Friday, April 8, 2011


      Talent cannot be denied...and Silke Powers has talent! Look at this beautiful print of an Egret (5 x 7 inch PRINT in an 8 x 10 inch Matte) she did! It's an open-edition print of an acrylic painting originally painted in 2009 using mixed media on Ampersand smooth clay board.
      I'm always fascinated at the detail that true artists see...and paint; and how their eye sees the world in completely different ways than us so-called "normal" people. :-) You can check out some of Silke's work in her Etsy shop HERE. She has a "thing" for faces.
    Silke also used her eye when she did something else. She curated a treasury! It's entitled Dragonfly Dreams...
       She included my Dragonfly Button Turquoise Blue Lampwork Necklace!
     I particularly liked a couple of the other dragonfly inspired items she chose. One is this Hand Stamped Personalized Cuff Bracelet by Kellyberkeydesigns.
         I love how the little dragonfly is hovering over the flowers...And you know how much I love a flower! :-))
     Another is this MEOW PURRRR-Personalized Kitty Cat Cup/Vase with lid by loveartworks...
     I probably couldn't own this personally...I'd be watching it all the time, waiting for the cat to take a swipe at the dragonfly and wondering why he didn't...Okay! I've got some issues!! LOL 
    Thank you Silke, for choosing one of my crocheted items for your Treasury, and for your being so supportive of my Wuglyees crochet shop and my blog. :-]
     Speaking of which, Silke lives in Savannah Georgia. Her blog is like visiting home for me. I'm originally from Georgia. I love going over to her blog and seeing photos when she's 'out and about' town. You can check out some of her posts yourself HERE!
     It's so exciting for me seeing how different people, when they're curating treasuries, see your items in different ways. Sometimes they choose an item because of it's color. Sometimes it's because it's shaped a certain way, or the photo has background shading that they like. Sometimes it's a the dragonflies Silke used. Sometimes it's because of where you happen to on Twitter.
      MaritimeArts used that theme in her Treasury entitled Twitter Friends.
     And she included the Hot Pink Button Scrap-booking Crochet Flowers I added to the shop recently.
     And using the same Hot Pink Scrapbooking Flowers, ritarenata curated a Treasury entitled Crochet Flowers. Simple and to the point. And what's in this Treasury?!....Crocheted flowers, of course! ;-)
        Colorful, all-kinds-of-shaped, flowers! Some in barrettes, some in rings, some in necklaces, and some just as mine...I am so thankful to all of these Treasury curators for including me in their creations!
      Now I'm off to get my day started. I've got a friend coming over today! And I'll be on the hunt again too. Not for clothes dryers (It's working great!), or even for washing machines (next week that hunt begins!). Today I'll be looking for and pricing dining room tables.
     Back, last summer, when we had the 'Tag Sale' we sold our huge bulky, wooden dining-room table. We've been saying ever since then that we were going to get a smaller, maybe glass, table to replace it. And we haven't!...What?!....there's only me and the Mister! Who cared if we ate somewhere else besides at the table?!
      Now the weather appears to be turning nicer, and I'm starting to think about having friends over. Maybe a barbecue!...once we get a bigger barbecue grill!.....*Note to self: GET A BARBECUE TOO!!* But where are they going to sit their potato salad and deviled-eggs, watermelon slices and fruit salad?! On the floor?!! ^_^ Good food should not be on the floor! It should be on a table!....maybe a small glass table! :-] So, I have to find one.
     Other than that, I'll be preparing for date night, {hubby said something about the Bahamas this morning! :-)}, and I'll be reading some more of my book (To Kill A Mockingbird), and finishing a new crochet project...something different I was just fiddling around with. I'll show it to you tomorrow...I know you're just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see it...aren't you?!!...*Teehee*
      What are your plans this weekend?! Painting, reading a book, me, or something else? Share, will ya?! :-)

Small Town Thomson Georgia

A childhood lived in flashes,
and remembered even more real-
from the tiny run-down shacks,
to a life up on a Hill;

Walking barefoot, down short cuts,
making home-made snow ice cream,
picking peas out in the field;
Leading cheers for the home-town team.

Small town, Thomson Georgia
had all of these things, and more-
like a downtown movie house,
and a "Belk`s Department Store".

Religion also was important-
I even went to Sunday school;
And at "Thomson Elementary"
I learned that my voice could be a tool.

I learned to sing, and not be shy.
(The music teacher taught me well.)
My love of lots of different music
travels with this southern bell.

I had some sporting education.
(A  Junior High School pom pom girl)
carrying all my books to school,
with "Thomson Bulldogs" as my world.

I never got to "Thomson High"-
that school and I would never meet.
We moved, up north to Massachusetts
and left behind "Shank" and "Pine" street.

Small town, Thomson Georgia
held some awesome memories-
like the growing watermelons,
apple, fig and pecan trees.

In a small, small house we lived,

with long dirt roads instead of tar;
And just around most every corner,
was barbecue-the best by far!

There were landmarks everywhere-

and all the town`s  inner quarters;
The small porch Funeral Home",
and catching fish in bass-filled waters.

There was "Culpepper`s Grocery Store,"
and the town`s one bus depot,
the little houses in "Dean`s Alley"-
where the cars would seldom go.

When I was a little girl
you could buy candy at the door,
sold by people from their houses-
(but they don`t do that anymore.)

There`s no more candy for a penny
down at Miss Missy's corner store,
where she sold food, and she lived,
and ran a tab if you were poor.

So, it`s Bye Bye "Chick-n-Taters",
Bye Bye chickens, cows and hay,
Bye Bye home-made country biscuits-
the heading`s north-Thomson High way.


  1. These treasuries are gorgeous and I was so honoured to have my dragonfly painting chosen! Yay Silke!:)

  2. Jessie, They really are pretty, aren't they. I felt the same as you! :-)

  3. I love treasuries. It's wonderful to see so much great work put together.
    Silke is also a treasure for bringing creative people together! ;-)
    Thank you Debbie for contacting me and it was really good to visit your lovely blog here!
    Best wishes,
    Jo May.

  4. Joanne May, I love them too! I used to curate a lot of them, but lately I'm preoccupied otherwise. I now just appreciate everybody else's hard work! LOL Thanks for visiting! Come again! :-]

  5. I enjoyed visiting the Dragonfly Dreams treasury... talk about spellbinding!! Such magical insects! Also, big thank you's for showing off the Twitter Friends treasury.. My Celebration Earrings are proud to be included!
    I enjoy reading your blog, Wugs.. and I thank you for allowing me to sit on the enjoy your backyard! ~ Kathy

  6. Beautiful treasuries... and wonderful post. I keep peeking at the dragonfly one and the pink one. so cheery!
    Takes me hours to make a treasury, these must have been a great deal of work.

  7. Dear Debbie, you put together THE BEST posts! I think it every time I visit here.

    Thank you so much for featuring me and the beautiful other artists in those two treasuries, you included!! You take such care in presenting other artists' work that it is always an inspiration to me!!

    And your poem at the end was wonderful - I could just imagine your childhood in this small Georgia town...

    Much love and gratitude! Silke

  8. Your blogs always make me smile :-) Sounds like you have a busy weekend. My dausghter has a birthday (all of 6 years and we are doing some gunfighting this weekend so we are busy on this end of the world as well. Sounds like you have a busy spring/summer planned with all that good food :-)

    Thank you for always being so cheerful and for all your support of me as well. Nice people are everywhere. Now....get a big table as I am sure you have LOTS of friends :-)

  9. jenniferlynnstudio, I'm so glad to hear you read my blog and enjoy it! We were great associates...'back in the day'! :-)) I was pleased to include your earrings. And happy to see you doing well. Have a good weekend!

  10. Artistikat, Thank you so much!! I love these treasuries too. I'm going to have to make one of my own again soon....soon as the world stops turning so fast! LOL

  11. Silke, I'm so glad you like it!! I wanted to do you and the other artist's talent proud. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem too. Your home home dear to my heart. :-)

  12. Maritime, YAY! I'm making you smile! *Mission Accomplished! LOL*...Yes I'm busy all month actually! (Just like you it seems) A good kind of busy. :-] And NO! The table has to be small. I want folks out in the backyard. Not sitting in my kitchen! LOL Have a good weekend! :-]

  13. oh this post just made me smile!!! what a wonderful collection of treasuries!!! and Silke's work is amazing!!!

  14. Diana Evans, Great! Another smile accomplished for the day! :-) And you're so right about Silke's paintings too! Thanks for such a nice comment!

  15. What pretty treasuries. And they all remind of the spring weather I hope to see eventually! Love that crochet flower full of texture and color. And that painting of Silke's is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. FUNtastic Collection of absolutely Beautiful Treasuries and Wondrous commentary to go with them! I''m so happy that you like my Kitty and Dragonfly cup and your post made me think: "Hmmmmmm...I wonder if in a parallel Universe the Kitty DOES catch the Dragonfly......?" :)
    Thank You again, your Blog is Awesome!
    Peace and smiles....

  17. very nice writing stile you got. thanx for inviting me to your blog. and for including my treasury.
    have a nice weekend.
    ps: my weekend: i will dry my 20 fresh dyed skeins on the balkony. and make a yarn-color-card for my shop. and share some relaxing-lazy time with my teenage kids(watching movies, cooking together). i am exited.

  18. Art and Sew Forth, Thank you! I wish I could take credit for curating them, but! :-)) But I can 'show-off' good!!...And you're so right about the crocheted flowers too. I love all of the color!

  19. Love Art Works..., Ha! Ha! Ha! You had me laughing about the Kitty catching the dragonfly!! I like things just the way they are...."Just LOOK little Kitty!" LOL Have a good weekend! And thanks for the nice words about my blog. :-]

  20. ritarenata, Thank you very much about my writing. I'm just being...well...ME! LOL It sounds like a pretty nice weekend you have lined up there too. Movies and cooking is almost the perfect weekend....if you throw in some yarn! ^_^

  21. Anonymous4/08/2011

    Totally loving that Egret print - Off to add to my favorites now! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. whatnomints, I agree! I love it too!!! It's in my favorites too! :-)

    This post is from someone else. I'm posting it, with her permission, because Google wouldn't let her post...and I thought it should be seen! :-))

    "Hi Deb:

    I tried 2 times to post. I am not sure if it took or not. I really enjoyed your blog! You have a way with words. Thanks for the memory sharing. Here's what I tried to post. I do hope it doesn't post two times...

    I love the poem about Thompson, GA. I live in Georgia now but my similar memories are from Molino, Florida. I remember penny candy from Perry's store where he kept a tab on everyone and the bus dropped you off if it was raining so someone could pick you up in a car. It was a long walk down the dirt road to the farm house. The candy was in a big glass enclosed counter and I remember pressing my face to the glass looking at the choices.

    Thanks for bringing back those memories! I love your post and thanks for promoting the treasuries too.

    All the best!


  23. Wow! Love your blog will be stumbling and tweeting about it! Thanks for including these fabulous Treasury's! I see our fun ribbon heart ornament is in one of them.
    Thanks again,
    Ruth and Deborah

  24. ruth, I'm so glad you like it! And thanks for the stumble and tweet! LOL

  25. Nice post! I love Silke's art myself! Such talent! thanks for mentioning the treasury that we're both a part of. Nice to share with you! :) I hope your date night is fun. I had a wonderful meeting today and look forward to the next 2 days too! :-D

  26. CinLynn, Thank you my friend! I agree about Silke's artwork. Especially that egret! So pretty!...I'm looking forward to 'Date Night' tonight. Hubby and I may be heading to the 'virtual' Bahamas!!! ^_^ I hope I don't get a sunburn!....Too late! LOL Have a good weekend and keep your ears open!

  27. Gosh Deb - so much talent - such beautiful etsy treasuries- they are works of art in themselves. That Silke girl is one talented lady - she is in good company here in this beautiful post - so many talented creators. I do adore that painting that Silke did - how wonderful that you devoted this post to all these talented people! You are the greatest!


  28. beautiful tresuries!I'm so happy to be included!Thanks for sharing :)
    I love the poem too :)

  29. wow you have been included in lots of beautiful treasuries your work is lovely!!! I was so happy to be included in the dragonfly one too :0) Take care

  30. Vicki, What a nice comment! Thank you. And I totally agree about the amount of talent around here! I'm just doing the "showing off" part. They're doing the work!! ^_^ And you're not so bad yourself 'Miss Nest Builder'!! :-]

  31. creationsbyeve, Thanks for your nice words about the treasuries and the poem. I was happy to include you!

  32. Nicola, Thank you for the sweet words...and for the dragonfly support. :-)

  33. Beautiful treasuries! So many gorgeous designs especially the dragonfly ones!

  34. MissBohemia, Thank you very much! I love them too!

  35. Sorry I missed this earlier! These items are AWESOME! LOVE the Egret!!

  36. Kerri, No problem! How nice of you to comment on them and let me know....and I agree! :-)


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