Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So Sorry You Missed Dinner!

     Hi! ^_^ Just thought I'd stop by really quickly and share some meat with ya! LOL This is the pork chop, string bean, and home fried potatoes dinner hubby and I had last night! :-) And yes...It has come to this. Me sharing pork chops and a few words with you, while watching tennis match after tennis match of the French Open. 
     It's especially important to share on days like today, when I don't want to share non-upbuilding stuff with you. Like the gory details of a night not spent feeling well. BLAH!!...Instead I'd rather share pork chops and non-depressing glorious sunshine!!...which has replaced the dreary depressing rain I was staring out my backyard window at yesterday!!

     And besides....I didn't have anything else to share with you today! ^_^  

     For those of you who were used to reading my daily blog in the past though, I do have some news!...Hubby passed two more of his permit tests for his CDL the other day!! {That's four down and one more driving test to go...after he puts a few more hours in, practicing and training. It should be all over in a few weeks.} We're not exactly sure how having it will change our situation just yet, except for the opportunity to make more money per hour, but we're hopeful that things may get a little easier!!...I'll keep you posted. :-]

     See you tomorrow....but don't expect pork chops! ^_^ Have a good day! ♥


I'm terribly distracted.
Watching tennis all the time,
I don't even wanna talk.
And it's a struggle writing rhyme.

And I'm wonderfully distracted.
Doing what I love to do.
Whoop and holler at the T.V.,
while I blog a bit for you.

I'm sorry I'm distracted.
And I hope you will forgive
that my mind can not be wrangled.
All my thoughts are in the sieve.

What I'll try to do tomorrow...
which I clearly can't do now...
is to give my full attention
to those who will not get it now!


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well last night, but your dinner looks glorious!! Yummy!
    Stay distracted with your tennis! I know how much you love it!! :D

    1. Thanks, Bead. ♥ And I'm feeling better today. Not PERFECT. But better. Perfect will come later! ^_^ In the meantime tennis and pork chops help!! LOL


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