Friday, July 29, 2016

Peeking In On Blogger, And Saying Happy Anniversary To Mr. Wug! ♥

     Hello Strangers! ^_^ It's been a long time since I looked up from my crochet hook, and over my reading glasses, to write anything here on the blog. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it!...Thinking counts, right?! ^_^
       And if you're wondering why I'm showing you royal blue, lemonade yellow, and sparkly silver gray yarn....well....I can't tell ya! LOL Or should I say...I can't 'show' you! I CAN tell you. It's the colors for a wedding project I'm working on for a friend. ^_^

     I finished the other wedding project. A double wedding ring pattern blanket! :-)

     It was a lot of work, but it makes my heart happy to know that her and her new husband will be wrapping up in it on one of these cold winter days, or throwing it around themselves to star-gaze on one of these crisp Autumn evenings, or just throwing it over their legs while they're sitting in front of the tv and watching an old movie or something on one of these 'noting-else-to-do' days! ^_^

     Speaking of which, Mr. Wug and I have had quite a few of those kind of days over the years. Almost 40 years of those kind of days, to be almost exact! :-)) And this weekend will mark about 34 years of those kind of days as married people! :-) Me married to him, with him married to me! ^_^ So I wanna take a minute to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mr. Wug!!! I love you, and all the good intentioned things you do for me!! And also to say: "34 years is not enough. Let's try for a round number like......FOREVER, shall we!" ♥♥♥ ^_^

     Lastly, let me apologize to you other bloggers. I haven't spent much time browsing and chatting this past year. My Bible studies, crocheting projects, tennis tournaments, the Tour de France, etc, took waaaaay more of my time than I ever thought it would! But I've thought about you often, and peeped in when I could. I've seen some of your recipes (even tried a couple), saw your finished crochet projects, saw your travel photos and videos, and read about some of the trials you've gone through too!...Not to mention the fact that the world itself has gone a little more crazy than usual!!! YIKES!!

     We're in the midst of a kind of 'heat wave' here in the northeast United States. Thankfully air conditioning makes an equalizing! ^_^ So, I never even notice the weather that much! LOL I just watch my hummingbirds flit and fly, read my books, and otherwise 'keep it moving!' ^_^ So until next time the notion hits me, I'll be seeing you around! Have a good rest of the summer, or winter, or whatever season that's upon you!! :-) See you soon!!


I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna flutter...move real slow.
Wanna wander...mind and body.
Not be fast, and 'on the go'.

I'm feeling like I need
a quiet day to hang around.
Have everything wrapped up,
and just block out surrounding sound.

I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna lay in bed till noon.
Wanna have some time to morph.
I need a tree and a cocoon.

Tomorrow they'll be time
to wanna change and modify;
To spread my wings, and flutter,
like a brand new butterfly.      

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