Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Guess There Will Be No Wearing Of Slippers Outside Yet!!

      Yep!...This is still what my backyard looks like!!! Snow...snow trails...snow paths....footprints in the snow......and SNOW!!! UGH! And guess what we're getting tomorrow?...

      You guessed it!...more snow!!! O_O 'Storm Thor' I think they're calling it. UGH!! I'm about ready to 'tap out'...'throw my hands up'...'Holler "I GIVE UP!!!" The only encouraging thing I heard about the weather lately was that Spring is suppose to be about 22 days away!!! sure feels further away!
      There's still enough ice on the back porch to go skating on!!!...

      My poor little bench is back there in the sun, dreaming of warmer days and less chill on it's seat! LOL
       The hibachi (small covered grill) is back there trying to stay hidden from the wind, hiding some Fall leaves, and begging profusely for some hot dog and hamburger weather!! ^_^

      I'm 'INSIDE'...crocheting warm and comfy bedroom slippers! ^_^ These are the pair I finished this morning...

      I also started another pair, using the mixed fiber threaded yarn I got as a gift in my pretty bag yesterday! :-) One is finished. I'm all about the other one tomorrow! I'll show them to you when they're done!
      In the meantime.....Brrrrrrr!....That's all I got! ^_^ See you tomorrow! ♥

Catching Up

I see life from my perspective.
And it's always a full cup.
I rarely see the glass half empty.
I don't let much interrupt.

But now I find this needs a change.
I have some catching up to do.
I have some things that need updating.
And some family bonds to glue.

Some things have lagged unmercifully.
They need some tweaking, not too much.
Just need to get back some perspective..
Get some family lines in touch.

This catching up will be wide ranging.
Out with the old, in with the new.
But when you're catching up with people,
there's still some old when you're all through.

Catching up sometimes is tiring.
Maybe that's why I've been waiting.
And, besides, when I'm all done,
there seems there's more that needs updating!


  1. Your yard looks very familiar..yep, it looks just like mine! We're expecting 8-10in. of snow tomorrow and I'm betting that's what heading your way...sorry about that. But hey, the earth has to be getting closer to the sun...right? I sure do hope to see green grass by the end of this month. Your slippers are beautiful and look super warm! Love em! Stay safe and warm and lets pray for some melting temps and sunshine!

    1. Ha! Ha!....I knew you would recognize it, Yaya. You have a yard that looks just like it!! ^_^ And what's another 3-6, or 8-10 inches anyway?!! LOL As to green grass by the end of the month're not holding your breath, are you?!! ^_^ ... And thank you for the nice words about my slippers too! ♥


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