Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Morning Strangers! ^_^ Yes, I know it's been a very long time since I posted. And yes, although it may be somewhat in mental dispute, I AM still alive! Ha! Ha! I also am still talking my head off just as much as usual. Just not on the blog!! ^_^
    Lots of things have happened lately. Not the least of which is that there have been coyotes, deer, rabbits and bears....YES, BEARS...in my backyard! Making me a bit squeamish about hanging my hummingbird feeder up anymore. :-( There's also been lots of arranging and re-arranging of the things in the house. A lot less crocheting, due to health issues and pain in my hands. I'll be back at it again soon though, as the weather clears up. And there has been a death in the family. My mother. 
    I also have a brand new computer which I'm just learning the personality of. You DO know that all computers have their own personalities, right? Ha! Ha! At least they do in my world! I still have to get my email fixed up and put my pictures back on it, or in it, or however you say it. And after that I have to figure out how to access my pictures!! UGH! WHATEVER!! Let's just say that even if I start to post more often, I will probably not be sharing a lot of pictures!! ^_^
    I also can't upload my poems!! UGH! So I'll have to write new ones every time....at least for now. DONE! ^_^ Leaving a poem behind! :-) See you soon!

Bears in the Backyard

Bears in the backyard,
big horned deer sauntering by,
rabbits playing on the hill,
and black birds circling the sky.

Robins hunting for their worms,
with raindrops falling in the air,
bees and insects buzzing round,
but hummingbirds abuzz nowhere. 

Must be the changing backyard scene
when summer tries to rear it's head,
when allergens are on the loose
and winter snow has gone to bed.

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