Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sometimes Life Is Harder To Sort Out Than Laundry!


      I'm gonna try real hard to keep this post in the arena of 'smile-worthy'! You'll have to decide, at the end, whether I succeeded! ^_^ And considering the goings on around here right now...it's not gonna be easy!!...The message in the vinyl letters of the header photo today tell the whole story!...{By the way, big thank yous to all of the great etsy shops whose items I'm sharing in this post. ♥}
     So here's the story...once again we're without a working washing machine...*sigh*...It made some funky 'Uh Oh!' noises about mid-cycle...and just stopped!!! O_O There it sat, with no water swishing left and right, and no clothes tumbling over and over each other! 
      Hubby did everything he could...which amounted to jiggling the door of the machine to make sure it wasn't gonna fly open and flood the floor, checking to make sure it was still plugged in the wall, and staring at it for about forty-five minutes with a quizzical look on his face. ^_^


      I was in the other room dreaming about how easy washing clothes was when I was a little girl...Of course, I wasn't actually the one responsible for washing the clothes back then. My grandmother was. But I was a good little helper...or at least I thought I was!! ^_^ Imagine how easy it was with a big black kettle swinging over an open flame in the yard, homemade lye soap, and a thick wooden stick to swish the clothes around in the boiling water!! LOL


      Okay...so I'm being a bit silly. Clearly, washing clothes in a washing machine where you just have to put the clothes in it, push a button, and walk away until you hear the little tune that let's you know your cycle is all done, is a whole lot easier...when it's not broken!!!!! Aargh!! Instead of that, we're here washing clothes...sheets and everything!...in the bathtub, like it's the 1850s or something!! LOL 
      And in hubby's case it might as well be the 1850s because he is really not into this 'washing clothes by hand' thing...AT ALL!! LOL Thankfully the dryer isn't broken!!! ^_^


      Just like life, sometimes things break, the door won't open when you want it too, and you end up having to sort things out in a soggy dilemma! ^_^ But...you do it! And we will too!...Even if checking our pockets found us really short of repair money {almost $300!!!}, and the part that's needed for the machine had to be ordered and won't be in until the end of next week!!...Aargh!!!!! It's a good thing that all of my riches aren't counted in actual cash!! LOL
      Hopefully by the end of next week I'll still be in a smile-worthy mood, and I'll still have at least a few brain cells and fuzzy gray hairs on my head to sort through!!...*blink! blink!*...Y'all might need to  help me....Just saying!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!...and don't load your washers too much!! That was your warning!! LOL

I Am Rich

I am rich in loving friendships.
Rich in loyalty and love.
I am rich in deep emotions,
and in my love for God above.

I am rich in complications.
Rich in insight from my years.
Rich in belly folding laughter.
Rich in sympathetic tears.

I am rich as I can be,
in things not taken in a flash.
Not all abundance can be counted.
Rich is not always in cash. 

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