Monday, July 25, 2011

It's A Wild And Wacky, Smart And Red, Washing Machine Story!

         Are you wondering why I'm starting a post about a washing machine with a picture of an out-of-control, wild-looking plant?! Well, I'll tell you. It's because THIS is how I'm feeling about the new washing machine we just bought!! Let me explain......
       Growth is wonderful! And just like hubby's sunflower plants outside in the backyard are growing beautifully...
        ...the growth inside the house is going beautifully too. We've gone from washing our clothes in this top-loading, 'agitating' agitator model.... washing our clothes in this red front-loading, computerized model!.....
      ...*pretend you hear a chorus of 70,000 people humming and a big light just went on over it* ^_^...It's called 'LG-Life's Good'. No......seriously!! That's what the washing machine model is called!! ^_^
       Hubby agrees with the name of it too! If I didn't have almost 29 years of hard earned years in with him already, I think he might be ready to get a new model...from this washing machine...and 'put a ring on it'!! LOL
     A few days ago I told you about our wait for this washing machine. As it turned out it was an even longer wait than we imagined...It was suppose to be delivered on Thursday, at dinnertime. We waited........and waited.......and waited. It never came!! What 'did' come, the next day, was an automated phone call telling us that our 'delivery had been delayed'....NO KIDDING!!!! UGH!
     After some wrangling and some complete annoyance with the whole 'ask-too-many-questions, don't-give-you-any answers' online telephone arrangement system.....UGH!...we finally got another delivery date.........Sunday morning! O_0 Is this the 'Wacky World of Wuglyees Washing Machines'?! In the past when we've tried to get a weekend delivery of...ANYTHING....we'd get 'poo pooed' like we were crazy 'don't-know-nothing' back-woods country people!!
     Whatever!!.....So, it came.....late!....but it came. Then hubby went into 'giddy, smiling, manual reading, mode'...For two days I've heard....."Ooooo! It talks to you! Not a literal talk like 'THE DOOR IS AJAR', but it makes noises!!...You remember when Red Skelton would jump and they'd play that music?....." {Okay....he's going waaaaay back for this story!! ^_^}
    "....It kinda sings to you when you turn it on, and when you choose the cycles. Then if you leave the door open or something it 'bings' and a digital code comes up!"....So it's digital?! Interesting. ^_^
     He also says that when the washing cycle is finished it sings a little 'diddy' and a sign comes up that says: "End"...I know it plays the music because I heard music playing...coming out of the bathroom...and I was kinda startled. LOL
     He's also ecstatic because it's energy efficient. It hardly uses any water. In fact, when you first start the machine the digital technology in it weighs the clothes and gives you an estimated time of how long it's going to take to wash! Then it squirts water in, a little at a time, until it fills the tub to how much water was needed. Then it washes a little while one way. Stops. And washes the load, flipping the clothes the other way!!
      But now, for the wacky part!!.....We found out....after we got it home...bad consumer planning on our part!...that it doesn't use regular detergent!!!!!!
        It's an 'HE' washer, which means it's 'High Efficiency' and only uses products marked 'HE'!!
       My translation of this is that it doesn't use sudsy detergents! NO SUDS!!!...O_0 That already has me puzzled!....But hey! It has a allergen cycle too, where you can wash your bedding and have it come out dust mite free! So, whatever!! ^_^
       My real problem with the 'HE' stuff is this...
        I don't like using stuff I've never used before!!!! Downy fabric Softener......okay. I've used this all my life!...But, for detergents, I went from things I became allergic to over the years {from 'Cheer' and  'All' to 'X-tra'} to things my skin and body would tolerate. Now I have to change again!!!!.....
  this 'HE' Tide...I've never used Tide! Have any of you used it?!....Did it cost this much?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an efficiency washing machine that requires an inefficiently priced detergent!!!!!!......Yep! I think 'HE' has another meaning! I think the makers of the washing machine are somewhere laughing and saying: 'Ha-Ha...Easy'! LOL ......*shaking my head*
        Oh Well, for now all we can do is listen to the music and wait for the light bill next month. Hopefully somewhere down the line this thing will pay for least in scraps! LOL
      I'm off to have some breakfast, get some photos set for my finished hats, and get ready to start another black and white shawl...Tomorrow I hope to have my Jane Austen novel in hand too. I'm determined to read one! I'm gonna see today if the library has 'Pride and Prejudice'. I'll keep you informed.....Oops! Music is playing!.....Later! ^_^ {The poem below was written for hubby a while ago...but it fits today! LOL}

Quick Ditty About "Change"

No! I don't do "change" well.
I like things just the way they are.
That's why I wear the same deodorant
and drive an old  beat-up car!

My clothes are classic, retro style;
I still shave. Will not use NAIR.
Until my hair falls out...
then I'll be off to buy some hair!


  1. Goodmorning Deb, Well it looks like you're moving into the here and now decade.....LOL....... I have had a front load washing machine for three years now so I have been dealing with the HE detergents and I like Tide the best out of all the ones I've tried. I can usaully find it at Winco or Big Lots for half of what it costs at other stores. I love reading your posts you make me laugh alot first thing in the morning. Love your poem. Good luck with your new machine. Have a great day!!!!!!!

  2. SnowflakeDreams1, PHEW! You just made me feel better...about the detergent anyway!! ^_^ If I can find it for half of that would STILL be almost times the price of what I was using before!!! LOL UGH!...Thank you very much for the reassurance. Hubby is off to 'Big Lots' just as soon as I can get him in the car!!! ^_^ By the way, thanks for the love about that silly poem this morning too!

  3. Love the new washing machine, I didn't know you could get red!!! I want one ;) can't believe the price of the wash powder!! good luck with your new machine, hope it's easy to use. You always get let down with deliveries don't you, things or people never turn up when the delivery slot is booked, this really annoys me!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  4. I am amazed! I had no idea there were such things out there! I can just see you and your hubby sitting in front of Big Red on a Friday night date watching him do his thing as you make sweet conversation!

  5. Bee Happy, We didn't know they came in red either! It was on sale and that's what caught our eye first! ^_^ As to the delivery time and the powder price....UGH!!! Have a good day!...Entered! :-)

  6. Art and Sew Forth, I didn't know there were any such things out there either!! ^_^ I'm a sheltered old lady with 70s music and flash-backs in my head!! ^_^ And guess where we're going this Friday?! .....Ha! Ha!

  7. it's a beautiful washing machine, but I didn't realize it requires a specific kind of detergent, sounds like a rip-off.
    Your poem made me smile. I'm now off to work! (ps. between us, hubby got a job yay! and Me too! we both start next week, talk about life falling in place, off course this means Beli will be at day care longer hours but she will get to see her Mommy everyday now, instead of every third day!)

  8. Elisa, About the washer...there was 'apparently' a sweet trap of commercialism that we fell into. We'll see if it was just a piece of cheese for a mouse or a 'try it. It's really good' in a few weeks! LOL As to the jobs...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you and hubby must be so happy about this!! :-] I imagine Beli won't be that happy about it in the beginning, but in time...once the routine gets set in place...I'm sure she'll be happy about it too! Especially if she'll get to see mommy more regularly! :-) Congrats to both of you!!!! Let's hope this is the right fit for everybody!!

  9. I'm sure glad you finally got your washer! Too bad it's not detergent "friendly!" I'll keep that in mind when I finally buy one too. I never use Tide, although it does clean exceptionally well, basically because of the high cost. Ridiculous!! I know you'll be pleased at how clean your clothes come out. Hope it doesn't break the bank.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Anonymous7/25/2011

    Holy moly, that is some expensive detergent! It might be that condensed kind that lasts through many washes... so I guess that is slightly better, although that is still a lot! If I come across any online coupons for that I will send them to you! :)

  11. Hello hello - haven't been round for a few days (hectic week at school and then weekend in France) Congrats on the new washing machine - that's been a long saga coming! Like the colour too... don't like the new washing costs though! I can't remember what the current conversion rate is but that sounds expensive to me. Let me know how the allergen wash works out - honestly I don't believe that's possible but I'm willing to give anything a go if I end up with asthma-free days!

  12. tee-hee, i like this poem. that washing machine is BEAUTIFUL! mine sounds like it's about to explode every time i do a load... maybe it's time for a new one :)

  13. What a handsome looking washing machine! I prefer top loaders myself....
    Hope the detergent works for you :)

  14. CinLynn, Soooo ide is usually expensive?! O_0 I didn't know that!...Well anyway, we've done a few loads in the new washer. Hubby even "HAD TO" wash something on the new allergen setting!! LOL So good! :-) {We had our meeting tonight instead of usual. So I've missed you today. I'll catch up with you tomorrow though.} Have a good evening!

  15. HazelandMare, You're so right about the price of that detergent!! And PLEASE DO let me know if you come across any coupons. I'm gonna be hunting 'Tide HE' coupons now like a dog hunting for a bone!!! ^_^

  16. Creating Trouble, Hello!! had a weekend in France too?!! How nice! :-)) Too bad I didn't run into you! ^_^ .... Hubby already gave the allergen cycle a go, but I'll have to sniff my way through at least a week of laundry before I can tell you if it makes any different. I can tell you...I'm skeptical though. So far it's washing just fine though...By the way, don't forget to give your brains a rest from school work every once in a while! ^_^

  17. s + b, You have me cracking up about the sound of your machine!! ^_^ Ours was sounding like that too, every time it went on the rinse cycle!! Hubby just took some video of the sound it makes now. I'll try to share it tomorrow...If you plan to get a new one READ THE INFO on it beforehand!! We were too oblivious to do that!!....And thanks for the nice words about my silly poem too! {Hubby says it's not my best. ^_^ Probably because it was about him!! LOL}

  18. Alittlesprite, Thank you very much! I never liked top-loaders. We ended up with it because it was a deal we just couldn't turn down! I much prefer my clothes being loose and flowing. The agitator in the top loader didn't leave enough room for them to move around and wash correctly. I'm loving this one. And I can tell the difference in my clothes by just the few loads we've done already!...The detergent is another story!! ^_^

  19. Alittlesprite, By the're entered! :-)

  20. I can't show this post to my hubby. He does the laundry and when he sees your beautiful red washer he will have laundry envy and he might even kick ours or something! Maybe someday we'll upgrade...if he's good!

  21. That is a very sexy washing machine! Wow, it looks like a Corvette!
    It may actually make doing laundry tolerable eh?

    Enjoy the toy!


  22. yaya, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You have me and hubby cracking up laughing!!!! ^_^ And if looking at it gives him washer envy, just wait until he hears it sing!! {I'm posting some video tomorrow. ^_^}

  23. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Trust's not a corvette!! Although it might end up being just about as expensive as a corvette in the end!!! ^_^ And don't worry...hubby is thoroughly enjoying do the laundry right now. As with other gadgetry we've purchased in the past though, this joy too shall past! LOL

  24. congrats on your new, GORGEOUS washing machine! yay! and i hope the tide works out for you so HE can stand for Happy Ending (in a totally clean kinda way) xo!

  25. OttosMom, :-)) Thank you! And I hope so about the Tide too!!! By the way, I really loved your loafers! I was gonna comment about them when I was reading your blog earlier, but couldn't...Off to beddie bye now. :-]

  26. Did you know that red things go faster? That means your washing machine should finish loads much more quickly (I wish) I love the colour.

  27. Debbie,

    I like the red washer! Tide is great in my opinion, but you pay the price...

  28. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! That's funny, but guess what?! ^_^ It really does do loads much faster than the other one!! Ha! Ha!

  29. Priscila, Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And so far the Tide isn't making me itch or up for now! LOL


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