Friday, December 31, 2010

Is It Worth A Post-It?!

    If you stopped by my blog looking for something deep....I'm sorry. :-] I woke up this morning with a laundry list of things on my mind that I need to do, and looked over and saw all of my 'Post its' already full of things I have to do, am doing, and have already done! And I realized that...
     I have EVERYTHING on a 'Post-it'!! It's like a miniature colorful paper circus in here!! ^_^
    And I'm not one of those kinds of people that get one color, and for the rest of their life it's baby blue 'Post-its' for e-v-e-r-y thing! NO!! I like the rainbow of colors!....And all the other colors too! ^_^
      Oh Yeah! I love the long ones too! :-) ... Come on....confess! I'm not alone with this, am I?! You guys must use these! I don't know, at this point, if I can move throughout my day without them! My BRAIN is on a 'Post-it'!! ^_^
     In fact, my pattern for my Hide-Away Slipper Necklace was written originally on a 'Post-it'.....and guess what?
    ...that's still where it is!! ^_^ I never transferred it to another place because it's so handy to use when I get ready to crochet! I mean, why put it somewhere where it's going to make a whole project out of retrieving it?!
    I ask you...if it's something you need to jot down and look at in a hurry, isn't it worth a 'Post-it'?! I have crochet patterns for certain items on 'Post-its'; My list of people I need to send 'Thank You, sympathy, and Get well' cards. Where is it?! On a...
     My list of things to crochet for my shop; The date for the visit of our congregation's Circuit Overseer; Songs that I want to check out; names of movies that I've seen advertised, but that I'm waiting to see what they're all about; and the name of the new yarn I need to buy for my custom order scarf I have to make...are all on...
     Yeah....Go ahead and laugh! But I know that secretly some of you have this obsession too! :-)) I know hubby does! He's got a bunch of 'Post-its' too....BUT we have completely different tastes in 'Post-its'! He likes the ones with funky designs and swirls and everything. No!! I will not show you!! ^_^ Let him show you himself. He'll probably be doing a guest blog spot here soon. {He's a man of leisure for a little while...vacationing.}
   So, nothing deep today. Just a colorful paper trail to ME! ^_^ And before I go and get started on my 'TO DO' list, let me show you the poem I wrote guessed it....POST ITS!!! :-) Have a good day everybody!!

 Is It Worth A Post-It?

Appointment for the doctor;
Something you have to do;
A call you can't forget;
An ingredient for your stew.

A row in your new pattern;
A poem you need to write;
An inspiring thought you just heard;
An urge you have to fight.

Colorful, sticky papers,
on the wall, fridge, door or desk.
Is it worth a 'Post-It'?
If it's writable, I say YES!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's The Box All About?!

      Do you recognize this box of papers?! {More about it below.} :-) ...Now, you'll be happy to know that I'm NOT going to be talking about snow today. {And the cheers from the crowd went WILD!!! LOL} But because I can't talk about snow...because there isn't any, and we're not due to get any for a while. Rain is coming instead...I was at a loss as to what to talk about today.
    But you know me! If it's not WILL be something!! ^_^ So, how about something else that's white!
     White crochet flowers.
     I finished this one for the new hat I'm making for my custom order. I love the look of the white. I'm thinking of maybe making some plain white ones and started a wedding section of white items in my shop. I've thought about doing it before, but something else always came up. So, we'll see what happens this time! :-]
    The last white hat is coming along too.

     Hopefully I'll get it all finished by tomorrow. If I didn't have so much already on my plate for today, I'd finish it today. But I've got some studying to do, and cards to write. Not to mention bill paying and reading. But no worries. This little white hat will be in the "finished" box with the black ones soon...
     ...along with black flowers too.

    Now, about the box. It's got all of the names of the commenters on this blog in it, from December 15th until now.I'll be pulling a name for my necklace Giveaway on January 1st. So, if you're interested in receiving my sterling silver crochet wire and pink bead necklace just leave a comment below. You have today and tomorrow still...And if you're NOT interested, no offense will be taken, just let me know NOW that too!
   Hubby will be off from work and vacationing soon and he's thinking about doing another guest spot on my blog. I had to twist his arm you know...NOT!! LOL Do you have any subjects you'd like to see him tackle?! Just act like I'm not here...because that's what I' going to do!! ^_^
   Okay, have a good day everybody!...No! Be reconciled to make it a good one! I'll be looking to see it! :-)

Around the Bloggie World

Blue birds, with tails extended.
New tutorial writers too.
New cameras at the ready,
all enhance my bloggie view.

Face sketches, eyes so pretty.
Flower earrings to give away.
And all kinds of crafty candy
also being given away today.

A painting of weeping skies;
a musical horn made into cake;
a miniature calendar
and a snow scene by a lake.

A new haircut, all snazzy;
A butterfly print. It's her first win!!
A Himalayan trek,
and baked cookies in a homemade tin.

I love the things I see
when I look at my Bloggie world.
It's exciting for a writer
whose a curiously nosy girl!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Love To Tell A Story!

    For those of you who've been following my blog for a while, this won't come as any big revelation, but I love to tell a story! I love to tell a story about...anything! I can write about the hang-nail that almost got away,.... quick as I could write about the disaster of 2010...provided there was one!...and providing that I found something intriguing and interesting about it. I don't like just talking about facts without at least a side story that's got some meat in it!   
     I prefer to tell a story about something I have knowledge of though. I don't think I'd be good at fiction or anything....Why am I talking about this, you ask?! Well, two reasons. One......different people have been asking me about my poetry lately. What kind of poetry do I write?! Have I ever been published? Do I sell my poetry somewhere? Do I write for any newspapers or anything?!
    The sad thing is...I couldn't answer some of the questions they asked me...even though I love to tell a story, especially in a poem, and love to write! Well, I could answer the one about whether I sell my poetry. I my Wuglyees shop
       But I don't know WHAT KIND of poetry I write!! I just do it! I've never been trained, never went to college to study writing or anything, never even took a class on poetry! 
   The story is that my elementary school teacher got me interested in listening to words when hearing music. My high school English teacher got me hooked on the real meaning behind the words, not only in music, but also in poems. {Particular Beatles songs, and Edgar Allen Poe} And my mother...even with all of her not-so-great qualities...taught me a real love for reading and therefore...words. {I remember that even on an every day basis, if any of us kids asked her what something meant, she would say: "Look it up!"} 
    Now tell am I ever going to get a job and be able to afford to have my hubby never HAVE to go out to work on snowy days, by just sitting in my house crocheting and telling stories?! And stories about me crocheting and.....snow?! Unrealistic?!...Maybe a tad. ^_^ But none-the-less, that's what I want to do!! Anybody offering a job for me?! The pay is negotiable to start!! ^_^
    Oh Well...I'll have to work on that...But the other story I'd like to tell is about my picture, the one in the header photo. I found this framed picture at a tag sale about 15 years ago, or so. 
   It was a very nice neighborhood where they were having the tag sale. I think they were getting ready to move and wanted to just get rid of everything so they wouldn't have to cart it with them. I got this framed picture, and another crafty one with a 'saying' on it,  for $10.00! I was so excited!...Now, all these years later I'm wondering what her story is.
    Is she an African princess, an artist type person, a dancer, just a snazzy dresser, or what?! I would love to tell her story. I'd also like to know what she's worth. The only clues to how valuable it is is that on the back it says it was framed by Michael's. I've investigated how much it costs to frame pictures at Michael's, and just let me say...for what I paid for this picture, it's at least 20 times more valuable than that, considering the size. Do any of you have a clue to help me?! I know some of you are artists. Do you recognize her at all?! I'd love to tell her story. :-]
    Oh Well, for today, this is my story.
       A backyard full of snow, and cold weather...Not as cold as the last couple of days though! It's a whole 31 degrees {Fahrenheit} right now! :-) The only people with a real story around here right now are the towing companies! With the parking bans in effect over the last few days, they've towed a whole lot of cars and are making money hand over fist at the expense of a lot of stranded and unhappy people! I'm sure THOSE PEOPLE could tell a story!!...I don't think I'd want to be the one to tell that story though. It's probably got a lot of BAD WORDS in it!! ^_^
    Okay, as you can see  through my zip-lock bag, 2 hats are done. 
     I'm almost done with the 2nd flower...
    I just have to put my special crocheted backing on it to cover this section and give her somewhere to pin it from.
    And then it's on to the last one, the white one!...And guess what, I already have another project lined up. I just got a custom request to make someone a scarf to match a hat they already have! I'll be doing some investigating today to see if I can find the yarn the hat was made out of, and to get some more details about exactly what kind of scarf she wants...I guess I'll tell you that story later!
    Have a good day everybody!!

I Love To Tell A Story!

Don't pay me any attention
when I scoff at this or that.
I love to tell a story!
Even the wanderings of a gnat.

If somebody breaks a nail,
(all the gory details left out)
I love to tell the story!
Really, what is that all about?!

I'm even ready for a saga
if a trip somewhere is planned.
I love to tell a story
about bad food and parking bans!

I just love to tell a story!
It's a lifetime love of words.
And a wordless Wednesday blog?
Around here, that's for the birds! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Day For A Tree, Some Snow, and a Nap!

    What I now realize is that taking pictures of the snow in my backyard is going to be...shall I say...interesting! It looks like a lot more snow in person, but when I look at these pictures I can almost hear you all saying: "What's the big deal?!" LOL
    To try to give you a little more perspective, take a look at this shot from right on the patio...
     Huh?!!....Huh?!!....That looks like S-N-O-W!! Right?!...And it is!! :-] Being a girl whose originally from Georgia, a typically warm climate with very little snow generally (until lately that is!!), I can honestly say that I'm not that thrilled with this white stuff. 
     But Some of you have never touched snow, and are really wishing you were here to play in it. All I have to say to you is.........Well, I was going to say: "ARE YOU CRAZY?!!" ^_^ But I won't say that. I is really pretty to look at out the window. And it's kinda cute watching the birds trying to dig through it to find food, and ending up with snow on their beaks. :-)
    So, all I'll say to you is...your perspective would be very different if you had to invest every year in new snow tires, or buy snow blowers, shovels, winter coats, scarves, and mittens for your children. Or if you had to buy anti-freeze, and window washer for your car (lots of window washer!! When the snow plow trucks pass you on the highway and kick up all of their dirty snow onto your windshield you REALLY use this stuff up!!!).
   Then there's de-icer for your sidewalks, snow boots, a boot brush to put near the door, (so people can scrape their boots off before they come in your house), floor runners (to protect your carpets), hats, ear muffs, gloves, ice scrapers and chippers, traction spikes for your boots, etc.... 
    Not to mention the non-necessities that people in snow areas tend to buy. Not the least of which is an ignition starter remote! (So that they can start their car from INSIDE the house...where it's warm, and let it get all toasty before they have to ward off Mr. Winter to go get in it!) :-))
    Are you still longing for snow?! Well, think about the fact that in the winter months here the electric bill practically doubles, you have to insulate your doors and windows, and you have to pay more for gas for your car as well (all that idling time when it's trying to warm up!).  Believe me...I could go on all day!!! ^_^
   So, yeah, it's pretty to look at...and play in (before you have to worry about hypothermia and frostbite)...but there's a lot of reasons why some northerners....especially transplanted northerners...don't get so excited about it....It would be much easier to buy a hula skirt and call it a day! LOL
    Okay, my snow monologue is over...for today! ^_^ There's a couple other things I wanted to share with you though. One being this really cute gift I got from a fellow blogger over at Dizzy Little Kingdom.
    I said I liked this little tree, and the next thing I know....I got this really cute pendant in the mail!! :-) Isn't that great?!
     I also love that it was wrapped so pretty in this bubble wrap type paper (so it wouldn't crack) with the little colorful kite on it...
    ...and it was accompanied by the cutest card ever!!
    It says: "Success consists of getting up once oftener than you fall down."That's so true too!!! :-] I am so thankful for my little necklace...and for the beautiful words it came with!
    I'm also thankful for another gift. The gift of having my Red, Red Scarf and Ugmo Hat Set ... put in an Etsy Treasury!  It's entitled Seeing Red.
   Good title, don't you think?! :-) And who would have ever thought that my 'Ugmo" hat would be making it to the "Big time"?! Certainly not me!! LOL So, Thanks to SouthwestCrafts for thinking of me...AGAIN! :-] 
    Okay, I've got some crocheting to do. Or, as one of my fellow tweeters on Twitter put it yesterday, I've got to go and turn really long pieces of string into something! We were joking about it because he sold one of his items that   he made out of 'a bunch of wood and metal'. ^_^ You can check out his shop and see what he does HERE! LOL Today I'll be turning a really long piece of string into another black hat! And, of couse, taking a nap! ^_^ What are all of you doing today?!

 A Little Doze'll Do You!

I enjoy my sleeping, and a doze,
a nap, and such.
In fact I might enjoy a snooze
entirely waay too much!

At any time of day,
you'll find me like a weeping willow.
Head hung low and dragging,
looking for the nearest pillow.

No, there's nothing wrong.
I'm not depressed. I've still got bounce!
And I can stay awake and be
quite witty when it counts!

But I have been awake for things
where I could've been asleep.
And now my time's so valuable
I don't treat it like it's cheap.

My sleeping, dozing, napping,
is to my life a special key.
It unlocks and refreshes
and dispels anxiety!

Most people try to fill up
every hour in the day.
But me, I'd rather be asleep
and waste it all away.

There's plenty hours left
for all the flit and play and chore.
An hour for a nap right now?!
Why not?! There's 24!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Knew You Would Get Here Eventually!

    This print by tastesorangey, an Etsy shop, entitled Blue Monday, shows exactly how I'm feeling today. Not emotionally though. Emotionally I feel great! Got a whole 7 hours of sleep last night, and everything!...But physically? Well, that's another story. And this is why...
    ...As of last night, we are officially under a snow blizzard of sorts, and my bones are not liking it one bit!...The weather forecasters had been threatening that it was coming for a couple of days, but considering how many times we've been threatened about bad weather that never actually came here in Massachusetts, I decided that I would wait and see!
   The wait is now...OVER!...UGH!  *sigh* Snow started falling pretty steady yesterday evening, and along with it, some strong winds. They're saying that we're going to get anywhere from 6 to 11 inches, but they seem to be more concerned with blowing snow {drifts} and visibility.
   Trains being canceled from New York to Boston,  airport and bus delays, in-town programs closed, and school delays and cancellations, all say SNOW STORM!! Massachusetts transit is even encouraging people to stay off of the roads unless they have to go out!...Unfortunately hubby's job didn't think this appied to them. Apparently, just like the mail, NOTHING stops coffee cake and donut route drivers from getting to their intended rounds! ^_^
    Hubby REALLY wanted to stay home today too. He's been 'under the weather' the last couple of days. Upset stomach, mild diarrhea, freezing cold, and not hungry. It was the not hungry part that let me know he wasn't feeling well! Otherwise, he just looked tired and lethargic. {I would've been draped over the bed with a pill bottle in one hand and a pillow in the other! LOL I tend to want people to KNOW I'm sick when I'm sick!!!}
    So, he sipped on tea and snuggled up next to me all day yesterday. Kinda nice...except for the "Don't you get ME sick" thought that kept going through my head!...He slept for 7 hours last night...which he hardly ever does all in one period. Poor baby. :-(
    He said he felt better this morning, but I don't think he was looking forward to cleaning snow off of the car, driving slow behind snow trucks all the way to Connecticut  {where his route starts}, slipping and sliding all over the un-plowed roads in some places, and having to park in odd places and climb snow banks just to get people's Twinkees and snacks in the little mom and pop stores along the way!...In fact, I KNOW he wasn't looking forward to it, because he called me when he got to work and said so! ^_^ He wanted to just come back home!...I wanted him to also. :-(
   I told him I would be feeling his pain today...but in fact I WON'T!! LOL At least not in the same way. I'm going to be dry and warm, crocheting, and looking on every channel for old movies to listen to while I'm working my poor little fingers to the bones, starting hat number two, now that I got the thumbs up on hat number one!! ^_^ Okay, so I'm not going to be taxing myself too much...But I will be thinking of and praying for him. That's a LOT, right?!! LOL
    I guess we can now Officially say goodbye to summer!
 {Blue Monday by LolasRoom on Etsy}
   {Balloon riding, from the Beautiful Day Blog}
   { From their trip to Florida, on the What. No Mints? Blog}
   {Bee photo by Silja Erg}
   Goodbye Summer.....Hello Winter!
     I like you and all...sorta...but don't overstay your welcome, will ya?! :-]

Describe The Sky

Evoking awe and bouts of wonder.
Such inspiration, you just want to cry.
With birds high-flying, and winds a blowing,
what words would you use to describe the sky?

Would you say, whether clouds are upon it,
that it blankets a wondrous space?
Or would you be more awed and humbled,
hoping there you would find God's face?

I would say that when standing quiet,
looking up at the sun or moon,
there's a feeling of peaceful oneness
that I hope won't go away too soon.

Evoking bouts of awe and wonder
was probably what it was designed to do;
That is, besides giving off light and weather,
and the most spectacular view!