Sunday, October 23, 2016

Massachusetts and Me!

     I know, I know! It's been forever since I actually put a post up over here! But what can I say...I've been busy...I've been lazy...I've been sick...I've been distracted....I kept forgetting to do it...I was crocheting like a crazy person! (The above hat and scarf will be shown in a talent show soon.) Yeah, that's it!! All of the above!! ^_^ That doesn't mean I didn't want to do it though! 
    I 'have' been keeping my eye on a few blogs of yours every now and then though! It's been nice to see some of your crochet and art projects. I've been impressed with how much some of your talents have improved, and with some of the trips some of you have taken. WOW!!
       Here in Massachusetts the leaves on the trees are gorgeous! October in all it's splendor!

    The backyard has been so colorful! :-)

     Not much else to talk about these days. Which is also another reason why I haven't been blogging that much! ^_^ Unless of course you'd like to hear about my Etsy shop that hasn't sold much of anything for months!...Or my husband's bicycle that keeps getting a flat tire every other day!...Or my hair that's graying faster than a snowball rolling downhill. YIKES!! LOL...No, I'll spare you from those conversations!! ^_^

     Maybe I'll start sharing some of my crochet projects, or telling you about the weather here in Massachusetts. I'm sure you're just on pins and needles, waiting to here about it, right?!! Ha! Ha!


The sun is peeking through.
Its beam is flowing to the ground.
The Autumn at it's new peak,
and the leaves are fluttering down.

A baby girl's joyous laughing,
legs and arms kicking everywhere.
A mother, when she's  nursing,
playing with her baby's  hair.

The gentle rain, when falling
on a southern old tin roof.
A toddler's gap-faced grinning,
when they've  lost their first front tooth.

A man with long, bow legs,
walking slowly down the street.
A colorful spring flower,
visited by a bumble bee.

A person who is kind,
and smiles at everyone they meet.
An artist's painted picture,
with the last brush stroke complete.

An "I love you" that's said
just because they wanted to;
and the person that gives hugs
when they hear an "I love you".
(And there's  other beauty too.)


  1. Glad all is well with you and your hat and scarf match the beauty of the leaves! I know you get the best leaf color around in your beautiful state. Have a good week Deb! Enjoy the last week of my favorite month!

  2. Hi Yaya!! :-) Yes, I was going for a little Fall inspiration in the hat and scarf! Got it!!...On to winter! But hopefully not TOO soon! I'm not as big a fan of the white stuff! LOL

  3. That was EXACTLY the poem I needed to read in these unsettled days! :)

    1. Awwwwww...thank you Kate. ♥ I appreciate your taking the time to tell me too.


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