Thursday, March 5, 2015

Soooooo...This Is What I've Been Up To......!

        Hello Y'all!! :-) I've missed you!!...So what have you all been up to?!.....................Me?!.................Ohhhhh....this and that! ^_^ Mostly having to do with business stuff. I've been spending a lot of time trying to get my wuglyees shop inventory moving!! I wanna put new stuff in the shop without hurting the feelings of the old stuff. LOL
       The new stuff I mostly wanna put in the shop is my slippers! So I've been experimenting like crazy on what colors, what sizes, whether to go all 'funky' and 'ME'.....or whether to keep it simple and what most people would consider normal. ^_^ You can look at the slipper in the header photo and figure out where my leanings are! LOL

      I mean...doesn't everybody like double-soled variegated blue bedroom slippers (size 12) ?! ^_^

      Okay, okay!...Maybe 'EVERYBODY' doesn't like them! ^_^ But, the way I figure, my slippers will cause a whole lot more interesting conversations going on!! ^_^

      These, of course, aren't my whole 'line' of slippers! ^_^ I made the simply pink ones below, with black on the inside, and black soles...

      ...but I gave 'em away. :-))

      I have to make some more pink ones...maybe tomorrow.

      I also made these...

       I really love them!!...but they're not the easiest to make with the fuzzy yarn!...And I'm giving them to someone tonight. :-)) I still have enough of the yarn to make another pair, so if anybody wants a pair...holla!! ^_^ I'll make 'em for you for $20.00, plus shipping. {The price is negotiable to the right customer too! ♥}

      I did make another couple of pair. These burgundy ones (size 11) with pink insides and soles (below)...

      ...And these white ones, with black soles, and red insides! :-)

      I really love the fact that the soles and the insides are different colors! :-) They kinda remind me of the idea that Louboutin had with his shoes, making the soles red! :-) Of course, my crochet shoes are not on the same level as Louboutin's!! ^_^ But you still may see some red-soled slippers come out of my wuglyees crochet shop. Stay tuned!! ^_^
     Speaking of which, the white slipperss have been tweaked a bit! ^_^ They looked to me like they needed added a bow! ^_^

      They still have black soles, and red insides, but now they have 'fanciness' too!! ^_^

      How much do you think I should charge for them (size 8) now?! ^_^

      Just in case you think there's nothing else of importance going on in my life...I can tell you that there was a 'skunking' incident here day before yesterday that...that......NO!!! I can't tell you!!! LOL Suffice it to say that my digestive system does not like the smell of skunk one bit!!! ^_^ I had kind of an allergic reaction to the smell. That's as far as I'm willing to tell you!...You'll have to guess the rest!! LOL
      All other news is just regular, like the fact that I drastically lowered all of the prices in my wuglyees etsy shop. I mean DRASTICALLY!!!...and that hubby has been cooking again. He made me some brownies with walnuts!......*shhhhhhh!*....that weren't good at all!! *Shhhhhhh!* LOL He substituted canola oil for the vegetable oil because he ran out. Uhhhhh.....word to the wise: DO NOT SUBSTITUTE CANOLA OIL IN BROWNIES WHEN YOU'RE BAKING!!!! Y-U-C-K!!...His heart was in the right place though, so I TRIED to eat a couple of them. The operative word is 'tried'!! LOL After that, I had to give up and tell him to throw them out. :-(
      So far I haven't gotten the replacement pan of brownies yet. But he assures me they're coming! ^_^ {If they have canola oil in 'em this time, they also better have a diamond bracelet baked in the pan!! LOL}
      Okay...I have to go and take a nap. We have a meeting tonight (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses), and I don't wanna have my head bobbing from tiredness while I'm trying to learn something spiritually good for me! :-)  
      Have a good rest of the day, Y'all! It was nice talking to you again! ^_^ ♥


Sometimes it's hot dogs, lots of mustard,
just so good you can't believe!
With no set table, wine or napkins,
You just wipe it with your sleeve.

But sometimes it's lots of culture,
Orchestras, Museums, Art!
With a little wine and cheese,
not bagel-ed 'cheez whiz' a la carte!



  1. You have been busy, haven't you!! In between bad reactions with skunk smells, you have made some really cute slippers! I LOVE the white ones with the bows! You must make more of those in different colors!!
    Have a great meeting! Talk to you later

    1. Yes I have been busy, Bead! ^_^ And thank you so much for taking a minute to give me some feedback on my slippers!! I appreciate especially the feedback about the bows. I wasn't sure anyone would like them but me!! LOL Do you have any suggestions on colors I should make? And sizes I should focus on first? I can't make them in EVERY size right now....By the way, the meeting was great, as usual! :-)


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