Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just A Quick "SHOW OFF" Post!

      It's snowing like crazy outside. Messing up my mood! Grrrr! But it's not putting me in a total 'funk' just yet, because I've got new yarn and a new project.....fuzzy slippers! ^_^

      They didn't take long to make, and they came out warm, fuzzy, and cute! ^_^ The only thing left to do is figure out how much to charge for them in my wuglyees etsy shop!...which is no little feat these days! Practically NOTHING is moving from my shop lately!!

      Not until today, that is! Today I made it known on Facebook that I'm going to be having a 50% OFF sale in my wuglyees shop next week, and encouraged anyone that wanted to get something now before it's gone to do so. A kind of 'pre-50% OFF sale'! ^_^

      I sold a couple of items! YAY! ^_^ I'm hoping to sell the majority of my inventory, so that I can make room for new slippers! :-)

      I finished 3 pair already, and I have 2 more color combinations waiting for the 'J hook'! ^_^ I'm gonna be starting a pair of them today.

      Other than snow, gift bags and gift cards, shared ham and potato meals, thoughts of 50% OFF sales,  and crocheted bedroom slippers, not much else is going on around here. ^_^ I suspect most people would be saying: 'What else do you need to be happening?!!!' LOL My answer would be: 'I need to see some daisies growing in the backyard...without snow!!'...Have a good rest of the weekend, Y'all!! ♥

Daisy, Pretty Daisy

Daisy, pretty daisy,
with your petals all sprawled out;
Making sunshine, bees and children
wonder what you're all about.

All spread out in the garden,
up the sidewalk, down the lane;
So much prettier to look at
than all those street lights down on Main.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
in your red or white or pink.
Letting bees and flies land on you
so that they can take a drink.

It's hard to see you basking
in the sun and not just smile,
'cause you look like friends just hanging out
and talking for a while.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
rain or shine you have no care.
You just smile at passersby
and make us happy that you're there.


  1. I love the new slippers!! AND I'm so glad to help you out with your inventory too! Hope I can help again!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Bead!! ♥ And for the help with my inventory!! :-)


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