Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Mind Has Me Twisting And Turning!

     You ever have so many things on your mind, and so many issues to figure out, that your mind tries to work them out for you...while you're trying to sleep?! :-] Well, that's what is going on with me lately!! It seems that just as I get one thing figured out, something else pops up to take it's place...and multiply!! O_O
      I think my brain is tired of me trying to figure things out, and it wants to do it all by itself now...in twisting and turning 'cat naps'! LOL I say that because all I wanna do is sleep!!...Nap!...Catch a few Zzzzzzs!! :-) And because of that, I'm always noticing all of the items on Etsy that would probably...at least in my mind!...make my resting and thinking time a lot more comfortable! ^_^

   I usually notice pillows!!...and those creative Etsians are making all manner, style, color, materials, texture, and size of PILLOWS!! :-) I can almost feel my eyes closing, and my head bobbing up and down, just thinking about them! LOL
    I especially love the colorful ones...big surprise right?! ^_^...like the lumbar pillow in the header photo!...I even like the grey corduroy back-side of the pillow (shown in the photo above).

     And, of course, along with color, I do SO love a pillow with flowers!!..another surprise, right?! ^_^ ... And if the pillow has flowers AND buttons.....Zzzzzzzzzz!!! LOL...

     ...(waking up)....Wait a minute!....What was I saying?! ^_^ 

    If you've already seen the photo below, you're probably thinking 'pillows with zippers? Wug likes those too?!!!' Ha! Ha!....No!...I don't like zippers on my pillows!...I just like zippers....period!...and I saw that somebody had them on sale and thought I'd tell you about it!! ^_^ ... 10 zippers for $2.90!!!...

      Now...back to my sleep! :-) ... Oh, if only I had the proper place to hang this hammock!!...

       But then...knowing me!...I wouldn't get an ounce of sleep, worrying about falling off of it!! Ha! Ha!...which brings me full circle, back to me twisting and turning, and not getting any sleep because I have too much on my mind!...*sigh*...I wish I could tell you the details, but some things are just not 'blog-able'...even for me!! ^_^
      I can tell you that my blood-work turned out fine, and...supposedly...I'm great!...considering the condition I'm in!! LOL...Don't you just love 'doctor/nurse speak'?! :-) ... And I can tell you that hubby started training for a new part-time job....We're not too excited about it yet, because we're not sure it's gonna be what we need to keep ourselves going. But we're trying to keep it positive, and in prayer!
     The other stuff on my mind is too detailed and too specifically personal to talk about. Suffice it to say...I think it would keep you awake too!! ^_^ I'm just thankful that I still have my crocheting...for all of the awake hours! :-) Twisting and turning my hand to crochet is much more comforting than twisting and turning to try to sleep!! ^_^

     Of course, if my business doesn't pick up soon, my Wuglyees shop is gonna be another one of those things I have to start my mind to figuring about!! O_O I don't want that!!...UGH!...Maybe I should slow down on the crocheting for a bit and read another good book to 'take me away' for a while! Another Jane Austen, or 'The Help' type book! :-) Any suggestions?!...Oh Well, Time to go back to sleep!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

 Read a Good Book?!

Have you read any good books lately?
Have you quietly sat all alone
and thumbed through the word-filled pages,
of a story your mind made it's own?

Have you drifted away to a place
where you almost could smell the sea?
Where you found yourself so out of sorts
that you didn't quite know who to be?

Has a character brought you to tears;
Made you think of a time long since gone?
Have you been so enthralled with a writer
that their every word formed a bond?

Have you learned new things for your future;
Remembered some things from your past;
because of great words put on paper
that made all the memories last?

Have you been so excited to finish
that you restrained the desire to look?
Have you told all your friends about it?
Well, it sounds like you've read a good book!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Gift From 1905!!

      No, this cute little silver bird is not the gift I'm talking about! This little bird is just so cute that I just had to share him! ^_^ I like the idea of getting 'function' and 'cute' in the same item...even if I don't have any bottles that I would use it on! LOL...In fact, are there any real bottles left in the world?!! ^_^

      There may not be any real bottles left in the world, but there are pens and real pencils!....somewhere!! ^_^ And I found out, while I was doing a web search yesterday, that the gift I was just given by a girlfriend just might be an old pen and pencil case!...

      Isn't it cute?!! :-)  I love it!! :-) ... But I'm a little afraid to use it too much, because I'm not sure if it's valuable or not...It's wooden, with little dots, and a ribbon design with the name B.B. Gidley inside of it. It also has something that looks like I love N.Y. on the front...or something to that effect...(I can't completely make it out).
       When you turn it on it's side...LOOK!!! :-) ...

      ...Flowers!! :-) ... The flowers is probably the reason my girlfriend gave it to me! :-) ...CUTE!!!

     And on both ends of it is the date 1905...

     Help, somebody!!...Do you know anything about my little case?!...Here's some more clues...The top middle piece, with the name, slides off...

     ...It has what looks like an ink well at the end...to hold...Oh, I don't know...INK maybe! ^_^

     ...and it has all kinds of compartments when you twist and turn it!...

    The compartments don't have pens and pencils in them though. They have metal crochet hooks...the kind you do tiny needlework with...like my boutonnieres! :-)

     AND...there's also two measuring sticks and some crochet hooks that look like they're made out of bone or ivory! They have a lot of turning-tool design work on them. But I couldn't really find anything about them online...probably because I don't know what I'm looking for!! ^_^

     One of the measuring rulers is the slide piece under the bottom of the box...

     Oh Yeah!...when you slide the top piece, with the name, out...you find that it's TWO pieces put together...

    ...One end says "Notes"...When you flip it over to the other side...WOW!!...

      ...There's a list of the 'Kings and Queens of England, from William the Conqueror to Edward the Seventh.'...

      So....do you know anything about it?!...If so, please leave me a comment. I'm completely at a loss, but I would really like to know what I have...and if my going in and out of it for different size needles to crochet with is gonna de-value it! O_O

      Okay...moving on!...Tomorrow I have some really cute items to share with you that I found on Etsy!...and I have some personal news to share too! :-) ... That's kind of redundant to say, isn't it. Everything I talk about here is personal!! ^_^ So, let's just say.....it's NEW personal! LOL...See you tomorrow!...Have a good Monday!! :-)

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's Not Pancakes, But I'm Still Excited!!

      No, it's not pancakes! :-)) The pancakes are coming though! Hubby's already in the kitchen!...We're eating early, and getting all of our other morning stuff done, because "Company's Coming! Company's Coming!" LOL
       I remember my grandmother hollering that when I was little, when someone was expected for a visit. ^_^ I thought about it yesterday when I talked to my sister and she said she was coming by today. It's been a while! I'm excited!
       But that's not the 'excited' I was talking about in the header title. 'That' excited was the signs of Spring! I'm excited that I'm finally seeing signs in the backyard that it's not only here, but it's planning to stay a while! :-)
       Flowers are starting to pop up along the edge of the woods...and grow taller!...

      Leaves are starting to fill in my little tree outside my window...

      Pretty soon I won't be able to see through my little tree! :-) All I'll be able to see is my colorful little birds...and hummingbirds! :-)

    There's even little blue flowers growing already in hubby's flower bed...They may have to go though... :-( ...He's already gotten some seeds for whatever flowers he's putting in there..."Grow, little flowers, GROW!!!...Maybe you'll be too pretty to pull up!" ^_^

     Whatever! ^_^ ... Ahhhhhhhhhh!...I'm just glad to see some growth...of any kind! It means that Spring is finally opening up it's suitcase, and putting the clothes in the drawers!!! LOL....ACHOO!!!!!....O_O ...Uh Oh!!...Maybe I shouldn't be all that excited about it!! ^_^
        Tomorrow I have something else that's really exciting to share. It's a gift I was given yesterday!...In fact, I might need your help!...Stay tuned!...And have a good rest of the weekend! :-) ... Now...PANCAKE SUNDAY can begin!!! ^_^ 

Waffle Snob?!

I love the way the pancake runs
right off the side and down my plate!
But on a waffle it just sits
like sticky blocks in a crate!

I love the way a pancake looks,
like it's soft to the touch.
But that thing with lumpy grooves?...
I mean a waffle, not so much!

I like the way a pancake
almost melts in your mouth!
But a trip across my tastebud with a waffle?
...heading south!

Buttering a waffle
 is like corn on the cob.
The ears are perked up,
but it's a messy, slow moving job!

One day I'm sure I'll like 'em,
if they can stay warm enough.
But for now, let's just say,
Waffles get my nose rebuff!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just When I Thought "Unique" Was Gone.......!

       I know!...you're wondering what I'm doing up early on a Saturday morning, looking for 'unique' things, right?! ^_^ Well, you should know by now that there's no rhyme or reason to anything I do or talk about on this blog!...and the same holds true for today! LOL
     I wasn't actually 'looking for' unique items. I was looking....period!!...But as I was looking I started to notice that I was seeing the same old, same old, over and over again!...Owls, beaded earrings of all colors, scarves, felt shoes, vintage furniture, paintings of trees, etc.
     Now, don't get me wrong!...I love looking at all of these things...all the time! But as far as having something new to talk about....I thought maybe that was starting to wear a little thin!...But then I saw the dress in the header photo! :-) And I'll tell you a little more about that dress in a second.
      First let me show you this 'old' brooch...Well, not old....vintage! :-) ...

      It's strange to say, but sometimes the old pieces are more unique and interesting than any of the new things being created! :-] ...Too bad 'old' arthritis, back pain, and the 'hitch-in-my-get-a-long' don't stand that same test of time!! LOL...and Yes!...in case there's any question after that last sentence!...I am feeling old this morning!! ^_^
       Anyway!....Now what was I talking about?!...Oh Yeah!...Unique and interesting! :-] ... Look at this hand-painted tea pot!!...

      Just when I thought people's creativity had hit a depressing lull...I saw the happy hand-painted couple on this tea pot and realized that 'unique', 'interesting' and 'creative' are alive and doing just fine!! :-)
        And now that brings me to the dress in the header photo. The 'unique' and 'interesting' dress!...

      Did you see what I'm talking about in the photos above?!...Look again...It's the SAME dress, not two different dresses! :-) ... It has these 'unique' circular tassels, and the top of dress is an original design stretchy tube top that can be worn long as a dress, layered over for a skirt, or triple folded at the bust to make an empire waist dress!!...Isn't that cool!
     Now...don't get me wrong!...I'm not putting my 'girls' in a tube top of any kind.....NO!!! Trust me...you don't wanna see that 'Pillsbury Doughboy-like situation flip it's canned biscuit wrapper!! LOL But I think it's so cute for 'those who can'! 

    Okay...moving on! :-) I also wanted to show you a unique and simple Etsy treasury that was curated including one of my shawls! :-) The treasury was simply titled "White"...

      It has some really cute 'white' items...including this white ruffled scarf, trimmed in black...

     ...and, of course, my black shawl, trimmed in white! :-)) ...

       Please pop by and check out the other items and the Etsy shops they came from, if you have time.
      And pop by and check out the latest lapel pins and boutonnieres in my Wuglyees shop too! :-) I even have a few 'unique' and 'interesting' ones now...even if I do say so myself! LOL...Here's an example...

     This one (above) will be in the shop later today...The one below already is...

     Okay...time to take my old 'unique' and 'interesting' self off to get my Saturday started! ^_^ I see sun in the backyard, so that bodes well for my mood...and my bones! :-) Have a good Saturday, and weekend, Everybody! :-)

No Rhyme Or Reason

I've never written a poem
that didn't have a rolling rhyme.
In my head that's how I see words.
Rhyming lines come every time!

No matter what the subject,
'food', 'crochet', 'hubby's bike'.
In my mind I have to find
a word that sounds alike!

Have I written words on paper
without rhyming every word?!
Yes I have! About my father,
and my backyard hummingbird.

But when I think of poems
I can almost tap my feet...
as if music is now playing,
and I'm rhyming to a beat!

Is this every Poet's way?!
I don't know. I just know ME!
But if I wrote about it now,
it would be a rhyming soliloquy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday Date Night Day...And Our "Silly" Wish List!

         According to the dictionary, to 'wish' is to have a desire for something that's unattainable...Now, as a general rule, my mind doesn't deal well with 'unattainables'! My feeling is usually that if it's unattainable, that means that it's just unattainable 'NOW'! :-) I see possibility in just about anything!
    But when I was talking to my hubby before we got up this morning, I realized that there were a few things that I was wishing about that just might NOT be attainable now or ever!...and we wish they were! ^_^
      So, since it's 'Friday Date Night' day....and because...Hey! I don't have anything else to talk about right now...or should I say, nothing that I 'want' to talk about!...I figured talking about our 'silly' wish lists was as good as anything! ^_^
     And when I say 'silly' that means that things as serious as world peace and an end to prejudice are off the table for discussion. I certainly wish those things existed now...and they don't!...but they're on my 'attainable-in-the-near-future' list. :-)  
       For conversation today, I'm gonna name my three 'silliest' wishes, and then three of my hubby's...which still have me scratching my head. :-))

1. I wish that feelings had colors, and that the colors showed on people when they were feeling a particular way. In other words, if somebody was feeling happy they'd be all kinds of bright color shades of the rainbow! :-) ... And if they were sad, they'd be a charcoal gray...or pewter color!...I mean, wouldn't you just like to know what mood people were really in when you were dealing with them?!..."Ooooo! The boss is mad today. Look at that fire engine red!! O_O"...."Awww. Sally needs cheering up today. She's showing her blues."

2. I wish that husband's had a ticker tape scroll going across their foreheads, so that when you said stuff to them you could see what they were 'really' thinking...not what they 'tell you' they're thinking! LOL...And maybe we could put a 'Program Note' button on it!...so that wives could insert things that they want them to hear more than once!!...in color! LOL

3. I wish that all tasty fast food was good for you!...I mean why is it that tofu and green leafy vegetables are the ones carrying all the nutrients! ^_^ Wouldn't you love to see a commercial for pizza that said: 'Pizza! For the healthy, on-the-go, person!!' :-)

       And here are my husband's three wishes:
1. He wished that cars could fold up into a briefcase when you got to where you were going, so that when you couldn't find a parking space, you could get out, hit a button, the car would fold up into a briefcase, and you could pick it up and go to your appointment. Afterward...you could go back outside, push another button, have the car pop out, and you could take off! :-) ... But, of course, my husband being who he is, this conversation went on and on...into designer Rolls Royce briefcases, and the ability to take different briefcases with you, so that you could get to your appointment in a mid-size car, and leave in a luxury car...depending on where your next appointment was! LOL...Sounded like the 'Jetsons' to me!! ^_^

2. He wished that people had the ability to grow their missing body parts back, like lizards!....Uhhh. This one had me scratching my head!..until he got serious on me, and said he was thinking of the people in Boston who lost their limbs in the bombing :-( ...I'm glad he was thinking of something thoughtful like that...Not like me, who was thinking about maybe having people grow 'extra' body parts!!...brains for instance! LOL Some people need an extra one of those!!

3. He wished that animals could talk!...Not the mimicking kinda talking that some animals do, after being fed treats and prompted by their owners...but 'real' talking! :-] I assured him that I didn't wanna hear that!! LOL Could you imagine the repetitive conversation that birds and dogs would be having?! O_O YIKES!!! They would drive humans NUTS!!!....Hmmm...wonder what we've been doing to them with our conversation?! LOL...Anyway! I think this wish of hubby's came from seeing this video the other day...

     He was sure the lion was having a conversation with one of the other lions a few minutes before this...about getting lunch! :-)) 


     My baby! :-) He has his own way of thinking about things. That's why I like traveling this life with him. It's never boring...and it's always a colorful journey. Especially on Fridays! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

If you don't have time for a poem

If you don't have time for a poem...
(not to write one, I mean to emote)...
then you don't have time to be sitting
and reading this short little note.

You don't have time for a 'breather',
to pause for a small bit of rest.
No time for a moment's reflection.
No time for a giggle and jest.

You don't have the time some are wasting,
with schedules that they have to keep.
No time to be spending on verbage,
whether shallow or thoughtfully deep.

If you don't have time for a poem,
Then you don't have time for me!
So get up and get yourself going,
there's somewhere that you ought to be!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Wood' You Like To See?!!

      Another day is upon us, People! And, thankfully, ours here in Holyoke is gonna be 'rain free' today! :-] I should say the 'rest' of it will be rain free. We had some rain overnight. I know it was rain, not because I was standing in it getting wet, but because my aching bones told me!!...OUCH!...My aching bones talk too much!! ^_^
     But there's always an 'UP' side. The up side for me today is that I don't have any doctor's appointments, and it's my Thursday meeting night, before my Friday date night! :-) YAY!!!...But WOW! This week went by fast, didn't it?! O_O Let me see....Monday I was......no, no....Tuesday was the day......UGH!....I don't wanna talk about that!....Wednesday, yesterday.....hmmmmm....what 'was' I doing yesterday?! O_O ...See what I mean?!.....FAST!!!! LOL
      Anyway! I'm just gonna focus on 'today' right now.....Today...and some wooden items I've been ogling! :-) 

       They made me smile. Every single one of them! :-) And I always need a new reason to smile with the way things are going in the world these days! YIKES!
      Okay, I'm off to call a friend and do some shopping and date night planning!...Oh Yeah! I also have to practice for the presentation of my talk!!! O_O Nervous?!....Who?!.....Me?!! O_O Do the emoticon eyeballs give me away (O_O)?! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody!

 Time Goes By So Fast!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Before you eat your breakfast,
seems it's yesterday again!

You visit with some friends,
go to work and cut the lawn.
Then you look up from your book
and face another fleeting dawn!

You're planning what's for dinner,
jotting down the grocery list.
You wake up from a nap,
and now you're looking at a mist!

You're getting orders out,
fingers flying with your hook.
You lift your head to see
another day that light has took.

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Make the most out of it,
because it may not come again!