Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking For Comfort...And A GIVEAWAY Winner

      When you're 'really' feeling down, and looking for comfort, where do you go?!...Do you...like me...make a 'b-line' for your bed?...Or for something good to eat?...Or for some soothing music?!...Well that's exactly what I did yesterday!...All of the above!
      The way I was feeling I could have really scarfed down some hot and gooey chocolate chip cookies...or about a pound of nutty and coconut chocolates...
         ...or grazed my way through a loaf of banana bread...
        ...or mindlessly eaten away about a million cake pops...

        ...or drank five or ten cups of tea with honey and milk.....

      ...or I could've gone to everybody's standard comfort food...apple pie...about three or four of them on my own!
        But I didn't!...Instead I slept most of the day away...
         ...except for some occasional crying, and some mindless T.V. watching...which was more like the T.V. was watching me...Oh Yeah, I did have some Sea Salt and Vinegar crunchy potato chips and a piece of hot apple pie later in the evening.  I almost forgot about that! O_0
      Thanks to many many encouraging comments....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!...listening to music, and getting some rest, by the end of the day I was starting to collect my thoughts again. I even did some crocheting. I put a flower on the headband I finished yesterday from my leftover yarns...
       It's still 'as ugly as all get out'!...but that's probably why I like it so much. :-]

       Today I've got to make some phone calls to check on everybody, 'Peaches' family, my mother-in-law, my dad...(we got a call on the answering machine in the middle of the night with my dad saying: "I didn't want to call you and worry you, but I'm alright now!"...UGH! Once I stirred myself enough awake I was gonna try to answer it...while he was talking, but....I just couldn't!!!...;'_';...Suppose it was more really bad news?!...I'll have to find out what that's about this morning.)...and I have another friend whose in the hospital now. Cancer. Stage four now...*sigh*...It's gonna be another long day I  think.
      I know that me and my friends are not the only ones dealing with tragedy in the world. As a matter of fact...it seems sometimes like EVERYBODY is!! That's the world we live in right now I'm afraid!...I'm thankful that through all of this I can still look forward to a better future...with no more pain...no more dying. (Revelation 21:4,5) I know everyone doesn't believe that either, but I do...and I'm thankful for the assurance it gives me today. How do people without a hope of something better get through times like this?! O_O
      Anyway...there I go rambling on again. Sorry. I'm gonna shut up now and talk about something that I hope Velma finds encouraging...
          ...When I shook up and tossled around the entries of my Giveaway in my btaylor Giveaway bag, the name that was chosen was...
        Congratulations Velma! :-) Your house is starting to be a holding area for all of my 'Ugly Wuglyees'!! LOL And I'm very happy about that too! :-]
     Thank you to everyone that takes the time to comment and enter my Giveaways. I hope you're enjoying or having fun with the things you've won. :-) ... The next Giveaway, for December 1, 2011,  will be up later today. It's a headband!!....Surprise! Surprise! right?! ^_^
      In your entry comment let me know if you want pink, gray, or a surprise one! :-) Now I'm gonna know just how adventurous some of you really are!...By the way, I'm finally gonna start listing some of my headbands in my shop today too. It'll give me something else to focus on besides comfort food and phone calls!
       Okay..I'm off to the races! Yeah, I'm still kinda emotional, as you can no doubt tell. But I'm thankful for my emotions. I mean...I could be feeling nothing!...How bad and unappreciative of 'Peaches' life...a life well lived...would that be! No, I have to say Peaches lived a good good life. And she set a good example for others in how to do it...including me! She's gonna be missed, but she's not gonna be missed emotionlessly!...Especially not by me!
      I hope you all have a good day!...And if you haven't connected with good friends and family for a while...share with me in making some phone calls today. I know we won't be sorry. :-]


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, illation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, dispair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.    


  1. Hi Hi!I saw cookies and I had to run over lol.Oh my those pies in a jar and those coconut balls.My mouth is watering its early here and I havent had anything yet.

    Sorry to hear about your friend.Its always so sad when anyone passes.But cling on to the happy memories she left you,thats the best you can do and your heart will feel better.

    I like surprises,so I wont leave you with a color you surprise me.Blessings for a nice day poetess.Lovely poem by the way as always.

  2. Becky, Ah ha! The cookies drew you , huh?! ^_^ I wish I had some of them for breakfast this morning!!...And then again, it's probably a good thing I don't!..Thank you for the kind words. And I'm glad you enjoyed the poem....I entered you in the Giveaway for a surprise one if you win...But I know what color you like!! ^_^ Have a good day!

  3. Hi! Ok, now I'm really hungry after looking at your post. All those lovely little snacky comfort foody bits really are almost too much!! LOL. Luckily I baked an apple pie yesterday and will have a slice with my next cup of coffee for breakfast. Nothing like pie for breakfast, in my humble opinion :)
    Thank you for featuring my quilt in your post as well. I've been so busy sewing and painting lately that I've not had much time to post in my own blog, but I did want to share this quilt with everyone. I'm getting ready for Open Studios at Cottage Street Studios coming up on the weekend of December 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Come and see me in Easthampton!!

  4. btaylor, :-)) Glad to make you hungry this morning. And happy to share your beautiful quilt too. Too bad a piece of your apple pie isn't sitting on my table this morning though!...Have a good time at Open Studios too!

  5. LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for featuring my Banana Bread Recipe. It was such a sweet surprise and brought a smile to my face on this rainy morning. That Banana Bread has brought me more luck on Etsy. It even gets the most views in my shop! LOL. Totally LOVE your poetry and your Etsy shop is *Super Cute*. Would LOVE to invite you to our Hula Hotties BNR Team on Etsy too! www.etsy.com/teams/10885/hula-hotties-bnr
    It's a hip shaking good time and I think you would fit right in. Hope you have a lovely week and get some good news soon! :)

  6. Niki, Awwww! Thank you so much for all of the nice words about the blog, poem, and everything. I'm glad sharing your recipe here could bring a smile to your face too! We've got a day full of rain ahead too. I know how great it is to find something to smile about on days like this is!! :-)...As to the team, I haven't done so well with joining the teams! LOL I think I'm a bit too absent-minded to keep up with everything. Plus...I really don't understand everything about the teams on Etsy anymore. I miss the forums and things the way they use to be....easy. Who knows one day I may just figure it out! ^_^ You'll see me then...maybe. Have a good day! And welcome to the backyard too!!

  7. Sleep cures a lot of things, love the food the jars of honey look fabulous! I think grey for a headband :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Bee happy, I think you're right about sleep. That's probably how I'm still going! ^_^ ...And grey it is!

  9. We all deal with things in our special ways and sleep is a good one i feel. That is how i cope i sadly go off food of any kind but i sleep and cry and i make for others and in time we heal, we never forget though but that is good i feel. But i have to say those cookies and chocolate look mighty fine to me and right now i would eat the lot ;-)) I hope your father is ok and you didn't have any more bad news today. Keep smiling through those tears. dee x

  10. delia, I agree...sleep really does help! The 'Napping Queen'...me....knows! LOL But I must say...a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie has it's place too! ;-))...I just talked to my dad. He's great now. He didn't want me to worry...UGH!...but he had a really bad time taking less of the pain meds the doctor had him on. They're trying to ween him off of them. But they also want him to take some more surgery! He is NOT gonna do that...FOR SURE he says!...Oh well. I'm just glad he's doing good...Have a good week, Dee.

  11. My dear, you have a right to your feelings, we all have our own troubles and tribulations but like you said, we must experience the good and the bad. I seek comfort in food (mostly sweets, chocolate) and my family. Sending you a big hug your way, and your poem as always is beautifully written.

  12. Elisa, Awwww! Thank you so much for such nice words of encouragement. And your hug is received...and appreciated. :-]

  13. Deb, wouldn't you know it today of all days I got up and just started crafting. I didn't even get dressed till a little bit ago. You know how it is when the creative juices are flowing go with it because sometimes it just isn't there. I finally get to reading all the blogs I follow and low and behold (another one of those sayings) to my surprize I won your giveaway. I'm so excited. Thank you for being so giving and big at heart. Now on to your blog what is it with you and sharing all that good food? It makes me hungry and I'm going to gain those ten pounds back that I lost just recently
    ...LOL...Ahhh but it looks so good. I have you, your family and your friends family in my prayers. Your poem says exactly what we all go through sometimes. No one can say it better than you do in your poems. Have a Great Day my Friend!!!!!

  14. SnowflakeDreams1, ^_^ If not for my blog I would probably do the same thing too...wake up and start crocheting. That's what I used to do pre-blogging. But I had no worry. I knew you'd get around here eventually! ^_^ ...I'm hoping to get your scarf out to you later this afternoon. As always just let me know when you get it, okay?!...Thank you for the encouragement too, Velma...Have a good rest of the day!

  15. My mouth was drooling so bad when I saw those chocolate, nut and coconut cookies I almost broke my computer screen trying to get to them!!!! I need chocolate!!!! NOW!!
    Pathetic, isn't it. Anyway, I'm glad you listed a headband, (and I like it too, by the way!) and I'm glad that you are perking up a tiny bit too. There is nothing wrong with being emotional at this time Wug. And don't let anyone tell you differently! **HUGS**
    I hope everything is alright with your Dad too. What a scary message that must have been!
    As you can probably tell, I'm a bit overtired this afternoon and can't think of anything else to say except that, once again, I love your poem! Take care, get your sleep and remember the Bible's promises!

    Congrats Velma!!!

    Enter me!!

  16. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! Noooo! Don't break your computer!! I need you around here!! ^_^ But I'm having a terrible chocolate craving myself!...About the headband, I'm gonna try to list one every day for a little while. Hopefully they'll sell...or at least I'll up the traffic to my shop a bit. I've been hearing crickets in there...Or maybe it's just been so quiet that I'm noticing...Emotion-wise, I'm still having my moments at strange points during the day, but it's getting better...My dad is good now. Because he insisted, the doctor took him off of his pain meds all at once and he crashed! He said 'it was the worst he's felt EVER, and now he knows how drug addicts feel when they can't get their stuff!' LOL The doctors put him back on it and they are gonna ween him off a little at a time as he heals. He's thankful too! He really doesn't want to be on the meds...Thanks again for the poem love and support. Get some rest. You'll have to start again tomorrow...just like me! :-) Oh yeah, you're entered too.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear you lost a dear friend. I hope you have peace and comfort with your strong faith. Congrats to the lucky winner of your giveaway. She's having a better day than you I think. Now I'm going to investigate those apple pies in a jar..very interesting!

  18. yaya, Thank you so much for the nice words of comfort. And yes, my faith is what's keeping my mind in the right place and helping me get through this time of missing my friend...And ^_^ you're right also about Velma having a good day too!...Have fun 'apple pie hunting'!

  19. Alittlesprite ... :-) and I'm still thanking you very much.

  20. Oh my, those chocolote images are divine.

  21. Priscila, ^_^ I thought so too!

  22. Sending you a loving ((hug))
    Those chocolates look delicious! Just looking at them makes my mouth water :)

  23. Jo-anne, Thanks for the hug. :-) Now, you go hug a chocolate chip cookie...and think of me! LOL


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