but me and hubby had a difference of opinion on what colors would look good...He thought that if a bride was using it, the flower should be white. I wanted to use mustard yellow...This was the subject...

     I made it a long time ago as one of my 'Ugly Wuglyee' necklaces...

      And it's been sitting in the shop since then...too ugly to buy apparently!! LOL

    So I decided to give it a little 'do-over'!!...

     ...from a pink and pea green 'Ugly Wuglyee" button mess!!....with the glass center button removed altogether! a mustard yellow filigree glass bead wedding brooch! :-) ..

      What do you think?!...Do you think a white flower would have been better?!...I'm gonna make a matching men's boutonniere today. We'll see what kind of reception it gets! :-)) If it's not good...I'll do it over white!! LOL....Hey! I can be flexible!...except in silly round and round conversations about Jenny McCarthy I mean!! LOL

     Okay, I'm off to spend some time with 'ME'..and some yarn, some paper and a pen!!! :-)) Have a good day, Everybody!!

When I am alone

When I am alone,
with just my pen and pad,
I can talk about myself,
whether I'm  happy, tired or mad.

When I am alone
all the words just fly
from my brain of 'Busy'-ness
to the sight-line of the eye.

When I am alone
there is no veiled conflict;
There is only what I think,
and my ball-point Bic.

When I am alone
I can just be calm;
and if there's  been a fight,
words can soothe like balm.

When I am alone
I confirm, with glee,
that I really like myself
and that "I'd  be friends with me!"

When I am alone
there's  no loneliness;
and what I am feeling
I don't  have to guess-
I just put down pen, and press!     

Friday, December 28, 2012

You Did 'WHAT' In The Snow?!!

      Sorry I'm a bit late getting the post up today..for anybody that noticed!... ^_^ ...but I'm in 'old lady slow motion' today for some reason! I woke up like that! O_O Maybe it's leftover 'snow-lag' from yesterday or something. LOL
     And you know how it is when you're in slow motion to start off with!...Everybody and their mama wants to call you on the phone,...Everything on your body wants to hurt so bad that you can't move except for in slow motion,...And everything that could've happened later, just has to happen RIGHT NOW!!
   So here I sit, with a mind full of marbles rolling around, and a 'white-out' of brightness coming through the window...because of the 6 or 7 inches of snow we got yesterday...Ugh!...The good thing about it is that I don't have anything pressing to do today...unless I get a sale that needs to be shipped!... (which hubby already had to do once this morning..happily!!)...and It's FRIDAY DATE DAY!!! :-)...and my little winter birds are back at the feeder, including woodpeckers!! :-)
     If I could get photos of the woodpeckers and the cardinal together...wouldn't I be a SPECIAL photographer?!!!...No worries. It's NOT gonna happen!! ^_^ Instead I'll be happy to share other Etsian's photos, and items, with you...Items showing all of the great things you could do in the snow!!... :-) the snow-blowing photo in the header.

      You could go bob-sledding!...

    You can catch snowflakes with your tongue!...

      You could go snowboarding!...

      You could do some snow shoveling...if you're a sock monkey! ^_^ Very few real humans would 'choose' to shovel snow!! LOL...

     You could find a hill and go snow-sledding!...

     You could buy a big truck, hook a snow blade to the front of it, and go snow-plowing!...My hubby has been threatening to buy a truck and do this for years! :-)) 

           Snow-plowing pays very well, but it's really hard work!...Thankfully, with our finances, I can sleep good, knowing hubby is right next to me and not out on the highways plowing!! LOL...

     Moving on! :-)) ...You could go snowmobiling!...

      You could go skating in the snow!... sooooo many people in this area of the country like to do! could go skiing!...

       Now, none of these are what I'm gonna be doing in the snow today! I'm gonna be napping, crocheting, watching tv, and hanging out with my hubby! :-) ... And let's face it, Friday, Snow-day, or whenever!...those are things that I would be doing anyway!!! ^_^ I'm not a fan of messing with the 'white stuff'!! LOL
      What are you doing today?!.....And is snow involved?!....Even if not, have a good one! :-)

 You Probably Don't Care!

I know you probably don't care,
but I will tell you anyway!
I mean, I have to talk about it.
It's what I do most every day!

I know you have your own things going,
and my things? You could care less.
But I have to spill it, talk,
share, converse, chat, or confess.

Don't you have some days like that,
when you just 'let down your hair'?
Well, today was that for me,
and it's okay if you don't care!

As you see, it didn't stop me.
I'm still talking, cracking wise.
You don't have to read about it.
You can cover up over your eyes. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Can't See Birds Or Flowers Today!!

     At least I can see flowers in this shop!...*sigh*...The snow has completely covered the backyard now...

     We're in the midst of a very bad winter storm. It started around 7 p.m. last night, and it's been coming down at a good clip since then! As a matter of fact, at around 11 p.m. we already had about 3 inches on the ground!!
     As of right now we may have as much as 6 inches!! O_O ...And now...there's freezing rain falling on top of it!!...It's gonna be such a good day.....NOT!!!

      I sure hope birds can eat food with 'freezer burn'!! LOL...Although, eating apparently wasn't their most important priority yesterday!...At least not from my feeder! O_O I heard them out there early yesterday morning, and then.....nothing...not a peep!...for the rest of the day! O_O Curious!
     I should have known at that moment that while the weather people weren't sure what kind of storm it was gonna turn out to be, the birds did!! ^_^ They 'high-tailed' it outta here before the storm hit! They're probably somewhere in Florida (waaaaaay south of here!) laying on a chaise lounge, with their little bird legs crossed, and sipping on some mint juleps next to a swimming pool!! ^_^ ...while people around here are buying road salt and de-icer and absconding from the stores with every kind of snow shovel known to man! ^_^

      They may also be looking for warm scarves, gloves and hats!...I say, if they are, I've got the scarves you need, and a few fingerless gloves and hats in my Wuglyees shop! :-) ...And if you're looking for really pretty hats...even I would buy these myself!...check out the shop where the above cashmere flower came from!...

       She has these hats in some of the prettiest colors too! Just click on the photo to go by her shop and check them out! :-)

      Funny story: Hubby and I were joking around last night about what people were probably doing during the storm. I jokingly said: "They're probably online shopping! ^_^ I'm gonna go over to my shop right now and there's gonna be a sale. You just watch!!!"
     He said sarcastically: "Righttttt! *wink! wink!*...Of course I was sure there wasn't gonna be a sale. I just was making a joke...Lo and behold, there wasn't "a" sale. There were three!!!!! ^_^ I was floored!! I's "AFTER" Christmas and I'm not having a sale in my shop!!! ^_^ ...Surprised?!......Surprised is not the word!....FLABBERGASTED!!! ^_^ ....and Oh Yeah!.....VERY happy!!! :-)
      Now I just have to wait for the storm to cal down some, and for the authorities to make the roads more drivable, so that I can get their items shipped! O_O ...The Postal Service may have the motto: 'Neither rain, sleet or dark of night, will stop us from getting your packages to you,....' Or something like that! ^_^...but "I" am NOT the postal service! I'm a falling 'white stuff' dis-liking Wug!! LOL
       I'm sitting here with breakfast in bed (eggs, bacon and oatmeal with peaches, cinnamon and honey)..."Thank You, Baby! :-)" ♥♥♥...waiting out the storm with my 6-foot honey. :-) I'm in no hurry to ship, crochet.......or flip left and this moment!! LOL 
      I'm sure that'll change this afternoon when the freezing rain and snow stops, so if anybody else wants to order something to be shipped 'NOW'S THE TIME'!! ^_^
      If you're snowed in, rain-soaked, hiding inside in your air-conditioning, or whatever.....what are you doing with your time?! :-] ... Whatever it is, have a good day Everybody!! {The poem below was not about this snow storm, but I think you'll get the 'drift'! LOL}


TRAPPED! Another snow storm!
Will this "STUFF" never end?!
We've be wolloped, punched, and socked,
and now?! Another one on the chin!

'Adding insult to the injury',
there will be an inch of ice!
I guess winter thought we needed
just a little 'SCARY' spice!

Do I sound bitter? Sick of it?
About to lose my snowed-in mind?!
Well, that would be correct!
That is, the brain cells I can find!

TRAPPED! Sick of snow,
and it's icicles everywhere!
Good thing I have crochet!
It will replace my pulled out hair! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bacon.....and eggs?!!! Really?!!

     Was that wrong?!... ^_^ lure you here with a vision of bacon and an egg, only to let you find out that it's not an eatable bacon and egg?!!...sorry. :-) But that's the same thing that happened to me! LOL I saw it yesterday when I was in full 'waiting for breakfast' mode....hubby was in the kitchen! :-) 
      When I first realized that it was soap I have to admit that I was kinda disappointed. I mean...a blog post about an Etsy shop that ships bacon and eggs would've been soooo cool! LOL...But after the disappointment came admiration. Admiration or someone who could create something sooooo cool!! :-)
     Then started the search for cool! :-)) And where would I start?....besides my very own wedding line o crochet boutonnieres I mean!! ^_^ Say hello to the wedding 'button'-ieres section of my Wuglyees shop!!...

     These are the only ones I have in there right now, but I'll be working on it a little at a time.

     As I was saying..^_^...I went on a search for cool! And since I already had eggs on the brain, I went in search of cool...eggs!
     Now I know you're saying.....WHAT?!!! Cool eggs?!!! ...O_O...But wait until you see what I found!!!

      More beautiful eggs...but un-eatable eggs!! :-) ... People are so creative, Y'all!!...Speaking of which, check out these eggs too!...

      Pretty cool eggs, right?! ^_^ ... Now all I have to do is go and find some cool bacon!! Ha! Ha!

      Frankly, bacon is not on my mind this morning. Getting prepared for the big storm we may be getting, starting tonight, is what's on my mind this morning!! O_O The weather people are 'all a-flitter' about it! Unfortunately they can't tell yet whether it's gonna be a 1-3 inch event, or a 6 to rain...event!! They're watching the 'weather models' to find out.
      You know what that means!! O_O...That means that we should probably go outside in our yard, lick our pointer finger, hold it up to the four winds, and see if snow lands on it, or it freezes like a Popsicle!! Ha! Ha!
     Anyway!! ^_^ The storm is not coming until late this evening, and my stomach is growling right now!..."Here I come, Breakfast!!!!" :-) ... Have a good day, Everybody!

 That Something Different

I like things that are different.
Things that somehow catch my eye.
Things not quite 'Just The Same'.
Things that make me want to buy.

I can't put my finger on it
as to why they move me so.
They're not whimsical or gory;
And not lavish. This I know.

Sometimes it's just their color.
Other times it's how they're worn;
Or Sometimes it's just how beautifully
they're painted, sewn, or torn.

With 'Different' as the gauge,
it could be almost anything.
I guess that's why I keep on looking.
Hoping for that 'Different' zing.

When I find that 'Something Different',
I'll pay cash or click or dial;
Or I may just show it off;
(Like I just did) and sit and smile.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Morning Looks Like.....

       I suppose the first thing I talk about this morning shouldn't be what my morning 'looks' like!...because that's not the first experience I had when I woke up! First was the 'waking up craving' for a nice hot cup of sweet cream-filled coffee! :-) ... Yesssssss! A nice 'Dunkin' Donuts' coffee, with sugar and hazelnut creamer, would taste sooooooooo good right now!...But, alas, I'm not gonna get it!...Why?...Because 'Dunkin' Donuts' (the local coffee shop), and everything else around here too I might add, is closed this morning because of the holiday. 
    So instead of talking about coffee, I'll tell you about what the house smells like!...It smells like sausage...

          ...Noooooo! Not that kind of sausage!! ^_^ I'm talking about the kind of sausage you sink your teeth into and chew!! LOL.......Ummmmmmm!...Hubby is making one of his 'world class' breakfasts again this morning...Sausage, eggs, cheese grits and toast! :-)
       So what that I don't have coffee to go with it...;'_';...Okay, I won't try to put a good face on it. I REALLY want a cup of coffee!! O_O And the brand new can of 'non-instant' coffee that we were given as a gift a while back is 'not gonna cut it'!! LOL We no longer have a coffee maker! (I gave it away because we never used it! Ha! Ha!)
      Before I take off to eat though, let me show you what else my morning looks like!....

      Yep! It looks like snow!!...It apparently started falling after midnight last night...

      It's still lightly coming down right now, but you can't see it in most of these photos...As YOU know, I'm not a big fan of the 'white stuff', but I must say it does make for a nice quiet blanket on the backyard...

      It even makes hubby's barren garden area look kinda cute! :-] ... I don't know why I was so surprised to see it!....Well, yes I do! It was because for days the weather people were saying it wasn't gonna snow. Then they started the whole 'maybe we'll get some snow for Christmas' thing...which I thought they were saying because of their wishful thinking. So I dismissed it. O_O Then I wake up this morning and BAM!!!.....snow!...

     Hubby's footprints on it confirmed that it indeed was not the weather man's wishful thinking! LOL It really is snow! ^_^...I really should have known yesterday. It was a 'snow sky'...


       So that's what my morning looks like!...Peaceful....What about yours?! :-) 

Peaceful Moments

Peace is what I'm after.
No concerns to vex my head.
No disturbing complications.
No emotions to be read.

Peaceful contemplation.
Mental 'Playing in the yard'.
No 'You have to do this!" wording.
Nothing strenuous or hard.

Quiet, simple peace.
No one's problems I should fix.
No concentrated effort.
No new wrinkles in the mix.

Yes, peace is what I'm after.
Nothing pressing me 'to do'.
I want peaceful little moments.
And I'm gonna get them too! 

      By the way, hubby 'jimmied up' a cup for coffee for me. ^_^ He strained the coffee grains with a chicken grease splatter screen. LOL....That's my husband!! :-)