Saturday, December 12, 2015

What Would A Hat Without A Boutonniere Be?

     Okay, yes...yes I do know how long it's been since I posted last.....sorry. (head held low, but with a semi-smile on my face.) ^_^ I've been busy, People!....Uhhh.....well, busy...and doing nothing...and sick....and napping.....and going on virtual dates with my hubby...and involved in a new project with a very, very good customer...and otherwise just TOTALLY FORGOT I even knew I had a blog!! LOL
     Soooo...what have you been up to?! ^_^ I checked around a little bit and saw some new recipes you've been posting, a sick doggie :-( whose now on the mend, a new medical diagnosis for a young man, and some other funny, funny stuff too! It's nice to know that you guys were just 'getting on with this thing called life too', just like me! ^_^ 
     Of course, my 'getting on with it' always involves some kind of crochet!...It also usually involves some kind of nap and a good meal or two also, but that's a story for another time! ^_^ My latest crochet projects have been ones I'm not taking very many pictures of, like this new hat. (below)

     I'm in love with this hat, and it was totally done this way by accident!! ^_^ A true 'Ugly Wuglyee' creation!...My girlfriend's mom bought some yarn, on sale, and asked if I could make her a headband and a hat for the winter. (It was the variegated black, gray, and white on the top of the hat above). I made the hat and headband, using her own patterns...{I actually made TWO headbands. One was too large for her, so I gave it to another girlfriend of mine. ^_^)...but afterward still had a bit of the yarn leftover. And you KNOW how I hate to waste yarn! :-) So I started one of my 'flip-up' hats and figured "wherever it runs out, I'l just add another color and finish it." :-)
      Was I ever surprised at how cute it looked with the black around the bottom!! ^_^

     Now I'm thinking that maybe this should be a style that I do my flip-up hats in from now on!...What do you think?

     In other news, my girlfriends hosted a 3-day Open House at MY HOUSE :-) to show all of the crochet items I have around here, and to catch up with some old friends. It was great!! :-) I even sold a few items from my substantial stash!! ^_^ ...Unfortunately, I'm still re-organizing my house back to it's previous condition though....WHATEVER!!! LOL Love and friends before organization, right? :-)

     In other, more exciting, news. I have a new long-term customer! Well...a co-collaborator of style, really ^_^ His company is working on a new high-end menswear line and guess what?...My crochet boutonnieres are being included!! :-) I've been going back and forth with him for a while now, crocheting different styles and colors and textures of boutonnieres, narrowing the look down.
     I've been receiving boxes and bags of different threads at the house, and working up and sending off boutonniere pin after boutonniere pin! :-) It's been so much between my crochet hat and slipper making of course. ^_^ This is one of the sparkly boutonnieres I did recently...

     ...but I'm working on eight new ones right now...all different colors and styles! ^_^ I'm hoping that when the company gets through this process of nailing down particular looks, my little crochet boutonniere flowers will still be on the list! Who knows...maybe my little crochet boutonnieres will go 'High-End' and finally get the recognition they deserve! ^_^ In other words, shouldn't flowers...of whatever kind...always be recognized?! ^_^ I say: YES! And in that case, why not my wuglyees boutonnieres too!! ^_^
     For the time being, I'm trying to keep my expectations low. I've been burned before by ventures that didn't go well long term. But I have to say...I love this new customer. He's very reliable and professional and just a joy to collaborate with! :-) It's really nice dealing with someone who knows and appreciates your hard work.
     His company will be getting off the ground running in January some time I think. So...we'll play it by ear and see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm loving the challenge and creativity of it all! ^_^ And I'll keep you posted....Hopefully more regularly than I have been keeping you posted! LOL
     Okay, I'm off to try to get a little more sleep. It's not even 5:30 a.m. here yet! O_O Do you believe that?!!!!...Yeah. I woke up with a stomach ache from eating a bite of an OLD OLD OLD candy bar....{that's what I get for trying to shop at a 'dollar store' in California on my 'virtual date'!! LOL}...but now, after talking my head off, and using my brand new ergonomic hand massager on my belly, I'm feeling much better! I think I'll just take me another little nap! ^_^ Night, night! ♥ ...I'll leave you with a napping poem. How about that?! ^_^

A Little Doze'll Do You!

I enjoy my sleeping, and a doze,
a nap, and such.
In fact I might enjoy a snooze
entirely waay too much!

At any time of day,
you'll find me like a weeping willow.
Head hung low and dragging,
looking for the nearest pillow.

No, there's nothing wrong.
I'm not depressed. I've still got bounce!
And I can stay awake and be
quite witty when it counts!

But I've been awake for things
when I could've been asleep.
And now my time's so valuable
I don't treat it like it's cheap.

My sleeping, dozing, napping,
is to my life a special key.
It unlocks and refreshes
and dispels anxiety!

Most people try to fill up
every hour in the day.
But me, I'd rather be asleep
and waste it all away.

There's plenty hours left
for all the flit and play and chore.
An hour for a nap right now?!
Why not?! There's 24!!


  1. I'm sooooooo happy for you!!! Sounds like a wonderful venture and I really hope it works out! You need that! It's nice to hear from you again too! I hope you get some sleep.

    1. Why, thank you Bead! ^_^ I'm pretty happy about it myself! And as long as it continues I'll be REALLY happy!! lol By the way, I never went back down for my nap. I crocheted instead. But now...I'm itching for a pillow and a cozy blanket to cover up under! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend, Bead! ♥


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