Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time...It's A HIT!...And It Goes By Soooooo Fast!!


      One day I was here talking my head off...The next day I was in the house crocheting my fingers off...Then I looked up and two weeks had flown by like...*snapping my finger*...THAT!! O_O Time really doesn't wait for nobody, does it!!
      And in that span of two weeks or so, everything has happened...and nothing! Mostly nothing. :-)) I've been crocheting slippers like a crazy woman! Apparently my crochet slippers are a 'HIT'! ^_^ Everyone so far that have received them have loved them! I get feedback with the words 'comfy, cozy' in it all the time....I'll take it!! :-)
      Other things have been going on too...like many burnt dinners by my adventurous cooking hubby. But uhhhh...I'm still alive and eating, so you know it hasn't been 'that' bad! LOL To his credit, there were some real 'HITS' in there too...like chocolate walnut brownies with peanut butter sauce!!
      Other things happening around here include key chains galore!...

      The keychain above is in the wuglyees shop now, but others I made aren't in there yet. I just haven't had time to photograph them and get them listed! But I'll get there....eventually!! :-) 
      There's a lot of other stuff going on that is not so smile-worthy, so I'll spare you from having to hear me rant on about it! But there have been some good things too...like the fact that every once in a while I've had a couple of minutes to pop on the computer and look around! :-) The last time I did I saw this...


      It was in an Etsy Treasury along with some other goodies!...


       ...some other goodies that included one of my artsy crochet hats! :-) ...


      I was kinda surprised at it, because my artsy crochet hats have not been a 'HIT'! :-)) In fact, they've been a 'SIT'!...as in sit-ting right there in my wuglyees shop doing nothing but taking up space and looking pretty!! LOL Oh well...thankfully I have my slippers!! :-) ...

      ...and keychains! :-)

      Oh Yeah!...and crochet flower brooches!...which have also been a 'HIT' lately!! ^_^ I lowered the price on them quite a bit just so I could see them move. And whether it's the fact that Spring is coming, or that I offer them in a lot of colors, or for whatever reason...they're moving!! :-)


      Hopefully over the next few days I can share with you some of the other stuff going on around here, and show you some of the things I've been making....that is, if I photograph them before I send them off to their new homes! ^_^ I have two pair of crochet slippers I'm shipping out this morning, and some crochet flower brooches I'm hoping to be shipping out tomorrow!!
      AND...among other things on the upcoming agenda...it's tax paying season again! UGH!...I've got to get my books in order and pay up!!

     That's enough about me for now....How are you?!!! :-)

Doing Taxes

Every year my mind gets taxed,
along with everything I own.
It's time to pay old 'Uncle Sam',
and see if I might need a loan!

It's time to tell the honest truth.
No time to 'fudge', deceive, or 'spin'.
It's now the time to 'pay the Piper'.
Grab those bills. TAX TIME AGAIN!!

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