Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do You Stop and Smell The Roses, Or Ever Just Take Time To Notice The Flowers?

        I make flowers, crocheted flowers, all the time, for my Wuglyees shop. But I seldom take time to look at what flowers other people are making!...Thanks to this beautiful Treasury by mon12 I remedied that oversight! :-) And I found out that lots of people are making lots of pretty flowers!!
      I mean, look at this cute Rainbow Flower Crochet Foot Thong by loves2docrafts2.
      That could be kinda fun for summer for those who like "cute", but don't really wanna wear shoes this summer! ^_^
     And how about, for color, this set of 6 Crocheted Fancy Flowers by FineThreads?!
       Who wouldn't just get happier looking at these?! :-) ...Or at this?!
        It's a Yellow Meadow Daisy Brooch Pin by Nothingbutstring!...Just beautiful!
     I loved this set of 4 Summer Sunflower Coasters by HoneyBeeAffairs too!
       You can see, there's all kinds of beautiful, well-made, colorful, and cute flowers out there!!....Oh Yeah! And mine! ^_^ This is the one she had in the Treasury...
      ...It's my Powder Moon Flower Crochet Necklace...So, I shared all of this to say: I can appreciate a good-looking flower!! Maybe I don't look around or lift my head to look at them as often as I should, but I'll try to do better, little flowers, and you flower-makers! :-)
      And for those who like to smell the roses?....
     ...a little Rose in a Vase Fine Art Print by Lori411. :-) ...BACK UP!!! Stop sniffing the screen!! ^_^ It doesn't work...I tried it! ^_^
    Okay, I'm off for the day! Got some last minute April things to do! {Speaking of which, I'll be picking the Giveaway winner tomorrow. Today is your last chance to get entered. See the rules and the item being given away over on the right hand side bar. Just click and read! :-)}
      Lastly, Congratulations to the happy couple who themselves stopped to smell the roses yesterday! :-)

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Somebody Getting Married Today?!...Hmmm... :-]

       It's a little after 4:00a.m. here in Holyoke and I'm up with the T.V. on waiting to see William and Kate's wedding. BUT WHO ISN'T?!!! LOL I'm not all about the pomp and circumstance, or about the politics of it all (I'm neutral on all politics, except spiritual Kingship! I definitely have a side on that! :-)), or even about all the details that we've been hearing E-N-D-L-E-S-S-L-Y!!
     I'm a sucker for a love story, and a sucker for a wedding!! :-) There...I said it!! I've been married almost 29 years myself, and I love to see people in love! And I love to see them brave enough to declare that love in front of everybody they know! :-)
    So, in honor of all those getting ready to get married ,and for those thinking about how they're going to look when they say "I Do", I'm sharing wedding dresses! {To see extra views of the dresses, prices, and descriptions, just click on the photos and go to the shop where you can find them}
         Okay, so who are we kidding today?! I know whose wedding you really care about! ^_^ And as soon as the flower girl makes her appearance...
        ...and Prince William and Harry come in and take their places, we'll finally see the wedding of William and his Kate....or Katherine. :-) 
        I Love A Love Story!!! And I love a wedding!!! So, I'm off to keep my eyes on all of the festivities!! Have a good day everybody!!

New Marriage

Congratulations, You two!
Your new life has just begun.
Each other you may have known,
but what was two, will now be one.

One in your love for each other.
One in your mind and your heart.
One in co-operation.
One in this new life you'll start,
as married folks-never apart.
(Gen. 2:24)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

NOTE TO SELF: Grab All Those Rocks You've Been Collecting, Girl...!!

     You ever have one of those times where you're just sitting somewhere and letting your mind wander, or where you're sitting somewhere trying to wrangle your mind back into control...*Teehee*...and you see something that totally grabs your attention and gets your creative juices flowing?! 
       Well, that's what happened to me last night. I was so tired from a busy, busy, day and I needed to go to bed...but my mind wouldn't slow down enough for me to put it into sleep mode. {Note to self: In your next 'spare time and mental sleepy moment', work on creating a "sleep Mode" button for humans! LOL}  
      As I was scrolling through Etsy pages, nosing around in everybody's shops, I saw this stone covered in Lace Crochet by Monicaj and it stopped me in my tracks! {Or as Mario Andretti would say: it threw my brain out of "Race" mode, and into "neutral". LOL} WOW!! It's a smooth stone covered in a little lace crochet doily...kinda!! And it's so pretty!! :-)
    Is it just me, or is this the cutest thing you ever saw?!....or, at least, the greatest idea for a paperweight you ever saw?! :-))
      Okay, so I fully admit that it was probably the flower in the middle of the lace that initially caught my attention! But when I saw that it was wrapped around this black smooth stone...I was fully invested, mentally creatively-speaking. :-))
    I had never seen anything like this before...So then I asked myself: "Is this another unique Etsy shop, or is it a trend that you are just the last one to find out the "Angry Bird" thing! {Speaking of which.....WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!! Why is the bird or duck angry? Why is it okay for kids to be trained to sling them across a room? and How is it that adults are getting addicted to the video version of the game of 'Angry Bird'?!....HUH?!! O_0 I don't get it! LOL}...But I digress. :-]
       So, I went on an Etsy search for stones laced in crochet and this is what I found:
     ...Some more covered stones, this time a set of 3 Black Crocheted Lace Stones by Monicaj. In fact, she has a whole section in her shop dedicated to these...what she calls: Lacestones.
       And then I found this Bronwyn's Crochet Covered River StitchHappens7.
     And found out that she's got a whole beautifully colored section in her shop with these crochet covered stones!
      I looked some more, and Lo and Behold...found these 3 River Pebble Stones, Nature decorated, hand made, covered with vintage lace flower motif in the shop of Mintook!
    And guess what?! She's got a section in her shop dedicated to these nature decorated stones too!
     Now my mind is reeling over all the different crochet possibilities there are for these little crochet covered stones or rocks!! And the fact that I have a ton of rocks myself{My presumed black diamonds-*Teehee*}, has me thinking that maybe I should start making some of these babies with my crocheted flowers on them for my generous friends! What do you think?! :-) Hence, the title of today's post!! LOL
    By the way, I saw something else in my search too.
     It's a Pottery Bird Feeder by JimAndGina. My backyard would look Sooooo cute with one of these hanging in it!....Okay, so it didn't have anything to do with crochet....or rocks, for that matter! But it did catch my attention! ^_^ Just goes to show you that a wandering mind gathers no moss....or a sleepy girl needs to just GO TO BED!!! LOL


Sapped, low,
weary, slow.

Dragging about,
plum tuckered out.

Fatiqued, spent,
No power surge sent.

Depleted, drained,
almost empty-brained.

Pooped, sucked dry,
out of gas, can't try.

Exhausted, fried,
 done in, mopey-eyed.

Tired? There's no doubt!
'Cause I'm all petered out.      

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After The Night I Had, Chocolate Seemed Appropriate First Thing This Morning!!

                           {Chocolate Gingersnaps by whimsyandspice}
         Now, all I need to do is get me a HUGE cup of coffee...with something in it that takes away your memory!...or at least your consciousness for a while. UGH!!
     I almost hate to tell you what happened, but I will....AFTER some chocolate! 
                      {...A Lover's Rose and Heart Locket by NewFashionedWhispers}
     What?!!!...Not all chocolate has to be food!! ^_^ In fact, the things in prettywoman101's Etsy Treasury are not just chocolate, but Chocolate VINTAGE...!
        It may not taste good, but it sure looks good! :-) And I'm very honored to see my Chocolate Brown and Pumpkin Orange Brazilian Citrine Crochet Necklace in among all of these other chocolate goodies!
         ...And if you want to buy it ($38.00) I won't mind seeing it disappear from my Wuglyees shop ONE BIT! Ha! Ha!
      A few of the items that stood out to me in this treasury are the Rare 1960s Pierre Cardin houndstooth skirt PennyDreadfulVintage...

       ...the Navajo Lullaby Collectible Plate by dvintag...
      ...and the Amber Bottle Collection by TheVintageParlor.
       All of the shops where these items came from have other fabulous items, at very good prices, in them! So, if you're looking for some chocolate, like I was this morning, please go over and take a look!
     The reason I needed chocolate this morning is because another spider showed up!!!! O_0 If you saw the blog post from the other day that I did about the original spider, HERE, then you know why I needed chocolate this morning!!
    Hubby was giving me a back rub last night, when all of a sudden he yelled something out loud {I still don't know what he said!}, and barreled across the room with his eyes zoned in on something, wielding a full roll of toilet tissue that he grabbed on the way!!
    I sat up and looked, and "Oh Noooooooo!!!" It was another one of those monster spiders!!!!! But this one was smaller...about half the size of the original one!...*gulp!*...A "baby" perhaps?!!...*gulp!* O_0
    Hubby whacked it and mashed it...{sorry, insect lovers, but it HAD TO GO!!!! Enough is enough now!!}...and flushed it!...Then we had a loooooong conversation{waaaay longer than hubby would have liked, for sure! LOL} about where these spiders are coming from! Is it because of all the snow this winter, and they are getting washed into a drain pipe somewhere?!
    Hubby suggested that maybe they were making their way in through the bathtub drain pipe....WHAT????!!!!! Apparently our water in the toilet has been loudly running and he has been turning off the water at night!! O_0 He says that without the water in the pipe, maybe the spiders have been crawling up that way!....YIKES!!!
    So, needless to say, the repairman will be here THIS MORNING!!! At this point I don't care how much it costs, or who has to pay for it!!...I didn't get any sleep last night! I woke him up a few times when I remembered other ways the spiders might get in, like...doesn't the drain pipe go to other places in the house?!!! O_0
    Now, the drain to all tubs, kitchen sinks and everything are CLOSED!!! LOL Until the plumber gets here, those drained will be opened on a "need to" basis!!!...Do I hear laughter?!...Are you laughing at me?!!...Go ahead! ^_^ I'd be laughing too, if I wasn't so exhausted and unable to sleep...I have to be on SPIDER WATCH again!!
     Remind me....Why do I enjoy my backyard, and living near the woods, again!!...Somebody is gonna need a B-I-G nap after all of this!!! O_0 It's a good thing this week is half over! I don't know if I could make it if it was just beginning like this! At least, not without a WHOLE LOT MORE chocolate!!!! 


Half-Way away from Monday.
Half-Way to the end of the week.
Half-Way with a hump in the middle.
Half-Way, like a quarterback sneak.

Half-Way is what Wednesday is.
Half-Way from where the good times have been.
Half-Way to the goal of beginning.
Half-Way back to now start it again!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Already Knew That I was Spoiled Rotten, But Now This?!

      In yesterday's blog post I mentioned to you that I got a delivery Sunday night. Well, the handmade tissue paper and pearl bead brooch flower in the header photo was part of the packaging on what was delivered! In fact, it's part of the gift! :-)
        I got a phone call from one of my girlfriends. She said she had something she wanted to bring over. I was afraid that with me and hubby hacking and barking, and both of us trying to get rid of fevers, it might be a little dangerous for her to come into "sick-house-central"!! LOL 
     She would not be deterred though, from bringing this package! She said: "Well, I'll come over, leave it at the door, ring the bell...and run!" LOL And so that's what she did!! ^_^
      This is what she left on the doorstep!!
       When I opened it and looked inside I was flabbergasted!!! It was packed full of individual gifts of all kinds of handmade or homemade things!!
       Apparently, a bunch of women friends of mine from my Kingdom Hall (The Kingdom Hall is our place of worship. We're Jehovah's Witnesses), got together and decided to give handmade care packages to ones who are sick, facing challenges, etc... The card says they're calling themselves...
     ...the Holyoke Happy Makers! :-)) That's a great name ladies! You sure made me happy!! ^_^ I don't know whose idea this was, but kudos, a big 'high five', a hi yo yippee, and a happy dance to you!! :-)
      I happen to be the happy spoiled lady on the receiving end of this gift at this time, but I would like to be put on the list of the anonymous contributors for the next time you send one to someone else, please!! :-) ... Let me show you what all was in here!
       Starting with this bundle of Kleenex tissues, mints, hand sanitizer and tea!       
     Then there was this large ribbon wrapped jar...
     ...full of a homemade scrub that I can use for my feet, face, or whatever! :-) She even put the ingredients on the side, in case I was allergic to something! Do these friends know me, or what?!! LOL
      There was also some moisturizing hand lotion...
     ...and this little kit...
     ....with all the tools to make my lotioned-up hands look pretty! :-)
        ....Also a Cucumber Melon scented jar candle...
      ...and some anti-bacterial hand gel...
     ...Then there was this! A gorgeous handmade scarf... that beautiful chocolate brown color I love so much too! :-) 
     Speaking of chocolate, there was also some of that in the bag too! Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, to be exact! :-)
     I said was because the only thing left of those 'babies' is a sweet memory and a blue ribbon!! ^_^ {How do you think I knew they were chewy?! LOL}
    That wasn't the only eatables in the bag though! There was also these powdered almond-looking cookies, which I shared with hubby. {He was looking so pitiful! LOL}...
     ...and this package of, what looks like, Chocolate and Coconut balls...
      ....along with some sort of green and black caribe tea. It's a blend I've never had. I'm looking forward to enjoying that!!
     To round out the bag, there was this little enclosed foil and ribbon wrapped gift!
      You should have been here to smell the room when I opened it!
      It was a little bag of homemade potpourri!...I don't know exactly what it is, but it smells like dried cranberry, orange or lemon, with a hint of lavender.
      I love any kind of citrus scent anyway!...I'm noticing more and more how this wasn't just some random gift bag, but that I was specifically thought of with each and every gift. ;'_';
     And Oh Yeah, I forgot....there was also this half-eaten chocolate brownie in there...
     Okay!! So, it wasn't half-eaten when I opened the bag!! ^_^ It actually looked like this...
      I think this brownie may be the reason why I'm all well today! LOL {That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL}
    And don't let me forget the bag itself!!
       I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it's done in a basket-weave kind of. Very durable.
     Plenty of room in there for....say....yarn and stuff!! ^_^
      Go ahead and say it.....SPOILED ROTTEN!!! ^_^ I know I am! I don't take it for granted either! I've got the best friends in the whole wide world!!! "I love you guys!!" :-) ...Okay, let me go and see about the other un-eaten part of that brownie. Health maintenance! ^_^

Who is a Friend?

Dependable and loving,
all your jokes make perfect sense;
To keep you happy and unharmed,
they'd gladly spare no small expense.

They know your moods,
Can take the heat.
They know the things
you like to eat.

Will tell you things
that lift your fear,
and even the things
you don't want to hear.

They'll quickly point out
your pannicky smile;
and pull up your slip
that's been hanging a mile.

They'll be your cheerleader-
Pom Poms in the air!
And when others are gone,
they will always be there.

Laughter and glee,
sobs and deep pain,
are shared by this friend,
in the sun or the rain.

Your accomplishments cause
only joy to their heart;
When they see your success,
it's as if they're a part.

And even though they know
the very worst that you do,
they map your intentions-
and they still love you.

So who is this friend?
It's your mother, your wife,
your neighbor, your kid,
someone who's sharing your life.

They may be close, and related,
or live very far;
but this friend is your friend
and they know who you are.

Your secrets are safe,
your feelings secure,
their shoulder is ready,
and their motives are pure.