Monday, May 23, 2016

Where've I Been?...On The Pineapple Express!

     Yes, I waited until French Open tennis time to do another blog post......sorry. :-)) And yes, I 'AM' still alive...and well! ^_^ I just haven't been in the mood to blog. Go figure!...ME....not in the mood to talk my head off?!! LOL It's true. 
     I was busy though...crocheting...reading two Jane Austen books.....crocheting.....napping.....crocheting! You know, the usual stuff! ^_^ In fact, the photo you're looking at is a blanket I finished recently. It was a LARGE project!

     If you look at it closely you'll see that it's actually a whole lot of crochet pineapples ...106 to be exact!...all sewn together. And then another blanket too...all blue (very detailed too, which you 'can't' see from my photo-taking! *shaking my head* Yeah, some things, like my photo-taking skills {or lack thereof}, haven't changed!), as the backing. 

     And each one of the pineapples had to be sewn onto the back blanket!!! YIKES! It was a lot of work!!...But I was paid very well for it, so it made it well worth it in the end. :-) But ask me if I want to make another one...and watch me squirm and go into a mental jerking spasm!! LOL
      So, that being the case, you might be surprised to know that I started another blanket a couple o days ago! ^_^ I'm making a wedding ring blanket...Shhhhhhh!...for a friend, as a wedding gift. And after I finish it, I might be starting ANOTHER one, for another friend's wedding gift!! ^_^ 
     In between I've been making lots of crochet slippers. FUN! ^_^ But, right now, meaning this third week of May, 2016, I'm all about tennis!! ^_^ Yes, it's French Open time again!!...So, now you know. Not much has changed with me!! ^_^ New England weather here in Holyoke is finally heading into Spring-like, robins are flitting and pecking all over the backyard, my hummingbirds are flitting and sipping at the feeder, my hubby is flitting and darting on his bike, and all is well!...except for a few 'flies in the ointment', so to speak, here and there. ^_^
     I'm hoping to get back to a more regular blog schedule. I miss it! :-] If you're still along for the ride, tell me what you've been up to. And in the meantime how about a little poem! :-) Have a good day Y'all!! ♥

French Open 2012, Week One

I can hardly believe
that a whole week is through!
It's been seven days.
WOW! How the time flew!

Tosses and serves,
swings and close games,
grunting and nervousness,
"That was in!" claims.

Very long sets,
(Thanks Isner, Mathieu)
A first round upset
when Serena was through!

A ball-boy mistake,
and Andy's bad back.
I've watched with enjoyment,
whack after whack.

The basketball Playoff's
distraction complete,
with the Celtic's first win
against Miami heat.

And baseball chimed in,
with it's fans all a flitter,
when Johan Santana
pitched the Mets' first No-Hitter.

This may be Sharapova's
and Sloane Stephen's best year.
Whatever the case, one more week,
I'll be here!

(Of course, the details aren't the same with this year's French Open, but guess what?...I'm still here!! ^_^)     

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