Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In A Room Together.......But Apart! (FRIENDS)

     The headless model above is my "Tina". I didn't have another photo that fit my subject, so there she all her headless wonder! :-)) My subject today is actually NOT headless. It's my dear girlfriend who has no idea that I'm sitting here writing a blog post about her! ^_^
     She is in the room with me....Well, not actually 'with me', because we are 'mentally' apart. Meaning I'm on my side of the room with my headphones on and my computer in front of me, typing away...while she is with her own thoughts, headphones on, writing paper and pen in hand, oblivious that I'm actually with her.....while we're alone! ^_^ (Thus the title of today's post!)
     Do you have friends that you can be okay doing this with? Sit for hours in the same room with, but apart, I mean? :-) ----- And while I'm saying this I'm aware that in this day and age we "BETTER" be able to be okay with this!....because we live in a world full of people who we are together with on the earth, but mentally apart from most of the time! And, for the most part, we like it that way!...and sometimes prefer it that way!!
     I have to say, my husband and I have spent more than 35 years doing some part of the day or another. I think it's a thing that happens with long time relationships, or really good friends, where the two people involved are self-aware, but also secure with each other. I dare say :comfortable". :-]
     I love the fact that I could look over at her right now and smile and she would assume that I'm thinking about something deep. LOL Little does she know....she has a silly, sometimes superficial, friend!! LOL Now I'm going to post this deeply thought out 'diary-like' post and make her read it!! Ha! Ha! {That's the other good part about good friends.....they're so gullible if you catch them at just the right moment!! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!

Alone Together

Friends can share their space together,
while their thoughts can be alone.
They can occupy the same room,
although traveling on the phone.

At some point they come together,
communication must be had!
Cuz spending time alone together
all the time...would just be bad!!

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