Saturday, June 13, 2015

"I Have A Cramp In My 'Virtual' Calf!!"

      If you follow my blog regularly you know that my hubby and I go on a 'virtual' date every Friday night. In other words, we spend time alone every Friday doing something, or traveling somewhere, online. It used to be something we did 'in real life' every Friday back when my health was better. But now we just do the same things...'virtually'! ^_^
      Yesterday we went 'virtual' roller skating! ^_^ There's a skating rink up in Vernon Connecticut that we had some fun at 'back-in-the-day', and we hadn't been there in a long, long time! So we decided we would pull out the old...and decrepit!...roller skates and take them for a little music! :-)
      It wasn't long before we figured out that we're OLD!!! LOL Or, should I say, our bodies aren't as young and flexible as they used to be! Yeah! That's it!!! ^_^ We enjoyed the music...except for a few repetitive bouncy songs that are still in our heads 16 hours later!! LOL But our calves and thigh muscles are sporting some massive cramps and soreness that no Calgon bath will cure! O-U-C-H!!! :-))
      Needless to say, we're thinking that maybe a marathon NAP might be a good date for next Friday night! LOL

      I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I've been doing more focusing on crocheting lately, trying to get some product together to sell in order to try to make some money to keep the bills paid!...Hubby still hasn't been able to find work, and things are rather TIGHT!! O_O We're getting by though. And, so far, all of the bills are getting paid...even if it's by a squeeze every time!! ^_^

      Here's a few of the things I've been making:

      And yes! These are my tired old 'roller skating rinked out' tootsies!! ^_^ Don't say NOTHING!!!! LOL I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to my feet!!

      I've been having all kinds of fun making these barefoot sandals though!! ^_^ Even my big ole feet can fit them!!...because most of them tie in the back!! ^_^

      Before I take off today, let me thank Regina for sharing one of my crochet flower necklaces in her Etsy treasury! ♥
 (Fresh Finds 7 {Etsy Treasury} by Regina Beckers)

          It was a pleasure to share the spotlight with all of the other items she chose! :-) This was one of my favorites from her treasury :-) ...

      Very Cute!! ^_^

      Okay, I'm off to do some research for next week's 'virtual' date night! :-)) Hopefully it won't be two weeks before you see me again!! LOL...

      Have a good rest of the weekend!...and for those of you watching the NBA finals along with us....GO CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!!! ^_^ Or, if you're rooting for the OTHER team, go golden state warriors. Whatever!! LOL...Of course I'm fooling around! ^_^ The games have actually been so fun!!! And no matter who wins, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with my hubby, with both of us yelling at the tv! ^_^
      The series is tied up, 2-2 right now. Another game is tomorrow (Sunday). The best 4 of 7 will win the series. I'm looking very forward to the games!! :-) I get to yell at the tv, spend time with hubby playing UNO, crochet, eat, or whatever ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! ^_^ It's a total WIN/WIN!! ^_^ ... And then.....a nap breaks out!! LOL ZZzzzzzz! :-))

Be The Best You Can Be

I live my life every day,
trying to be the very best I can,
so that I am not affected
by the degrading words of man.

If "I" know who I am,
then I don't care what others think;
I don't end up in some bar,
trying to hide my pain with drink.

Oh Yes! THEY have opinions
on what THEY think you should do,
on how you wear your hair,
where you should go, also with who!

I nod and give a grin,
respecting what they want to say;
but it's 'my' thoughts that count
at the end of the day.

It makes it so much easier
when I'm being the best I can;
Then I feel good about my choices;
I don't fear words from any man!


  1. The barefoot sandals look like fun! I like your poem. The words are very true.

    1. They are fun, make and to wear! ^_^ And thank you for the nice words about my poem too! ♥

  2. Thank you for including my Happy Camper Onepiece! I love the Giraffe on skates, I play roller derby :)

    1. It was my pleasure to include it, Erica! :-] And about the roller derby...better you than OLD me!! :-))


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