Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's A Better...More Cuter...More Sporty Day!

      For anyone who saw my post yesterday, when I was not having a good day...or having a good whole weekend!...I'm sorry. That is all. :-) ... You'll be happy to know though, that while nothing much has changed...except my mental outlook...I'm feeling much better today!...***I think the lack of a headache today might have a bit to do with it though.***
      Anyway!!...I wanted to take a few minutes before the Super Bowl game comes on (Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots, Baby!! ^_^) to show you a couple of cute items I saw on Etsy! :-) ... Starting with this cool and colorful clutch purse!!...

      What a creative and wonderful way to utilize Legos!! ^_^ It brought me right back to when I was a kid...stepping all over them on the floor when I got up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night!! LOL

      And why didn't I think to make my crochet earrings like this (below)?!!!...

      Oh! Now I remember why...the seed beads!! LOL The crocheter who made these earrings must have the patience of a black chicken with a yellow stripe, trying to cross a six-lane highway!!....."Wait....wait!....not yet.....WAIT!!!!" LOL They're so cute, it paid off!!

      And I thought this desk (below) was so innovative!...

      And it has so many great compartments to hide yarn supplies....I mean 'stuff'!! ^_^ Or you can play 'Mailman'!! ^_^

      And these scissors below......well, they're just too cute!! :-) ...

       The little hearts was a great idea!!

      Okay, my Etsy finds are done!...But before I leave, let me congratulate Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic for being the Australian Open tennis champions for 2015!! :-) ...

      Maybe next year Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray!...unless my 'Baby Boy' (Rafael Nadal) is playing!  O_O Then....well...never mind!! LOL

      Okay...Super Bowl game time!! :-) Even though I live in New England, and I do like the New England Patriots, I wouldn't be mad if the Seattle Seahawks won either. As  the expression goes, 'I don't have a dog in this fight'! ^_^ My Dallas Cowboys went out and so did my focused interest! LOL
      Don't tell hubby though!...We always take sides when we watch, and he likes Seattle! O_O Go figure!! He lives in New England too!! LOL...So, the Patriots are my team for this one....for 'rooting sake'! ^_^

      I'm enjoying the pre-game stories and stuff, but I can't wait for the game to actually start!! :-) Where are my 'eats'?!! ^_^ GO PATRIOTS!!! ♥ If you're watching, enjoy the game!...If not, enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)
      I may be right back here in a bad mood tomorrow...we have another snow storm on the way. AARGH!!!...It's suppose to start tonight, and drop another 8-12 inches on us by Tuesday morning early. O_O ..."Come on 'WHITE STUFF'!!!! Don't you have a map to the north pole or somewhere?!!!!" LOL

You Ever Have A Day?

You ever have a day when everything you do goes wrong?
When every hour in the day seems very very long?

You ever have a day when everything you say that's right....
gets misconstrued and turned around, and people wanna fight?!

You ever have a day that if you think of it again...
it just makes your body quiver and you want the thought to end?

You ever wanna fix things, but you couldn't find a way...
even though you said out loud: "It will be different today!"?

Well, that was me, and I am thankful...that was yesterday!

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