Sunday, August 31, 2014

We Both Know August Is....GONE!!...............Hello September!! :-)

      Can you believe how fast the time is flying?!!! O_O I mean, I know I've been busy this month, but WOW!! Tomorrow will be the first day of September already!!...And no...the header photo is not from my backyard! ^_^ It was a gift photo from a fellow Etsian, Tamara. ♥
      Fall, or Autumn, is coming fast!!! I can already see the leaves dying on the branches as they blow around in the wind. NOT VERY PRETTY! LOL...But the colors that are coming soon WILL BE pretty!! ^_^ In fact, my latest crochet hat and brooch set has a kind of Fall/Autumn color pallette! :-)

      Pretty, right?! ^_^ 

      Well, they 'ain't no pancakes'!! LOL And that's what I'm suppose to be woofing down right about now, right?!! ^_^ Unfortunately, pancakes aren't on the menu today. Hubby is chicken-sitting for our friends again today, so eggs are on the menu! ^_^
      I guess I should be more precise and say hubby is chicken-sitting AND chicken-wrangling today! :-)) Somehow.....they got out!!! Ha! Ha! He has to 'wrangle them doggies' back into the yard....away from the neighbor's yards! O_O ... He is having waaay too much fun with those chickens!! LOL

       In other news, another treasury is here! ^_^ ...

      This one had my 3-layer white and black flower pin in it! :-) ...

    ...and a few other cuties too!...

      Truthfully, the whole treasury is worth a 'look-see'! ^_^ Just click on the treasury above and go see for yourself! :-]

      Now, I'm off to have a little lunch with the chicken-wrangling chicken-sitter! LOL No chicken is on the menu!! LOL Have a good rest of your Sunday, Everybody! ♥ ... {If you've been around here a while, you've seen this poem (below) before. But I thought it was rather appropriate today!..And besides, I can't be writing poems every day!! Sometimes you just have to know your limitations! ^_^}

Color Is

Auburn is the setting sun.
Blue is a mood.
Black is the night sky.
Brown is dog food.

Green is the grass.
Yellow is the sun.
Gray is the stormy sky.
Purple is just fun.

Pink is carnations.
Plum is a fruit.
Tan is for shoes.
Beige is just cute.

Turquoise is terrific!
Teal is where it's at!
Blue-green is the color
that I have to have...STAT!

Gold is a metal.
White is plain, mild.
Red is a fire.
Orange is hog wild! 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Artistically Colorful Cowboy Hats?

      I guess you probably know by now that my schedule for August has been a 'bear'!! Grrrrrrowl!! :-)) It's been nice!...but it's been tedious! And tedious is not a bad thing, considering the results! ^_^
      Hubby is doing great with his volunteered spiritual time for the month. A few more hours and he'll have it!! :-) And I'm doing fine too! I have a few things that need some hair needs washing, my nails need doing, I need a facial (or some soft sandpaper for my face! LOL),  and my feet?!....let's not talk about them!!! LOL...but all in all it's been a great and very rewarding month!
     I've even got my creative crochet vibe back!! ^_^ I'm making hats, and thinking: "color...Color.....COLOR!!!!" ^_^ And these are the colors of my latest hat!...

      Maroon, yellow, black, beige, and persimmon! :-) ...

      I really wasn't sure about the yellow. But I kept going anyway!! LOL...

      ...and's too late now! ^_^ It's all done!!...

      And Shequita isn't too much the worse for wear!! ^_^ (below)...

      I haven't listed it yet because I'm still working on the four flower brooch pins that I'm going to sell with it!! ^_^ That's my new thing. Flower brooch pin accessory pins! :-) The hats will have a brooch pin for every color in the hat!! ^_^

      I should've thought of that idea when I made this hat!...

      Who knows...I guess I could still alter the listing. :-) ...

      But, for now, it remains in the shop 'as is'! :-]

      Before I show you the four treasuries I was suppose to show you yesterday, let me tell you about my 'virtual' date yesterday!! ^_^ We took a long ride in the country through a section of Connecticut. :-)
      It was so nice seeing the beginnings of the foliage changing for the upcoming Fall season. It seems a bit early, especially since the weather is still quite warm! But whatever! ^_^ It was still nice anyway!! The only snafu was a small incident of RUNNING OUT OF GAS!!! LOL
      Not kidding!! LOL The car stopped right in the middle of the road!...Thankfully it was an old country road without much traffic, and hubby only had to stick his arm out of the car and wave people around him a couple of times!! ^_^ Let me stop here and give a big SHOUT OUT! to the nice man that helped push the car out of the middle of the road too!! ^_^ People are so nice and helpful in the country! ^_^
      Once we were back on the road....thanks to a friend who was quick to come to our rescue, and a handy two-gallon gas can from the trunk...which I'm thankful I let hubby talk me into buying now!! LOL...we went right back to our ride, stopping only for foot-long chilli dogs, and soft serve ice cream cones, dipped in cherry sauce!! YUM!!! ^_^ It was a great Friday date!!!!
    Speaking of Friday, this was one of the Etsy treasuries yesterday! :-) ...

      It included my crochet hat...

      ...and this artistically cute teddy bear!...

      Then there was this beautiful white-themed treasury!...

      This treasury included my recently-made lace wedding shawl! :-) ...

      Then there was this blue-themed "Sky" treasury!...

      ...with one of my variegated lapel pins in it...

      ...and this gorgeous mug!!...

      Wait! O_O I said FOUR treasuries, right?!.....Sorry. There's actually five. One was curated today and I decided to go ahead and throw it in too!! ^_^ ...

      Okay!...I'm all done for today!! ^_^ Now...back to the crochet brooch pins! :-) I have to try to finish them while the light is still good. Maybe I'll be able to get some decent photos for a change!...If I don't fall asleep first!! LOL Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! ♥ I have news to share tomorrow or Monday...which will be no longer August! :-]

Fall Is The Tree

Fall is the tree,
with its colors all set free
in the orange and red you see,
and the golden leaves in the
honey-colored harmony
of a busy bumble bee.

Its so beautiful that we
don't even have to pay a fee
for the stark tranquility
that just fills our heart with glee.

Fall is the tree,
and it makes us hit our knee,
and thank God so humbly
for the unlocked door and key
to our visual memory.
All the other seasons flee,
but the fall is the tree.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hubby Picked Up A Strange 'Hitch-Hiker' Today!

     I'm gonna spare you from having to look at another Etsy treasury from me today!... :-)) ...but just for today!...because tomorrow I have 'four' treasuries to share with you!! ^_^ I would be sharing them now, but I got into what I was doing, sleeping, crocheting, talking, etc...and now I don't have time!! LOL
     Instead I'm gonna take a quick minute to show you my hubby's little 'ride-along' as he was going from place to place today! :-) Just look closely...He's GREEN!!! O_O ...

      He's also HUGE!!! O_O Hubby says while he was driving down the street, he looked up and..."Bam!"...he saw this green attenaed 'critter' just sauntering across the windshield!! O_O All I have to say is 'better him than me!' :-)) I think I would've had an 'attention-to-the-road' problem!! LOL
       Doesn't he look like a leaf?! ^_^ ...

     A really BIG leaf...for a 'critter' I mean!!! LOL

      I think I like him better when he's just hiding under the luggage rack!! LOL...

      While hubby was riding green hitch-hikers around, I was crocheting another hat!! ^_^ ...

      I'm not exactly sure what it's gonna look like when it's finished. Although I 'do' know it will be a 'one-of-a-kind'! ^_^ No one else would 'dare' put these colors together!! LOL...

      Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished product tomorrow...along with some more treasuries of course! ^_^

      Okay...I have a meeting!...'Ciao!...Adios!...Bye-Bye'!! ^_^

Animals Everywhere

There are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Do you see them when you travel?
Do you have some in your lives?

The chickens in the yard
step and jut their necks in stride;
Cackling birdie conversation
as you throw seed side to side.

Horses gallop down the hill,
through the field outside the gate;
Along the beach edge of the water
their strong legs will dominate.

All their waking hours
kittens tumble, jump and leap;
Then they curl up anywhere,
purr and breathe a peaceful sleep.

Baby chicks will follow
right behind their Mama's wings.
But they sometimes get distracted,
and their Mama's "Cluck!" then rings.

Doggies know their station.
They're secure in who they are.
They unguardedly will love you.
Just as quick, they'll chase a car.

There's many things that we can learn
by just watching what they do.
But let's not imitate their aggression,
and their need to balk and chew.

Let's recognize where we're alike.
Both of our constant needs for love,
And there is food, shelter, attention,
and much more we could speak of.

Yes, there are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Giving lessons by example,
and so much meaning to our lives.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Baby Wuglyee'.....In Rainbows!
(Crochet Blanket, Multicolor Rainbow Sweater Baby Wrap by Wuglyees)

      The last time you...the regular readers of this blog...might've seen my dear 'Baby Wuglyee' bear, was back when he and I were having a little chat about some earrings I had him wearing! :-)) Uhhh...he wasn't very happy with me! ^_^ So, in a much better mood, and making another small appearance here on the blog, I am very happy to present my one and only 'Baby Wuglyee', showing off something less eyebrow-raising, and a lot more colorful and warm!! :-)

      Yes, it's my rainbow sweater baby blanket! :-) ... This is how it was looking the last time I showed it to you...That is, how it was looking after I re-found it and did a couple more rows on it!...

      It was kind of an embarrassment to me that I hadn't finished it!...And even more than that, that I had put it away...UNFINISHED!...and couldn't remember where I had locked it away at!! ^_^
      But...I re-found it!...and I was determined this time to finish it!!!...After a couple more color sections...and IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!...I remembered why it was that I had put it away!! LOL Each row was extremely time-consuming, and WOW!...this blanket eats up yarn!!!! O_O By the time I was done with it.....YES! I did, in fact, Finish It! ^_^...I realized that I had sunk about $55.00 worth of yarn into it, and 2 years worth of time!!!! and on, that is. Mostly OFF!! LOL But now that it's done...and it's listed in my Wuglyees Etsy shop for sale...I can report: "I LOVE It!!!" ^_^ ...

      It's all I initially envisioned that it would be, and more!! :-) ...

      'Baby Wuglyee' even loves it!! :-) ...

      I hope that someone else will buy it and love it too, even though it's kinda costly right now, because of the time and materials. But, frankly, if I added a million dollars to the price it wouldn't be enough for this one! This was what I call crochet 'WORK'!! :-] LOVE...and crochet work. Yes!...But still...WORK!!! ^_^

      And before you think you can get off the hook with just some rainbows! ^_^ I'm gonna leave you with a couple more treasuries and the items that were chosen for them! :-) ...


      Okay...time to go and find some more rainbows before the cool of September gets here!! Or at least another hat to crochet!! ^_^Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥


The changing of the seasons,
squirrels that scurry everywhere,
a cup of steeping apple cider,
and the crisp and cooler air.

Cozy scarves and football games,
and harder to get out of bed,
worrying whether frost will come,
and what is flying overhead.

September brings a lot of thoughts,
and some reflection will be sad.
But as the years and seasons change,
good thoughts replace the bad we've had.