Monday, February 2, 2015

It's 'TOO MUCH SNOW' For The Backyard!!!!!!

     This is what it looks like outside my window right now...*sigh*...There's snow EVERYWHERE!!! And it's still coming down in a steady pace!!

      Don't look too closely at my fuzzy pictures. I didn't really wanna get all of that 'white stuff' in focus anyway!! LOL

      Hubby felt that there should be at least one good shot of the backyard though, so he took the camera from me and took the rest of them! ^_^

      It's a wonder he found the time, between watching tv and baking! :-) Yes, I said baking!...but I didn't say it was 'good' baking! LOL He's experimenting again!...*blink! blink!*

      He mixed some 'Bisquick' batter mix with two cans of soup...*blink! blink!*...chicken noodle soup and cream of mushroom...*blink! blink!...Uhhhhh.....yeah!! LOL He 'excitedly' brought one of his 'biscuits' here a couple of minutes ago for me to dry...I mean try. ^_^ I had to honestly tell him that it needed ummmmm......a steak or a huge saugage wrapped around it!! LOL
       Whatever! ^_^ "Experiment away, Baby!!"......*smiling until he leaves the room, and then yelling at the computer screen*..."STORM LINUS, I HATE YOU!!!!" LOL

      Hopefully the snow will stop falling soon and we can shovel our way outta here!...and, as quickly as we can, find the first pizza joint, or Chinese food restaurant, or fish and chip place, and get some real food!!!! ^_^

      Have a good week, Y'all!! ♥ :-]

All The Things I Love 

If I listed all the things I've loved
I could rattle on forever!
Whether by 'order of importance'
or by a poeticly quick endeavor.

Right now it's Tennis...Well, all sports,
and reading informative magazines.
And crocheting, food and music.
Well..that might be in my genes!

I've loved teaching and line dancing,
So many things in my short life.
But I've never jumped from a plane,
or wittled anything with a knife!

With every passing moon
I find some other thing I love.
Whether grassy patterns on my lawn,
or phenomenal skies above.

Yes, if I listed all the things I loved
my words could fill all space,
It comes from curiosity,
and an Ooo-ing Awww-ing place!



  1. Bless him at least he is having fun and keeping himself busy :-) Loving the snow photo's we have snow in this country today but not here yet but its another freezing cold day. Enjoy your day, dee :-)

    1. Yes indeed, Dee, he does keep busy!! ^_^ Enjoy your snow today!...and I hope it's enjoyed more than I'm enjoying ours...which is NOT AT ALL!! ♥ :-))


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